Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thoughts on MckMama and the farmhouse move.

Let me make clear I'm not trying to have this blog compete with MWOP or BWOP, but the fact is, most of us "met" on OHIH, and over a shared interest in MckMama, be it pro or con.  I know many lurk here even though few talk, so maybe this is will be a place that feels more comfortable to express opinions on what she's doing right now.  I'd like to think that I've proven I don't have the proverbial sock puppets (leave JellO alone!) and will keep my mouth shut about things on the sitemeter.  So, whatcha think about this move?


tumbleweedgirl said...

i had no idea they'd moved. what is going on with that, or is it worth even thinking about? ie - is this a *good* distraction for me?

Lisa said...

Rhys, first off, many hugs to you and Lia. And don't be scared at how seriously everyone is behaving...that's good! It shows they're finally looking deeper and that can only mean better things for Lia. :-) Now, is the MckMama thing a good distraction? I think so, considering she's basically moving into a lifestyle similar to yours and is allll sorts of busy claiming it's a choice and not forced upon them.

Lisa said...

Also, if you want to read without giving her a click, here's the link.

twirldawg said...

Haven't there been people who have said for years that she's trying to be Pioneer Woman?
Also, isn't the woman who said she hates animals?

twirldawg said...

Rhys, thinking about you and Lia. I'm really bad about commenting on blogs and FB sometimes :/

Muliebrity said...

It sounds like what the gal from did last year. They left/abandoned their house and moved to his grandparent's real working farm in North Dakota and live in the old house on the property. At many of the farms around here, there is a new/er house and several older homes on the property. It seems like JM is moving into an old house on someone's property. Someone she knows I suppose. I am curious as to what state she has gone to, since I can't imagine moving into an old, run down farmhouse at the end of the growing season, just before you are about to be cutoff for a good part of winter. It seems pointless to move now, unless you HAVE to move.

tumbleweedgirl said...

thank you guys for caring. so much. i am very glad everyone is looking so carefully, it was just a shock. it still is at some moments. mostly we are counting the days and hoping that good things come from this.

Shannon said...

I think it is kind of amusing myself. She is so adamant that this is a move that God has put on her and she has to learn to let go of her greedy ways and all that. Ummmm hello I think that was something that was being said back in OHIH days when they were moving into the MckMansion.

I mean really I get it that her blog was, and maybe still is, bringing in decent money but how can you hope to continue on something as fickle as blog income? Instead of moving into that massive house they should have been looking into something smaller then and maybe now they wouldnt be living in a house that is so rundown as she makes it seem. But then again hell for all we know this farmhouse is exactly the same as the homes many of us live in it just seems bad because she is used to so much more.

In the end I think it is going to be good for the whole lot of them.

tumbleweedgirl said...


i would not claim that we live farmishly, we just live remotely (=

we do have a lovely garden, and i confess we've become addicted to the lovlies from the garden. we also try to live simply.

if she's really living that remotely, she won't have 'net, right??? (; i mean, being remote means luck o the draw on internet. and it's costly. we got lucky and are in a straight line from the last telephone switching station. so we have it. most of our neighbors don't.

the farmhouse looks cute and sweet. i hope it's good for them. it doesn't make sense to make a move like that without needing to. the scenery looks fun, though.


it is typical out here, too, for a homestead to have the original homestead plus a newer house that the 'kids' have built. ours is a redone homestead. it is greatly improved.

o, hey! wanna see it??? i mean, the inside. the no more raw sheetrock inside! we were ready, even the trim was cut 3 years ago. then we had our lovely liajoy. but now, it's finished! and pretty! (=

tumbleweedgirl said...


you're right. it's easier to say 'God wants me to do this' and make it sound like an amazing calling than to say your circumstances are brought about by your choices.

i'm very like the homesteaders out here, a lot of people are. they get a good harvest year and they put it all up to make following years better, and maybe buy some new clothes, or an ipod. (= not a big flat screen, just a simple ipod. ok, and sometimes they get awesome new trucks that deal with mondo-drifts like trucks in the sandbox.

Shannon said...

TWG I have been keeping up on Lia's CB site and while I am saddened by all that is going on right now I am also very encouraged that the those with the power are finally noticing. My friend I have seen you speak of these things for so long but they never seemed to pay much mind to what was happening and were so rather dismissive of it. I am glad that they now are seeing it with their own eyes and realizing that this is not "normal" this is not just Lia and they are moving quickly to get her the help and support that she needs.

Shannon said...

And I dont know how much "farming" they are planning on doing LOL. She mentioned maybe getting some chickens but didnt know if goats had hooves or not? Ummm what else would they have?

tumbleweedgirl said...


that's so affirming. thank you. mostly i had thought i was worrying a bit too much and so relaxed. i *am* glad we had that time, though. it was magical. (= i could fret that they should have taken things more seriously sooner and we wouldn't be watching lia slide downhill right now, or i could be glad for the summer of splashies we had! (=

i'm choosing that.

as to 'farming'... goats have hooves, freeing is a real word, and it seems like she's grasping at straws. if the house were truly that bad, no inspector would have certified it for living. so it sounds very backdoor in its setup. i feel badly for the kids. i hope things work out well.

Robin said...

I wanna see your "new" diggs, Rhys!! I really do!

And I admire your photographic skills, so seeing how you see it through your lenses would, I am sure, be a pure delight.

I start my "new" job on Monday. It's odd to call it "new"'s at the same place I got the job back when OHIH was still in place, and where some of you here celebrated that I got the job.

However, previously, I was a contractor. Sure, I have had a job. It paid me well. I LOVED the work.

But over the last almost two years since I took that contract job, I have loved what I've been doing and doing my best. And it got noticed.

So anyway, to make a long story short, just this week I was hired on full-time with the company I contracted with.

This is a big deal. Few contractors get hired on full-time, and almost never when they are over a year from completing their contract.

So anyway, it's been a really good week for me. I almost feel guilty when I think about how many people have NO job...but then I remember, I have been doing what I do for 15 years or so, and I went to school and got advanced degrees...and while I'm sorry for those who are struggling, I'm so happy that all these years of trying and working and doing well are FINALLY paying off. No one 'gave' me this; it's something I've worked years for.

tumbleweedgirl said...


you so deserve this!!! hooray! this is awesome and has made my night even better (=

that takes a lot, i'm watching the Puppy play with an empty paint can. that's serious entertainment. (=

Shannon said...

TWG the time you were given to be carefree and allowed to just enjoy life with Lia are worth what you are dealing with now and hopefully after this step is past you will be able to have more of those days will less worry. Never regret those for anything :)

Robin you should be very proud and excited. I am one of those with NO job right now and while I am a little envious at the same time I am glad to see that you are being recognized for your hard work. Especially since it is something you went to school for and spent so much time and money for...that always makes it worth it :) And hells bells that is pretty amazing that you a lowly contractor have been hired on full-time...that isnt something you see happen too often because it is much easier for them to leave you as a lowly contractor then to hire you on....says a lot miss lady.

Robin said...

Thank you, my friend. I hope you know, even though we've never met and likely never will, I appreciate you as a real friend, and I care.

Do you still have my # in your phone?

If you do, please call me again. I really enjoyed talking with you.

And if you don't, well I know you'd like to keep the next few weeks private, but if you need a uninvolved (directly) friend, call me any time.

I don't have any answers, but I truly do care.

Robin said...

Thank you, Shannon. I appreciate your words of encouragement!

I know that you have also been working on the education that will make a difference for your future.

I love that about you.

I get so frustrated sometimes with people who don't understand the value of education combined with experience and just expect that the working world should embrace them automagically.

We are in hard times, but anyone who recognizes the value they will get back $$ for $$ on what they invest, both in time and in $$ to advance their economic situation has ALL of my respect.

While there are some people who get something for nothing, I never aspired to be one of those people.


You go girl!! :)

Shannon said...

Thanks Robin. And you are so right. In my real life I have to deal with people very close to me who seem to think that life will just be handed to them without them doing anything. It really irks me because while I dont have a whole lot it has taken work just to get what I do have and because I want more I am willing to do what it takes to get it.

tumbleweedgirl said...

since we're all having a hug-fest, i wanted to say i'd like to be more like Shannon. graceful, graciously happy for someone else's success.

and i think you deserve an awesome job! and i hope it's coming for you soon.

my dad always told us you have to work before eating, and that you have to learn to do better. education is so valuable. out here people get married from high school and work in the factories. then they get frustrated and dissatisfied with life.

but they won't go to college.


Robin said...

And that's why you rock, Shannon!!


tumbleweedgirl said...


did you mean me? i don't have your # any more. email is probably best while we're in the hospital just because having a phone that works in her room isn't always guaranteed. i will rarely leave her.

i had to say i had a horrid thought. remember those adenosine pictures? when the baby was coding?

i've had flashbacks of lia coding, and i not once thought to take a picture. but it must be common. i know a few others who took pictures of their newborn coding. maybe i am just not a good handler of stress. i don't know. but there aren't going to be pics for sharing of her g-tube, only for family. i'm sure heck not taking pics of her while she's out in the picu. not for sharing. because she is a vibrant little girl and that's just not fair.

ok. end of unexpected rant. whew! the chilly air must be getting to me.

Robin said...

Rhys--I hope you know I love you!!

I should be the last and very last person you would ever update. We're just Internet friends!!

I'm only marginally "real"!!

If you don't have my number, I'm not hurt in the least!

I will be thinking of Lia, and of you, on the 14th. BUT IN NO WAY do you ever need to feel that you need to give me any kind of update. I am 'just' and Internet friend. I'm not on the chart with "People Who Really Matter." Oh gosh sweetie, I didn't ever intend to insinuate anything otherwise!!

Just let us know, as you can, how things go.

I'm so sorry if it seemed like I was asking for anything more!

I don't matter here at all, and neither does anyone else who might want to know how things go.

This is private, and it's about you, and Rock, and Zaya, and Lia. None of this is anyone else's business.

So, please just share only what you feel comfortable sharing. OK?

tumbleweedgirl said...

dear Robin

i didn't think you were asking for anything at all like that. i was just thinking out loud. and also, thinking out loud here helps me figure out how to lovingly tell mom that i *love* her, but won't be calling. you are real to me.q

Lisa said...

Damn, this place gets mushy these days. ;-)

Rhys, how you handle Lia, the picture thing? Is wonderful and I mean that. The puvblic doesn't need to see pictures like that unless a *lesson can be learned from it. I posted a picture of Jake, intubated and in very bad shape in the ER, on my blog but because I wanted it to be a warning to people that people *will drug your drink in clubs. It *can happen to you, because it happened to him and he nearly died. There was a lesson in showing him. But Lia or any other little one, fighting medical conditions? Nope, that should be for family only. And I would love to see your house! Maybe I can get inspired. I do remember seeing a picture of your counter tops once and loving them. :-)

Robin, congrats on the job...that's terrific news and you're right, you worked for it ,so enjoy it!

Lisa said...

As for JM, here's what strikes me...she claims they own the house in Becker, still, and will be renting it out. Then she goes on and on about how hard this is for her, how she likes nice things, how humbling this move it, how she struggles with it all, etc. No one who still has their big, fancy house in their possession *and being paid for would be having this kind of reaction over a voluntary move to the farm house. It makes no sense. She'd be seeing the farm as a great big, fun adventure that she can end if she chooses to, and just return back to Becker. Nope, this is the lament of someone who was forced into downsizing. I wish she'd just be honest about something, for once. Jeeez.

twirldawg said...

Rhys I'd love to see your house! As for the pictures, I'm out of the mommy blog loop, I didn't know that was the new hotness- to post a picture of your child in a life threatening moment. Not something I would do. Heck I can't imagine having the presence of mind to take the picture let alone post it on the Internet.

Robin congratulations on the job!

Ugh, Jennifer needs to get a grip. Who doesn't like nice things? I wish she would just be honest. Ever since Stellan got better it's like she has to manufacture blog fodder.

Shannon said...

Lisa I totally agree with you. I saw a comment on her blog that almost said the same thing as you. I mean seriously she has made it out to be a voluntary thing and that they still have ownership of the 'clean house' so why all the bitching and whining.

Maybe this is because I am not some Christian that listens to and follows the will of God but shouldnt she be going into this a little more humble if it is something God has told her to do? Where is her submission to God's will? Where is her acceptance? Where is her letting God lead the way? It just frustrates the hell outta me because she makes like she is doing this because God wants her to but most I have known who have listened to God do it with a greatful heart not kicking and screaming the whole way.

KaytieJ said...

The Farm? ::snort:: A couple chickens, a goat, a cat and a dog? Riiiggghhhht. What drama ::eyeroll:: I do wish them well. The kids will have fun.

Shannon - I know you are looking all over right now for a job. Something WILL come up, I just hope it is soon for you.

Rhys - best of everything to you and Lia.

Robin - congrats on your job.

Lisa - Jake is an adult and you posted that pic well after his life threatening misadventure.

Taking pictures of children, actually anyone, in a coding situation and posting them publicly is obscene to me. I would be horrified to see pictures of one of my patients as they are coding on some public blog (unless it were their own blog or they gave permission for the picture to be released). To me it is a violation of that person's right to privacy and medical information.

tumbleweedgirl said...

here is our house-house. it's finished, it's lovely. it does need some extra touches, but we're done. especially with more lia-stuff.

am i selfish to want it to sell before or soon after Rock moves up north with work?? i just don't want to face more medical stuff without him.

he's awesome, really. like the trim work? he did that. yep and almost chopped his thumb off with the miter saw. almost, because it was a lucky and blessed 'flesh wound' needing no stitches.

thanks for caring about lia too. i've been piling on the love with zaya. eating in the treehouse, making up oceans filled with primate fish. we even splurged, the three of us, on boston cream pancakes at perkins today. because i don't know if or when we'll have a chance to do that again. just because of the tube stuff.

anyway. sorry to be a whiner. i'm just tired.

whoever said JM wouldn't be complaining if the stuff were still hers is *so* right.

tumbleweedgirl said...


i'm not in a blog loop either. i actually saw an FB friend put up a picture of their 3yrs ago baby that they adopted. the drs were working on her b/c she coded.

to me, that's just sick. the first pictures we have of lia are in the NICU. since then, though, we're seen *her*. so yes. there are pictures we have and will continue to have that are private.

because she's a person with personal space and deserves it.

Lisa said...

Rhys, the house looks really, really good! It's so cozy and I still love the cobalt tile counters. What little bit is left is really just cosmetic and I know I'd be fine buying a house that I could put my own touches on. I'd not touch the paint in your bedroom, that! The property is pretty,'s just a good, homey *home and I bet it sells quickly. No, you're selfish to want to sell it quickly at all. It's better for you all to be together as a family. :-)

"It just frustrates the hell outta me because she makes like she is doing this because God wants her to but most I have known who have listened to God do it with a greatful heart not kicking and screaming the whole way."

If God genuinely tells you to do something, you don't have a need to do it like a stubbed up, petulant child. You do it willingly and happily, grateful to have received His guidance and trusting in Him. You know, that silly little thing called faith. Faith doesn't mean "I don't like it, I resent it, but I'll do it 'cause You said so." Faith means "You know best, God, and thank you for telling me what is right to do, even if I don't exactly understand why right now." God is just another thing to blog about, it seems, to her. Shit, she wasn't *this resentful sounding over the supposed probability of losing Stellan.

Robin said...

Thanks for the congrats, all. I'm excited to get started on something new.

Rhys, your house looks great! And I agree with Lisa--your master BR is perfect! And I love your great room. And the slate floor in the bathroom. Y'all have done a really good job!

tumbleweedgirl said...

thanks!!!! the secret is we bought everything on clearance or at a thrift store for building supplies, even the tub (= (=

Lisa said...

"No, you're selfish to want to sell it quickly"

Dear God, I meant you're NOT selfish. Lolol, I hope you read that as I meant it. Was it a HFH ReStore, by chance, that you got stuff at? We have one about 40 miles from here and I've wondered if it was worth the drive. This is a 2 bath house and in the 10 years I've lived here, I managed to gut the second bathroom and then do nothing with it. So, we share my master bathroom and I'd love to at least replace the rag in the floor with a catfood bowl covering it and put a toilet in in that second bath. Actually, I can afford the toilet, it's all the tile, the 36" vanity and some type of tub replacement I need.

Robin said...

We bought a lot of stuff as we were remodeling our home at a Home Depot clearance outlet. All of our tile came from there. And the wood floors. Shower doors, new bathroom vanity, light fixtures, ceiling fans...just lots of stuff. And we saved a TON off of retail. And it's the same stuff being sold at the HD stores, just cheaper.

Lisa said...

Robin, I wish we had one of those around here. Anything outlet-y or thrift store-y that sells good home supplies would be so nice.

Shannon said...

Personally I think if you can find what you need at an outlet or a thrift store then you are doing an amazing job....most of my stuff has been acquired through such things

twirldawg said...

Rhys the house looks great. I love how open it is.

tumbleweedgirl said...

ooo, i ned to find the Before pictures. this house was dark, gloomy and the roof was about to fall in!!!! our master bedroom and bath was 2 very small bedrooms with hardly any room in them. we knocked out a wall, replaced the headers and turned the bathroom around.

the kitchen-living room area was messed up too. super narrow awkward kitchen, walled off. knocked out wall, replaced headers, etc etc.

great room incorporated a new roofline. (=

AP - we did go to the HFH thrift, we actually got those fancy doors there too. windows in great room were from craigslist. the tub came from a fancy place up by ketchum. well, a place where fancy people abandoned their stuff when remodeling. there was some crazy stuff in that store.

tumbleweedgirl said...


i kept meaning to tell you that i read it right the first time and never thought twice about what you said (=

sorry. at first i was busy making sure lia and zaya were taken care of for surgery stuff. then we had a family camping hurrah. then, well, i'm with lia. so that's about it.

she's ok. we're ok. i just don't have lots of time right now. i'm spending it all on her (but she's asleep right now)

anyway. thank you!!!

Robin said...

Keep us posted as you can, TWG. I'm glad her surgery is over and that she's resting.

Lisa said...

Ah, I came to check for an update on Lia and glad to find something. I'm more glad to hear she's resting. Hugs to you all, Rhys, and I hope you're home soon with your girl. :-)

Robin said...

Where did everyone go?

I've harvested a bunch of hummingbird vine seeds this last week, Lisa. I thought of them sprouting in your yard next spring/summer as I gathered them. :)

Lisa said...

I'm here...shoot, I just figured this place was finally dead, Robin, and never checked in. I'm sorry. I'd still love some seeds, if you'd really not mind, and admit I'd get such a kick out of seeing them grow and thinking of our rather...tumultuous...history and how nicely it ended. :-)

Lisa said...

By the way, that's a good question - where *does everyone hang out these days? I'm mostly on FB and Tina's BWOP blog (how bizarre is that, that's I'd hang out on Tina's blog?) and saw today that Pioneer Woman Sux has a forum now, so I'm going to check that out. Anyone know of anyplace interesting these days?

Shannon said...

Whoa there is still some life up in here still??? Been checking every few days or so. I dont know anywhere too cool to hang out so I spend a lot of time on FB and being a game nerd :)

Robin said...

I would love it if we could chat here. Really.

I'm not into Tina's blog. She's just plain ODD. And I'm not an MWOPer. I have a local forum I chat on sometimes...but I live in GA, and it's a local's often so irrelevant, I can't even say anything.

It would be nice to chat here with you ladies once in a while. You're all intelligent, opinionated, and chat-savvy. I would LOVE to meet up here and have some stimulating conversation with some folks I like chatting with...what about it?

tumbleweedgirl said...

hey robin

sorry. i'm here-ish. i've just been *tired*.

what's up? i will chat with you. (=

Lisa said...

Oooh, signs of life! I'll start a fresh post in a bit for us and we can catch up some. :-)

twirldawg said...

Imore always up for chatting.

Oopsie Daisy said...

**** New post up!! ****

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