Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Morning's Gay Agenda. ;-)

This post is going to be a bit personal, but could also, hopefully, be entertaining if people will, you know,  *talk.  :-D

I managed to find myself engaged in an argument about gay people, Christianity and the Bible with a(n internet) friend on FB a couple of days ago.  Some of you may remember her and I'll not name her but won't stop anyone else from doing so, as there were witnesses to this debacle. Basically, it all began with a Chick Fil A comment and I was trying to explain how the Bible really, truly doesn't speak against homosexuality and that, in fact, same-sex marriage was recognize by the Christian church until around Roman times.  That didn't go over well with this person and her gaggle of Bible-thumping-without-really understanding-the-Bible friends and I found myself unfriended.  Lol, no loss on that, as I'd already realized, but what I also realized is that a lot of people don't really know their Bible, yet they love to toss Bible verses out as proof of their...ignorance. So, we're going to have a long, boring church sermon  today, but one with a gay agenda *eyebrow wiggle*. The nice part is, unlike real church where you're forced to sit and listen to the long-winded pastor, you don't have to click the links here if you don't want to.  But...but...if you find yourself with some free time, at least skim he Letter To Louise and Six Points.  It'll make God happy if you do.  Jesus, too.
Yeah, it's a stupid name. Just deal.