Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A shiny, fresh new post!

I hope I'm right in thinking we could all stand a lighter subject around here.  :-)

So, the election is upon us and being the equal both-main-parties hater than I am, I shall share these two gems for y'all to discuss and offer enlightening thoughts about.

Go, try it.  Change your stance and try it Mitt agree with you each and every time, complete with a video of him doing so, to prove it isn't fake.

2. It appears Obama wears a wedding ring with the words "There is no God but Allah" on it.  Here's one site but Google it, there are tons of others showing the same stuff and more. The birthers are having a field day and the mainstream media isn't saying a word.  Thoughts?

What we need is a...
...against them both.  ;-D