Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Have some soup with a side of FYI...

I can't believe I'm posting a Guy FieTi video, as he gets on my very. last. nerve. but the fact is, this is some good soup!  It looks and sounds odd, but trust me, it's sooo good and with Fall around the corner, I thought I'd share.  The recipe I used will be below it.  :-)

I used this recipe:  http://www.keyingredient.com/recipes/150146/triple-d-cheeseburger-soup/ but I added some liquid smoke and also used canned evaporated milk instead of the half & half, since that's what I had on hand and didn't want to make a trip out. It worked just fine!  I served it with garlic toast but toasted hamburger buns with garlic butter and maybe a few pickle chips would be a cuter substitute.  So, there you go...a fun recipe to make when you're sick of the same ol' thing all the time.

Now, the FYI?  It's just a small one. This place is just dead, so this will probably be the last post here, at least for a long time, unless it somehow picks up.  If any of y'all want me to start a topic with something you want to discuss, email me and let me know at anemonepie at yahoo dot com.  Also, if any of y'all are hanging out someplace fun, please share so those of us who miss "chatting" with a variety of people can stop by and visit.  Thanks!  :-)