Wednesday, August 17, 2011

OHIH Reunion, The Offical Post!

Of course, you don't have to be OHIH alumni to join in.  I know we've got some lurkers from BWOP and MWOP, so announce yourself and join in; fresh faces are good.  It'll be fine as long as you aren't a complete idiot. ;-)


twirldawg said...


And a big hello to some old names!

Bella said...

Love it, AP :)

Hi to everyone, new and old!

Anonymous said...

<3 me some Angry Birds. I'm from BWOP but I have found you ladies to all be quite pleasant :)

tumbleweedgirl said...

um, hi. i heard there was a party. i thought long and hard about it (ok, not that hard or that long!), and i have a burning question.

what is BWOP?

and hi to all the familiars and not-familiars!

zookeeper said...

ok, I delurked on the last post - but I'll do it again here! Hello everyone from OHIH, mwop and bwop! can hardly believe that OHIH was two years ago...and JM is still plying the same games! good to see old faces/names again - and welcome to any newcomers! if my memory serves me right, there are some funny, I mean SERIOUSLY funny women in this group.

Karen said...

Hi Kids!! Glad so many are coming out to play!!

I miss the laughs... the gut wrenching laughs... some of us used to have!!!

Bella said...

Hi TWG :) Glad you came by to say hi! BWOP: Bullies Without Pity. Basically, a place that *someone made to call out MWOP posters that are "bullies". It's evolved from there.

Zoo, I can't believe it's been that long either. I could have learned a new language by now, or some other useful skill, with the time I have spent on the interwebs. LOL!

tumbleweedgirl said...

hi! bella, jill, zookeeper! and other peoples too.

i want to say 'how are you guys?' and stuff like that.

bella, i *did* learn a new language, we've learned to speak 'lia' and it helps us all sooo much!

(= i actually haven't spent much interweb time, mostly i have been writing, reading, playing with children, and playing in my garden!

it's good to see people around!

zookeeper, how's your daughter?

Robin said...

Hi TWG! And Hi Tee--sorry I missed you.

tumbleweedgirl said...

tee? tee is around? cool!

and hi robin (= how's the gardening this summer? it's been so hot down there...

Robin said...

The garden melted from the heat. I had squash puddles, sun-dried cucumbers, and tomato chips instead of a productive garden.

tumbleweedgirl said...

): but that is so evocative!!! the picture is sad but humorous from here...

my garden became a refuge this year. it's where i've taken my stress, my prayers, my worries, all of it. and it's rather jungley back there. we're feeding us, Rocks' boys at work, and a neighbor here and there.

maybe next year your garden will do better? does a greenhouse work the other way too? protecting from too much heat?

Lisa said...

Rhys!! Aw, thanks, Bella, for letting her know. :-) Before I say or do anything else, Rhys, I want to apologize to you. I said something snarky here, I think concerning a dog, about you and I don't even recall the details now, but I want you to know I'm sorry. I sincerely apologize and hope you accept it. And I love the idea of speaking "lia" are you *all?

Oh, and BWOP is Tina's place, Bullies Without Pity. We inherited Mama P from there, it seems. ;-)

Robin said...

I have my eye on this little greenhouse, but that will be mostly for my orchids--I am ashamed to admit how many I have now. But...I consider it a "rescue." When I see a sad orchid needing loving care, I am unable to say now.

I think this year's garden failure was due to the heat and also to the fact that it's been just me taking care of things--my other 1/2 is working out-of-state. It took bust of us caring for it in past years for it to be as good as it has been. This spring I had so many things going on--including my daughter's wedding and move to LA and 3 cats and 3 dogs and a job that requires an hour or so commute each way each day--that on my own, I found it all a bit much to keep up with. The heat was the biggest factor, but lack of hands also contributed.

Robin said...



The chihuahua was helping me type.


tumbleweedgirl said...

hi ap,

thank you for saying that. (=

i keep typing and deleting over and over. mostly because i can't figure out what to say.

i'm sorry too.

tumbleweedgirl said...

robin, i love your chihuaha's typing!

hands in the garden makes sense. i think i'm lucky. out here there are few weeds. the biggest one is morning glory ivy. so you pull one up and you've done major good! then lamb's ear, and the thistly things.

o, and random pieces of sharp metal and broken glass.

Robin said...

I have both morning glory AND lamb's ear out near my garden. I love them BOTH, but they can be so invasive.

Just this weekend I was ripping Morning Glory out of some younger trees it was trying to eat.

tumbleweedgirl said...


speaking 'lia' rocks! as much as you can hope to speak the language of a toddler anyway... life is good, so good.

lia is mostly cordless, and that changed a million things. zaya is stronger in himself and more confident. we're actually homeschooling this year. more because we can go camping at work with Rock than anything else.

i certainly don't think i'm a good teacher. i'm getting help from a local charter school. they provide the workbooks, materials, and test him and stuff. i just explain the work and turn him loose.

how about you?

Robin said...

This is the Morning Glory I planted along my fence a couple of years ago. It is stunning, but also quite an octopus:

Grandpa Ott's

tumbleweedgirl said...

wow, Robin, that's very pretty! the stuff out here is just a weed. it literally grows everywhere.

Robin said...

TWG--I kinda like the idea of a wild, unhindered Morning Glory. What's more affirming than meeting a new morning?

And how much more perfect is it that they are springing up wild?


tumbleweedgirl said...


yes, but not so much in the garden!!! (;

pretty much wherever you water, they appear. and tumbleweeds! i have some blooming out back. they're so spidery delicate...

Robin said...

I have never seen a "live" tumbleweed. I have only seen them after they die, and dry, and "tumble" in the wind.

Funny--my image of a tumbleweed is a dead plant blowing across a dessert.

Although it's obvious they once were living, that's not the thing I think of when I think of "tumbleweeds."

Are they still considered "tumbleweeds" when they're anchored to the earth by their tenuous roots?

tumbleweedgirl said...


i think so... that's what people call them out here. there are a few different kinds. one is a branchy spiderweb looking plant with tiny yellow flowers on it. another has feathery branches, and green leaves.

the only reason the ones by the garden are blooming is because of my lovely drip watering system. the rest of them have dried up. actually, i wonder if they just call any weed a tumbleweed out here? there are quite a few things that dry up and blow in the fall winds...

tumbleweedgirl said...

(sorry to hog the board, i will hush up and hope some other people say stuff)

Erin said...

Hola girls!

Jill- a million thanks...I was tired of looking at Wendy too!

Bella- my friend just went there earlier this year. I texted her to see where she stayed. Will let you know.

Rhys I spent the day removing lambs ear and thistle. My barberry bushes have gone nuts so they got a haircut too. Nothing but thorns today it seemed.

Robin how are your furry pets?

Robin said...

Erin--the pets are all wonderful. Furry as ever, but wonderful.

And yours?

Erin said...

Mine are all good. I fostered some kittens last year and accidently kept two. ;) They are some bad sort of spoiled.

Erin said...

And, lol, I meant to say "furry children". Loooooong day.

Bella said...

I was just replenishing the mulch around the front bushes, but it's getting dark out too early! Nooooo! I'm not ready for fall/winter at all.

Robin, that morning glory is so pretty. Erin, thanks for checking with your friend, it's good to get an opinion from someone who has been there before :) Rhys, how is Rio doing?

Robin said...

My Wiscee got out and vanished. :(

In April, I rescued another orange tabby, an American Bobtail I named "Tigger."

We loved Tigger, but he had litter box usage issues. And he constantly attacked my two older cats--Gato, they kitty that was a double for your tuxedo cat, and Bonsai, my flame point fat Manx.

About three weeks ago, this tiny kitten showed up in my yard. She's a tortie. Amazingly, she was spayed just days before I took her in--I don;t know how that happened. I could not find her owner.

She moved in, and meanwhile, Tigger's "issues" continued. Just two weeks ago, I gave him to a friend who has a small farm. He is happy, they are happy, and *I am happy.

And, I still have Winnie, who is a delightful kitten, about 3.5 months old.

So I still have three cats. But the younger crowd has shifted and changed a bit.

Don't you have the tri-colored Corgi pup? Roxy?

How is she?

I wanted to steal her--she was so CUTE! And so much like my Lacy. Who is such a spoiled hound. She's a full-sized dog on dwarf legs.

But she has no idea she's vertically challenged!

Nic said...

Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I don't keep up with blogs much anymore but could't resist when this popped up in Google reader. Hope everyone is well.

Erin said...

Hi Nic!

Robin Roxy is a spoiled princess, and spends her days trying to boss everyone around.
The new kitties are almost a year (we got them when they were a week old). Roxy is scared to death of them!!

tumbleweedgirl said...


i forget how far north you live. fall already?? wow.

rio is good! he's big, puppy-ish, and smart. he has started picking up socks and cherishing them, which i first thought was him being naughty. doing some reading, it just meant he was looking for things we touched and is ready for more 'work'.

so i'm trying to teach him to bring them. sometimes it works. fetching with toys is all good, socks is a new thing. (=

he also thinks he knows how to take care of lia better than i do sometimes. and sometimes she squawks at him for it. my favorite things so far? she steps on his feet sometimes while wearing her braces. that *hurts*. he just sits there or stands until she moves. second thing is that she's fallen hard against him at times, and has grabbed fur around his ears or face. he doesn't flinch, or react at all. he waits for her to regain her balance.

his behavior is encouraging the place where Rock works to consider psychotherapy dogs for some of the boys.

but he is still a puppy and sometimes he forgets he is Very Large and sits with his rear on the couch. (=

tumbleweedgirl said...


that is so sad about Wiscee ): i'm glad the new kitties are working out, even the one that moved to the farm.

erin, hey! i didn't even know lamb's ear until i moved out here. now i find it's everywhere.

i'm eating fresh zucchini thingies.

tumbleweedgirl said...

and i feel like i should say this:

i know i used to be a lot more negative sounding, and i'm sorry. i could explain all of it, but it boils down to trying to come to grips with lia and ptsd at the same time. receiving treatment for the latter has helped us figure out new ways to understand and help the former.

and now we feel our lives are knitting back together in new and better ways. not that we're all sunshines over here at all. it hurts, a lot at times, but there is even more extravagant joy as well.

so i'm sorry.

Bella said...

Rhys, he sound like a wonderful companion, not just for Lia, but for your whole family. Dogs really hold a special place in a home. Even my big dummy Oz, even though he ate an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers last week, plastic and all. That was *fun.

It's not really fall like here in Chicagoland, it's still in the 80's. I am just noticing we are getting less light in the evening, boo!

Erin, I remember your Roxy. What a sweetheart :)

tumbleweedgirl said...


rio has been good for us all. i can see how much he's helped even me with my flashbacks.

he does sleep a lot, which is good (= a sleeping Large Puppy on your feet does a lot for the calming of nerves. he's brought zaya out of his shell too, and he's learned to have a commanding voice with rio.

Lisa said...

Nic, please don't be a stranger. Even if it's just every so often, stop by and let us know how you are?

Robin, I'm sorry to hear about Wiscee but it sounds like the new love in your life is a good thing. :-) Our Gina died in May, at 18, and her sister, Ginger, turns 19 in a week. She's a true old lady...deaf, hunched back, doesn't wash well or often enough, skinny butt and what our vet thinks is basically dementia, but it all makes her cuter than ever. Other than the fact she will only pee in a galvanized tin bucket in my closet now, lol, she's having fun in her own little world and not a problem in the least. Beatrice and Ticker are good, except for Bea's herpes.

Rhys, you own no's okay. Understandable. Also, you just taught me something new about tumbleweeds, so thank you! But...are you *sure they aren't sage? :-D

Lisa said...

Ticker is really Tucker, minus a typo.

Erin said...

Bella- My friend rented a cabin in (or through?) Cherokee mountain vacations. Lol. She is from Chicago too, transplanted here.

Lisa said...

Robin, you said your daughter got married and moved? That's exciting news! How does she like being married and living in LA?

Shannon said...

So I know that this is totally off of anything we are talking about but dammit it hit a nerve with me big time.

I am wondering how many people happen to see the blatant hypocrisy that we have going on. I just got done reading this article: It is a SS who refused to show up for his job, basically, because he does not believe Obama is a US Citizen and has been reported for saying that he is a Muslim and is in line with the Muslims.

Now my problem besides the obvious is this....Do you all remember after 9-11 how people who did not agree with Bush were treated? Well I do because I still dont agree with what happened and is still happening. We, the people against Bush, were terrorists and helping terrorists. By voicing our opinions that he was not handling things properly we were committing acts of treason and weakening our country so that the terrorists could come right in and take over.

Well now why is it ok now for these people to claim that our current president is a Muslim terrorist? Why is it that he presents the same birth certificate that I have in my file folder and while mine is real his is a forgery?

I just dont get it...I really just do not get it.

Lisa said...

Shannon, I don't get it either. I've had a love/hate relationship with Obama, in that I not only loved him enough to vote for him, I campaigned for him door to door. Now? Not so much. He's been a huge, awful disappointment to me and I feel like I was had, lied to. That all said, the man was born here. Jeeez, Louise, give it a rest. His birth announcement was in the local paper in Hawaii less than a week after he was born, just like all other babies born in that hospital that day. The doctor who signed his BC was definitely a doctor at that hospital on that day. And really, who believes *at birth* that their son may run for president, so they better forge his place of birth? I mean, the man would still have been an American citizen, even if he'd been born in Africa, since his mother was American. So, forging his documentation wouldn't have been for citizenship; it would have been solely in case he ran for president. Who does that? No one. The man is American and he's not a Muslim, as evidenced by the additional wars he has started *against Islamic nations* since he's been in office. FFS, how does accusing him of being Muslim make any sense? And lastly, why should it matter if he *is Muslim? He's still this idiot's commander in chief, or *was, and this dumbass is supposed to serve without questioning or accept what he gets. I can't stand people, sometimes.

Robin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shannon said...

Beautiful pics R2. I love the ones of her looking up at the camera and him they are so classic.

Robin said...

Lisa--my daughter LOVES LA. I spent a week there just a week ago, and I can see why. The weather is amazing, the food is outstanding, and the culture is exciting.

But the traffic sucks. And there are so many people there, they have to stack 'em!

Her wedding was beautiful.

I took the link down, but you'll have it if you get email notification.

Robin said...

Thanks, Shannon. Those are my favorites, too.

It's Robin Again said...

Afternoon, all!

Rhys, you made me a little bawlified with your comment about getting treatment and how much better that has made things for you, for all of you. I am glad.

I got nothin' else. The Very Stressful Job has been actually truly a little bit stressful the last few days, just because of business, and I am whooped.

It's Robin Again said...

I missed the link, and I don't get email notification. :(

Shannon said...

Thanks for the reminder Robin.

Rhys I am glad that things are coming together for you all so much more. I will admit that sometimes I got frustrated because for *me it was always so depressive. And I want to apologize to you as well because honestly up until just a little while ago I wasnt looking at things on the frustration level that must have been there for you. The knowing that there was more going on that they could see and knowing that they were missing things because they werent listening to you. I am glad that things are being taken more seriously and I am glad that you guys know more of where you are now and able to work more at Lia's level instead of people trying to push her while not paying attention.

Shannon said...

R2....when I was looking at the cake I had to admit to myself that I have spent way too much time on Cake Wrecks because I was looking for I do with each and every cake I see anymore LOL

Robin said...

Her cake was BEAUTIFUL though, don't you think?

Robin--if you email me at itsrobin2 at gmail dot com, I'll send you the link. :)

Shannon said...

OH it was amazing R2.....absolutely amazing!!

It's Robin Again said...

I emailed you, Robin!

Robin said...

I answered, Robin!

It's Robin Again said...

Robin - it was all beautiful! I love the cake, I *love your dress, I loved the topiary-look with the vase (why did the wedding planner hate it?).

Robin said...

Thanks, Robin. They did such a good job planning things. I helped, but it was mostly my daughter's vision for what she wanted.

I have no idea why the wedding planner didn't like that vase when we were picking out table decorations. But I won that little battle!

He did admit he was wrong in the end... ;)

tumbleweedgirl said...

i like 'Harmless Robin' and all her other iterations! how much fun. i'm so not good at those witticisms...


i knew the sage would smack me in the head! the literal part of me longs to point out that sagebrush has an incredibly deep tap root.
it can hibernate for years through drought, water itself, and is beautiful.

i should have sent the sagebrush, and not just apologized. later, i didn't feel comfortable sending it. i still feel badly about it, though ):


*huge* frustrations because they were throwing out the worst worst case scenarios. at least now we mostly know what we're dealing with. we're switching some therapists around to the ones who have an attitude of 'let's make it work!' instead of 'that will take forever and it's a pain. let's just wait longer'.

robin in GA,
the pics are *lovely*. i cannot imagine why a wedding planner thought he knew better than the mom!!! (=

and it's been a day. sometimes surviving until bedtime is just a race against the inevitable.

tumbleweedgirl said...

robin in GA

o, elegant cake... all draped and swirling with frosting. wow.

and she's beautiful too! and i loved your dress (=

Shannon said...

'that will take forever and it's a pain. let's just wait longer'

UGH I would get rid of those people too. Dang it all it might take a while but isnt that part of their job? You know to try and adjust as needed?

tumbleweedgirl said...


i channeled a little of you. and no kidding - i mean she *wants* to talk. really *wants* to. it's not like she doesn't care. anyway.

i have sleeping furry friends. one in my lap (cat) and one on my feet (puppy). about the only way they are friends!!! salto has taught rio that she is boss. it's a hoot!

Shannon said...

Hopefully that means you got a little bitch in ya and told THEM what you wanted and expected instead of them telling you what THEY were only willing to do :)

I have been keeping up on Lia's CB updates as they come and I was a little sad when I heard them talking about diagnosis but at the same time I was glad that they were actually looking at other things then what they have been sticking to. Obviously her 'original' stuff doesnt help but it isnt and couldnt be the answer for everything going on.

tumbleweedgirl said...


i was nice, but i strapped some steel into my voice. there's no way i'm willing to wear out lia, sacrifice zaya's confidence and time, as well as our finances for a mind-set of 'wait and see' when she's frustrated. nor am i willing to go 3 times a week every week when there are no visible results.

i'm not necessarily results oriented, i'm family-oriented. i know this will take *years*. and i want those years to also be family years. so it's a good thing all around.

twirldawg said...

I'm so tired that I can remember what I wanted to comment on. I'm teaching twirling again and R comes to rehersals with me. Some nights he's really good and others. . .well others are exhausting.

Rhys it sounds like, on FB at least, that you are in a much better place. You sound happier.

Robin the wedding looked beautiful!

tumbleweedgirl said...


life *is* good. and i love R coming with you. i can imagine it's interesting at times! does he try tossing too?? what age groups are you teaching?

twirldawg said...

He twirls a little, but I'm working with a marching band so he's really interested in the horns and drums.

tumbleweedgirl said...

harmless robin,

i totally didn't mean to bawlify you! but healing is great, life with almost no flashbacks instead of more than 1 a day makes a huge difference in the whole world (=

sorry your job has gotten stressful. is it likely to ease again?

Robin said...


I, too, am glad to know that you are getting support in the road you are walking with Lia.

Honestly, I think of you and Lia ALL THE TIME.

I cannot imagine what you have been through and what you are still dealing with, medically speaking.

Your daughter is precious. Her accomplishments are always note-worthy. She is a beautiful little person, and she is blessed to have the parents and the sibling she loves and enjoys every day.

Yet, I know your guilt is overwhelming. And I hope you are moving to the place where guilt has no place. It isn't your "fault," and Lia is a precious child. Her challenges are your cause, and her success is your heart.

I think you rock, and Lia is your dance partner in that best dance of mother's love.

Lisa said...

Finally popping in and R2, what a gorgeous wedding and gorgeous bride with her very handsome groom. Everything was so perfect, including the photography that captured it all so well. And your dress was amazing...loved it!

Rhys, don't feel guilty over the sage. It was fine to ask for it once but she was rude to keep mentioning how she never got it. Sometimes, things just happen and you can't send or do things. It was *not a big deal, or at least shouldn't have been. And I agree with R2 about have nothing to feel guilty over about Lia. Ever. You're a very good mom.

Harmless Robin? Is not so me. She's evil.

It's Robin Again said...

Evil. And dangerous, even. According to the High Ilk of Pompous Pious Ones. (Hereinafter referred to as HIPPO). :)

tumbleweedgirl said...

harmless robin (to some)

thanks for the giggle this morning! i need it! i'm not usually on in the morning, but i'm nervous about meeting lia's new therapist.


thank you for being understanding (=

i do feel guilt. but it is lessening these days into a feeling of 'someone screwed up and it wasn't me'. (=

and the 'HIPPO' people can go chew on cars in the limpopo river, perhaps also meet a few crocodiles, or other just-so creatures!

Lisa said...

"'someone screwed up and it wasn't me'. (="

I like fact, I c an think of some instances where I'm going to use it.

"Evil. And dangerous, even. According to the High Ilk of Pompous Pious Ones. (Hereinafter referred to as HIPPO). :)"

No way. I think you're lying.

Shannon said...

PISH maybe the danger is to you being a red head from Montana...ya know those Montana kind of people are all about violence.

And TWG it is not your fault. It never was your fault. Stuff happened and the ball was dropped, not by you.

Lisa said...

Shannon, it's a good theory, only Robin doesn't have red hair. :-D

Shannon said...

Well it is close enough isnt it??? I mean it is a little reddish....

Dammit it has to be red because otherwise it just isnt the same.


Lisa said...

I guess we could call it brassy blonde, but she'll be pissed...

Shannon said...

NOT PISSED!!! Didnt you read she is dangerous LOL

Shannon said...

It's funny though because I would love to have Robin come here and visit with her for hours :) and days :) definitely not feeling fear vibes when I think about such things lol

It's Robin Again said...

Well. Shannon, you've done it now. You've pissed me off. My hair is nowhere near red, and it's not brassy, either. If I were you, I'd probably sleep with one eye open from here on out ...

It's Robin Again said...

FTR, that bunch of nonsense they spewed about Lisa and me wasn't something *they truly believed either. @@ Nice (although juvenile) attempt at breaking up friendships, though.

Shannon said...

Well shit....Robin come for dinner I will make something amazing to make up for it....I am a bit afraid now you scary dangerous person you :)

Lisa said...

Well, Red, now I've been forced to deal with getting dressed and going to get some wine and chips for the party you've just sent invitations out for, lol. Anyone need anything?

It's Robin Again said...

No, I don't need a party! I'm good!

tumbleweedgirl said...

because it's friday, this made me giggle:

or maybe it made me giggle because i'm trying to take pics of our re-done (ourselves) house to place it on the market!!! (= if you want befores and afters of our house, shout. i'm working on it.

for now, i'm just giggling while sniffing the sagebrush. that will be my mantra and secret handshake.

Shannon said...

OMB I think I may now be addicted to that blog LOL

tooo damn funny.

Robin said...

OMG Rhys--that blog is too funny!

Thanks everyone for the comments on the wedding photos. It really was a special day, and my one-and-only time to play "Mother of the Bride." I enjoyed it immensely.

Kerry and her husband Ross asked me to read a poem before they said their vows. I was delighted that they asked me, and I told them I would write something, just for them.

Time passed and I scribbled ideas and such, but I never could get it to come together like I wanted.

So, in the hotel room (we stayed near the venue--where the rest of the wedding party stayed--so we could indulge and not worry with getting home) just two hours before the ceremony, I panicked, and I wrote this, which is what I read at their wedding:

I imagined this day
my beautiful girl
the first time I held you.

I saw *that white dress
and *these bright flowers
and that light I see now
dancing in your eyes.

I saw *that pride
on your father's face
as he offered your hand
into the heart of another.

What I couldn't see that day
when I first held you
is the gift you give to us today--

That happy man
standing there beside you
who cherishes you like we do
and who we are proud to call family.

We love you both, and happily share your joy.

twirldawg said...

I teared up. Beautiful.

Lisa said...

R2, that was just lovely. What a sweet gift that must have been to them both. :-)

Lisa said...

See? We get all nice and then it gets quiet. Am I going to have to talk about some bullshit to get the conversation started again? Because I do, indeed, have bullshit I can share.
*raises left eyebrow at everyone*

tumbleweedgirl said...


i had to order pizza online to get a deal. we totally splurged because some good friends from college are spending the wkd.

so, nice or not, i'm scarcer this weekend (= (= good friends are rare. ones in person even less-so!

i shall be back

Bella said...

Good morning, everyone! I get to lounge due to a thunderstorm rolling through :)

Does anyone have any good, new recipes? I'm feeling a little uninspired. Rhys, I know you cook Indian food quite a bit; do you have any recipes that are good, easy, and maybe a bit spicy? :) I'm sort of in the doldrums in the kitchen, so if anyone has made anything awesome lately, post it!

I saw Super 8 last night in the theater. I really liked it! It was a good, definitely Spielberg, suspenseful movie, without being really scary. I recommend it.

Lisa said...

Rhys, R2? Tee said to please let you both know she's having trouble commenting and isn't ignoring your hellos. :-)

Rhys, enjoy your pizza and what you said about friends? I couldn't agree more! Enjoy them, too!

Bella, I've been having some fun going to (used to be, plugging in a single ingredient in the search bar, narrowing it by number of stars (good reviews) and telling myself I'll make the 3rd recipe down, whatever it is. Maybe try that to get some fresh ideas?

Shannon said...

Morning all. Quiet day here so far but nice and relaxing :)

So I have to ask what you all think of Rick Perry? Personally I think after reading some about him that I am a bit terrified to say the least.

I was reading this article this morning:

And I think I have a serious problem with someone who wants to get into office and start changing the constitution and making amendments that essentially take away states rights to make their own decisions.

While I do agree with some of his stuff: repealing federal income tax and term limits on Judges...some of the stuff scares me. Such as banning gay marriage even in states that have OK'd it, banning abortion, changing how senators are elected....Personally I just have a really really hard time with anyone who wants to take state rights away by giving the Federal govt absolute say. To me that is the same as taking away personal freedoms and cannot be allowed.

Shannon said...

Two hikers sentenced to jail in Iran. One of the two is actually from a town about 30ish minutes away from where I live.

Now I have to wonder....if they were not spies exactly what were they doing traveling the borders of Iraq during wartime?? That just makes no sense to me. I mean really were people out taking pleasure trips through Germany or Poland during WWI or WWII??? I dont think so. It just makes no sense. I have a hard time feeling sympathy for them.

Tee said...

My computer is not cooperating and letting me comment! This is a test....

Tee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tee said...

Yea, it worked! And it only took me two days to figure out how to make it work! Hey everyone... how's everyone doing this weekend?

It's Robin Again said...

Bella - you asked about recipes. I have not tried anything on this blog, but just found it the other day. She is from Ecuador, so that's what most of the recipes are -- her husband is French, and he contributes occasionally. I just like her stories and the food looks really good. Also, try (thank you, Erin) and just wander around until you find something that looks good.

tumbleweedgirl said...


hey! i've been having kitchen ennui too. mostly, i think it's the heat. anyway - my favorite indian cooking blog is

she tells you how to do fun fast things that taste really good! i love it.

and hi Tee!

harmless robin,
that blog looks fun. i may have to break down and cook something. (=

we have been living on fresh veggies from the garden, they just taste so good. i have been feeding the chickie-childrens more than just veggies, they are well fed growing children! just in case anyone thought i just fed them only snacks and didn't fill them up!

Lisa said...

Hiya, Tee! Quiet weekend here; we're getting ready for a possible hurricane. Otherwise, not much. How are you?

Shannon, I don't like Rick Perry as presidential material. Now, as a neighbor, I think he might be good but he's waaaaaay too conservative and Christian-y for me to be our president. Scary, in fact. Right now, I'm still liking Ron Paul but I'm watching John Huntsman closely. I just want a fiscal conservative who liberal on social issues that don't cost money. Is that really too much to ask??

Lisa said...

Lol, I think Rhys means she has meat in the house. ;-D

tumbleweedgirl said...


i do! i do! someone shared some elk and i traded them a personal photo shoot of family.

and this year Rock drew elk for the desert out by us. as long as the lightning fires don't trash the area, meat is in our future!

about rick perry, i'm not so sure either. i also tend to feel these days that voting doesn't appear to change much. the system is so bloated with money and programs, that it's unfair to expect a president to effect change even in the manner that someone like roosevelt was able to do.

Shannon said...

Lisa it shouldnt be too much to ask. Maybe someone who likes the idea of offering people of THIS country some hands up instead of all that hand outs we have going to not just this country but every other single country that it goes to.

And is it so much to ask that we dont have someone who just wants to get into office to start messing with the constitution or laws so that they can chip away at our rights as citizens???

And Ron Paul...I have to look into him more closely because honestly I have not taken him seriously before and I think it may be time to give the man some attention.

Robin said...

Hi everyone. :)

I was in and out--mostly out--all weekend. My husband was home for the weekend. I only get to see him weekends, and not every weekend, since he's working in NC. So I tend to stay offline when he's around. ;)

I'd hoped we'd get to see "The Help" this weekend, but too many other things came up. Maybe next weekend.

Sorry I missed you, Tee.

Lisa said...

R2, glad you got the weekend with your husband and Rhys, I'm glad you have meat. ;-)

"about rick perry, i'm not so sure either. i also tend to feel these days that voting doesn't appear to change much. the system is so bloated with money and programs, that it's unfair to expect a president to effect change even in the manner that someone like roosevelt was able to do."

I agree it's unfair expecting a president to actually effect change in many things. He is limited by Congress in many things and I won't argue that, even with a president I dislike so much. However, I *do expect to see our president, regardless of who he is or what party he is from, fighting for the goals and principles he set forth, the promises he made, when he was running for election and I expect to see him do it logically. I expect him to be able to explain how his ideas will work in minute detail, whether or not he can win the battle to have them put into effect. It pains me a bit to say it, lol, but Clinton did this. His ideas may have never materialized, I didn't agree with many of them, but he was pretty straightforward about what he wanted and how he planned it to work. I can respect that. Neither Bush managed it, God knows. But Obama has turned out to be as bad as the Bushes...maybe worse. That actually makes me sad, makes me feel like a fool because I was all over the Obama bandwagon at one point. You're right about the system being bloated with programs, but it isn't bloated with money...only debt. And you're right, too, that voting doesn't appear to change much but it's all we've got. That's why we have to keep using it, you know?

Shannon, read up on Jon Huntsman. Were it not for his pro-life stance, I'd be all over supporting him because he *says (and who knows what it's worth) the things I'm looking for, overall. He's a fiscally conservative, moderate, anti-war Republican and a liberal Mormon. He has adopted daughters from China and India and is *huge on respecting the cultures and religions of their birth countries, which speaks well of him, imo, in regard to his tolerance. He's not for gay marriage but supports civil unions and I'm good with that. The pro-life thing hangs me up, though...but I'm thinking it might be worth the risk, since he stands a better chance of being elected than Ron Paul. Tea Partiers can't stand him, Republicans don't like him, hardline Democrats don't either....but you know who is supporting his run? Jeb Bush. And despite my disgust with the Presidents Bush, I like Jeb. I think he must have been the result of an affair or something, because he's certainly not like his brother or father; he was our governor for years and one of the best we've ever had. So, look into Huntsman, too.

Gah, I'm long winded this time of the morning!

Lisa said...

"Two hikers sentenced to jail in Iran."

I keep forgetting to comment on this...Shannon, I don't think they were spies. Just stupid. Apparently all three were living in the Middle East and pro-Palestinian activists (good for them!), and went hiking in this area after hearing from multiple sources that it was safe and sort of a tourist destination for hikers. Would I have done so? Oh, hell, no. But "stupid" doesn't really call for lengthy jail time, you know?

Lisa said...

Sleep is obviously not happening here, so now I'm serial posting like a fool. Sorry. Anyway, everything I said about Huntsman? Ignore it. I just read where he'd be open to running as Michele Bachmann's VP. Well, alrighty, then, let me just scratch him right off my possibility list. I won't vote for anyone who basically admits defeat before he even gets really started and anyway, Michele Bachmann? No thanks.

Shannon said...

Lisa in regards to the hikers I have to say that I do believe that they deserve the sentences. Just because I look at what our own nation has done to people who have been nothing more then accused of possibly maybe being terrorists. 15 years ago probably not so much but with everything that has happened with the US and Iraq and Iran they were quite literally poking the bear there and the bear bit and in my opinion the bear was pretty gentle.

Shannon said...

And yeah no way will I even look at Huntsman now.....there is no way in hell I want Bachmann in the White House...dont think we need little gay rehab camps being federally funded and presidentialy pushed :)

tumbleweedgirl said...

i do feel sorry for the hikers. i think they were dumb. i also feel sorry for them and the way they are being treated out there.

i do think it's somewhat different, being dumb and hiking (who hikes without a map they can read??), in an area that was that risky.

i also feel sorry for the people who've been accused of being a terrorist and are locked up. i'm a generally feel-sorry for the underdog kind of people...

and the thought of losing my freedom is scary.

tumbleweedgirl said...


i'd agree. a president should be fighting for good things, goals, and all that stuff. you said it better than i could (=

Shannon said...

TWG my biggest reason for not being able to feel sorry for them is the knowing risk that they were taking. I mean never mind crossing into Iran how does one think that going out to the middle of nowhere in a country where there is very active war going on. While part of me feels some sympathy for them it was a risk that they chose to take. A risk that very realistically could have ended with their deaths.

Personally I think that only receiving 8 years from a government who pretty much views America as public enemy #1 was pretty darn good. Cant say that our govt would do the same.

tumbleweedgirl said...


i totally have mixed feelings about them. i think they were unwise at best, and well, you can fill in the 'at worst' (=

adding 8 to the 2 they've already been locked up for is a lifetime. blech.

Shannon said...

OH it is a very long time. I just have a difficult time with faulting the Iranian govt for this decision.

I tend to be a lot of a shoe on the other foot kind of thing and I know that it has already been proven that our govt would not do the same.

Even though it will be a long time at least they know that there will be an end to their being locked up. They will get to leave one day and they will be able to go home and see their families.

tumbleweedgirl said...

if something unfortunate does not happen first. but yes, it makes *so* much sense to me as well. mostly because americans are a big enemy, here comes some typical americans who blundered (or not) into dangerous ground. just because it was a blunder doesn't mean the law was not broken.

and it's silly to complain about it on one hand while holding citizens of their own over here for similar style 'crimes'.

i just think everyone should belly up and play fair.

Shannon said...

"i just think everyone should belly up and play fair."

Damn straight!!! :)

Personally I just find it all really juvenile in so many ways. Because not for one second do I think they are "right" or that we are "right". I feel like we are all the kids in the playground having to worry about the bullies standing around us ready to pounce if we do something wrong. It isnt even our game or our rules but the everyday people are the ones who have to watch out.

This is why men shouldnt rule the world LOL they have too much testosterone and concern for looking bigger and badder then the next guy.

Shannon said...

And this Lisa " But Obama has turned out to be as bad as the Bushes...maybe worse.", this says it very well for me right now.

I expected a lot out of Obama and I feel like in so many ways that he has done nothing but lay down as opposed to stand up and fight for what he wanted. I dont feel like he has even tried.

I mean hell look at was supposed to be shut down. There was supposed to be something done with those men who have just been sitting there for nearly 10 years. Yet nothing has changed. Nothing has been resolved. They all still sit there with no trial and no end in sight.

Lisa said...

Shannon, I see your point about the hikers. I guess what I'm thinking is, if Iran really thought these people were spies, they'd have gotten a hell of a lot more than what they did, so obviously, Iran doesn't believe they were/are. That being the case, it's a pretty harsh penalty for just being stupid. that said, I'm not excusing our actions at all...what we've done is inexcusable and really, we ought not expect higher standards from others than we apply to ourselves.

Totally unrelated, this story is making me want to spit.

A 13 year old girl gets into a hope chest, closes the lid and dies. And now hope chests are being called "hazards" and we should take the lids off? Really? How about "your daughter was a dumbass and sadly, she died from it"? Or how about you just keep your hope chest full of stuff? But oh, no, your *teenager* does something stupid and dies from it and it's the fault of the hope chest. Keep in mind, this means that if your teenager drives drunk and is killed, it's the fault of the car or the car's manufacturer. And what the hell kind of news story doesn't tell us *why she was in the damn hope chest when no one else was in the house? Because hello, if someone was home, they'd have heard her yell for help. You just can't cure stupid, I'm telling you.

Erin said...

Oh that is so fucking stupid. I just cleaned out the hope chest I have from my great grandmother. It is a Lane cedar cheast, and is heavy as shit. My friends mom was up that day and I was showing her how much stuff it holds. She made some comment about how kids can get stuck inside. Um. No. Because it is either full, or you tell them not to. And *13??? A 3 year old I can *maybe understand. 13, not so much.

Erin said...

And thank goodness mine latches so well. It is crammed full of stuff, and I have to bounce my fat ass on it to get it to close!

Lisa said...

I have an old no-brand one, Erin, and's always full. I can't even recall what all is in it, now. Lol, that makes me want to go look. Anyway, when Jake was little, I kept it locked, not so much to keep him out of it but to keep him from pulling things out. But *13?? Now, I can see my dumbass son, even now, trying to get in one to hide so he could jump out at a friend but jeeez, that means other people are in the house, you know? So kick and scream. That's why I have to believe this kid got into it when no one else was in the house...and man, that's just a version of stupid that you can't prevent.

twirldawg said...

People are idiots.
I better go get a hope chest before the government outlaws them. I've wanted one for a long time, specifically to store shit in.

So who got all shook up yesterday? Are the you Florida ladies ready for the hurricane.

tumbleweedgirl said...

i need a hope chest too!

13 and got stuck? how did that happen? that's nuts. and acting like it's the furniture's fault is kind of silly and ridiculous.


Lisa said...

Yep, y'all better get your hope chests while they still have lids!

Jill, I'm sort of ready if Irene decides to swing west...have everything done but the windows boarded up, anyway. As of today, I'm thinking we probably won't even see any real rain out of it, though. Could you feel the earthquake?

Shannon said...

Actually Lisa I kind of can see a connection....stupid decisions that lead to serious consequences.

I kind of think that Iran did it as more of a warning or lesson kind of thing. I dont think that they thought they were spies either because as you said if they did then the punishment would have been much harsher. But I bet ya nobody goes hiking in their country by accident again.

The girl in the hope chest is truly sad but common sense could have saved her life. Unfortunately she lacked that in great proportions and it cost her her life. But as we all know the govt has to protect us from ourselves so that we dont have to be smart enough to do it on our own.

Lisa said...

Well, I found out what happened to the girl and it wasn't quite as dumb as I thought. Still not bright but not *so dumb. She apparently, when alone in the house, would hide in various places from her mom just as her mom got home from work. It was their little "thing" for her mom to hunt for her, and apparently her mom got home at the same time each day. When it was time for her mom that day, she hopped in the cedar chest in her closet for her mom to find her...only her mom was unexpectedly over 2 hours late that day. :-(

Shannon said...

Easties I hope you are all being safe out there

Lisa said...

Annnnnnnd, once again, Daisy is dead. ;-)

Hope everyone made it through the storm and media panic about the storm safely!

tumbleweedgirl said...

i did not survive the media panic!


i'm packing up our house, which is why it's so quiet on this front... what's everyone else's excuse?

Robin said...

I've been a) garage saling on Saturday and b) cleaning house all day today. My husband stuck it out in NC for the weekend, but he was far enough inland not to have anything but some less-than-gentle breezes.

And I bought a spaghetti squash. I haven't cooked it yet...but I will soon. I'm thinking I'll use olive oil, fresh garlic, herbs from my yard, and Parmesan cheese to dress it after I bake it.

And I will have seeds to plant next year. :)

Lisa said...

"i did not survive the media panic!"

Lol, I'm sorry to hear that. You moving?

R2, I wondered about your husband, where he is. So glad to hear he's fine and was away from it all. Glad, too, you got your s'ghetti squash and seeds, too! I must admit, that sounds pretty good.

Robin said...


>>ECHO ECHo ECho Echo echo<<

Lisa said...

Oh, hush, Robin! That hurts my ears. :-P

tumbleweedgirl said...

shh! i'm packing!


yes, we are moving North, to the panhandle area. we're so excited.

Lisa said...

Ooh, moves are always exciting and I'm envious! Are you going to be rural, still, or closer into a town?

tumbleweedgirl said...


rural, probably. for the neighbor's sake. i mean, who wants bass-barking??? (= well, it's mostly rural up there, anyway. we hope to live within 10-15 miles of the new facility. but at the same time, we're going to be closer to town, the City, and doctors. so it's a win-win. we just need to sell!

Lisa said...

It sounds like a good change you're making and hope you can sell fast! Do you have another place ready to move into?

tumbleweedgirl said...

sort of? there are tons of places for rent and for sale up there, so finding the right place should not be a huge deal. they are also cheaper. this will help us too.

o, and did i mention that being close to his work means he sleeps at *home*???

and i've found myself sort of homeschooling the Z through k-12 and our public school. we're having fun. i'm resisting the joining of other homeschool moms, though. they seem to be mostly.... competitive and stuff?

Shannon said...

TWG that is awesome. I know that you have been contemplating moving closer to everything for a while now and I am glad to see it is happening. I think it will be a wonderful thing for all of you.

Lisa said...

Yay for sleeping at home! I agree with you about a lot of homeschooling moms being competitive. When we were homeschooling when Jake was younger, I tried joining a few groups but none ever felt comfortable to me, I suspect because we weren't all structured about it. What we did was definitely more along the lines of unschooling and that doesn't work well with groups. Keep your ears open and you may find a few other moms feeling as you do, though.

tumbleweedgirl said...

so here i am. i've been distracted, things aren't super good for lia all of the sudden. so i thought i would peek in and see that .... yep, no one's here! have fun!

Lisa said...

I'm glad I popped in...I hate hearing this about Lia, though. Poor girl. :-(

It's dead again, hmmm? Am I going to have to make a post about GM or something to get people talking?

Robin said...

Yes, I too was checking in to see if anyone was over here chatting.

TWG, I read your recent posts concerning Lia. I know you must be almost ill with concern for what's happening and what's coming soon.

Her surgery is on my birthday. I noticed that when you said the date. She will be in my thoughts all day. Please keep us updated.

She's such a precious girl.

Oopsie Daisy said...

*** new post up ***

Off to read about Lia...

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