Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Long time no see but here it is :)

So if anyone is still around there has been some shit that just has to be said about those in the internets because sometimes too much is just too god damn much and it needs to be called on!!!!

Getting pissed because someone wont use the pic of your daughter with her freaking kooter hanging out? Seriously???!!! Remember your son? Why is it he is never the focus of your life? Oh yeah he is the left over not the choice!!!

Calling an animal that will be anywhere near 150lbs a service animal? Getting that animal as a puppy and not thinking it might be freaking DANGEROUS for the person they are supposed to be servicing while it grows and goes through the puppy phases? Maybe this one will be found to be too much too and find itself locked outside to roam and then happen across the rail road tracks as well.

Yes it is a bitch post.....grrrr