Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Long time no see but here it is :)

So if anyone is still around there has been some shit that just has to be said about those in the internets because sometimes too much is just too god damn much and it needs to be called on!!!!

Getting pissed because someone wont use the pic of your daughter with her freaking kooter hanging out? Seriously???!!! Remember your son? Why is it he is never the focus of your life? Oh yeah he is the left over not the choice!!!

Calling an animal that will be anywhere near 150lbs a service animal? Getting that animal as a puppy and not thinking it might be freaking DANGEROUS for the person they are supposed to be servicing while it grows and goes through the puppy phases? Maybe this one will be found to be too much too and find itself locked outside to roam and then happen across the rail road tracks as well.

Yes it is a bitch post.....grrrr


Lisa said...

"with her freaking kooter hanging out"

ROFL!! Was that not godawful? Seriously, you *know she knew exactly what that looked like. Don't mothers with daughters just instinctively do parental crotch glances when the girls wear dresses, just to make sure everything is appropriate in pictures? No way, no *how, did she not know what that looked like,even though I firmly believe it's not what it actually *was, so the only explanation is that she did and wanted the attention. And really, to use your dead daughter like that is pathetic as hell.

Let me take a breath and get some coffee and I'll discuss the dog next, lol.
*waves at everyone lurking*

Lisa said...

Oh, and before I get to the dog, can I just add that coupled with a picture of your dead daughter's faux crotch shot, to have her picture running alongside ads for the sex toys you're buying and *reviewing just ads a whole heck of a new dimension to the word "disturbed", imo. Now I'm going for coffee. Anyone else want a cup?

Shannon said...

OMG how in the hell could I forget about the sex toys on the 'memorial' blog??? I am so ashamed right now LOL

But then again the shame shouldnt be mine it should be the one living off of state and federal assistance while spending money left and right on shit like boots that cost hundreds of dollars....maybe that is where the sex money comes into play?

suz said...

BUHAHAHAHAHA! Wow, when you come back, you don't hold back.. :)
I understand about half that rant, must have missed the dog one. Glad you put a new post up though.
Hope you both are well.

Shannon said...

Hey Suz....can I just say that it has taken me FOR FREAKING EVER to get google to cooperate with me allowing me to get into my account to even put up a new post LOL

Erin said...

Crotch shot was tasteless.
Please, please, please tell me the dog is a joke. A puppy?? There are so many dangers a puppy would bring to that situation.
Oh, and Hi!!

Lindsay said...

Suuuuuz! ♥

suz said...

Hey Linds! How is life treating you?

Trudy said...

Oh how i've missed this place. hi all, Um can i ask about the puppy?

suz said...

Trudy, I did not get the puppy either. :)

Margo said...

I did not get a puppy or give a crotch shot - thanks a lot for putting that rumor out there!

And, while I'm on a roll - Lindsay, move the hell over - Suzzzzzzzzzzzzz is my line!

suz said...

MAAARRRGOOOO! Well, so much for the rumors Shannon started! lol!
Damn it I wish I was clued in on the dog, oh well. speaking of pets did not another famous blogger (lol) get a cat so I read? hmmmm wonder how long that will last maybe when she returns from the latest adventure it will be gone since she does not like cats.

twirldawg said...

Oh Margo, you're a dirty liar. We've seen your vazzaled kooter all over Facebook.

I've stopped caring about "famous mommy blogger" or the otherwon. I'm friends with the person with the puppy though and am going to sit out that discussion.

Shannon said...

LOL I do like to start the rumors :) but just remember there are hints of truth to them

Jill I have only read at the FMB a little bit because she is freaking hilarious....so delusional and just off from the rest of us.

Josh and Rya said...

tap, tap. Anyone here?

KaytieJ said...

Shannon Girl - when you go for a post, you let it all roll out! Missing Daisy...Beats the hell out of Face Book.

Daughter's Kooters and Sex Toys, Oh my! Disturbing at best - warped at most. Yick and shudder. Glad I missed that one.

Puppies? Did anyone say Puppies? I could go on and on about Puppies!

Since this place is deserted and I am talking to myself, I might just do that.

We are now proud owners of not one, but TWO, Bouvier Des Flanders. They are big breeds. Google them. They are 4 months old. Just went to the vet for shots - next week is grooming, spaying/neutering. I knew it would be expensive and prepared for that, but it is still a whammy to the pocket book.

I also found out, since they are considered a Large Breed dog, that we need to feed them Puppy Food for a YEAR. Yep.

However, with all that added expense, not to mention large amounts of time to snuggle, potty train - yeah you get the picture - they are a joy and have mended a hard spot in my life.

Hope all the Daisys are doing well and would love to see this place up and running again :-D

suz said...

Hiya KatieJ,
Wow you got some big dogs!! They are neat dogs though. I swear and I do, I would have one of every kind of breed, I love dogs ♥
hope everyone is doing well

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