Saturday, June 5, 2010

Everyone got your lighters out?

No reason for this, really, other than the meaning of the song itself.  :-)

A voice from the past cried "Give peace a chance"
He paid our price now he's free at last
Imagine, we called him a dreamer!
How many times must good men die?
How many tears will the children cry?
'Til they suffer no more sadness
Stop the madness,
Oh, stop the madness.


Lisa said...

Elisabeth, you asked about cheap but healthy food ideas and one of the best things I've found is whole chickens. You can nearly always find them for around $1.00 a pound and it's simple to roast one in the oven. A $4 chicken will feed a couple of adults at least 2 good, meaty meals each, especially if you make chicken salad or pot pie, something like that, from the leftovers. We typically have one with side dishes for dinner and then make a curry or stir fry with lots of veggies with the remains and from *that meal, we'll get still two meals each if you count leftovers. Also, don't discount the power of tacos. Most any leftover or cheap meat like prepackaged rolls of ground turkey can be jazzed up to make good taco meat. Add veggies in it, either cooked or raw but I think a mix is nice, some pinto beans you've mushed up yourself (far healthier than canned, refried, I suspect) and you've got a fun but nutritious and cheap dinner. Also, beans. Pintos, particularly, are soooo good cooked from scratch and super-easy in a crockpot. A pound bag is about $1 and will give you several meals each, easily. Watch for sales on packs or smoked sausage or kielbasa and chunk a pound of it up into your beans. Non-turkey is best taste-wise but if you're wanting to stay really healthy, go with the turkey kind and just add it later. Also, there are some great seasonings you can use to add a meat flavor without the meat, or without so much meat. Goya makes a ham flavored bouillon that makes some excellent split pea soup with no meat added. With some nice bread, you're good and probably won't miss the meat. What grocery stores do you have near you? Do you have a Walmart Supercenter or a Publix? Also, how about growing come veggies in containers (assuming Chris has a balcony or patio)? It might be good for Chris to do himself, dexterity-wise, and with the cost of veggies now, even just fresh tomatoes and peppers would help your food budget a lot.

Lisa said...

Oh, Elisabeth, you mentioned ramen...I'll tell you we eat ramen and I don't think it's all that unhealthy if you throw away that seasoning pack that's full of sodium and chemicals. Cook the noodles with no seasoning or just a bit of sea salt, drain, then toss them in a skillet with some scallions, a handful of frozen broccoli and a tiny little bit of leftover chicken or whatever you have. Season it *very lightly with sea salt and/or soy, some red pepper flakes and a lot of fresh ground pepper and you've got a far healthier and nicer bowl of ramen for very little more money. Alternately, add more water and some chicken bouillon to it all, stir a beaten egg into it and you'll have a good egg drop noodle soup.

Lol, can you tell I've had to eat on a tight budget?

Lisa said...

And since I'm rambling on to myself, my most embarrassing moment was having to tell a complete and utterly strange man who was teaching the final class for my 2-20 insurance exam/license and then giving the exam that I was having serious "female issues" and would have to be leaving the class every 30 minutes or so, including during the exam...something expressly forbidden. When he looked stunned, I then had to explain I'd be back each time within 10 minutes and he was welcome to send someone with me to ensure I wasn't cheating. Except for the first time, since I had to borrow a car and go to CVS for supplies and I'd probably be gone 30 minutes. I *really didn't want to go through the whole class/testing rigmarole again, so I decided to just spill my guts as my uterus spilled it's contents into my shoes and hope he had a heart. He stuttered, I stuttered, we both died a little inside and blushed furiously. In the end, I got my license and a solitary trip to CVS, though. That still ranks up there as one of the most embarrassing things I've ever had to do.

KaytieJ said...

C & E:
This might make Chris chuckle or at least roll his eyes :-D At the time I felt humiliated for being so stupid, but now I laugh out loud at it.

In my single, mid 20's, good shape years, my Seattle buddies had given me an ensemble to wear to the beach when I moved to Puerto Rico.

All of it was black with zebra accents. Bikini, bag, beach towel, mules, sunglasses, wide brimmed black hat.

I spotted a beach with lots of men. Donned this ensemble. Pure hollywood glam. I have never been so accessorised.

(I can hear ya howling, ya know)

I strutted down the beach (this took all my concentration). Headed to a clear spot. Got there intact. Spread my towel, stretched out, did the oil thing, then pretended to read my magazine.

Peering over the pages, I confirmed beach was full of eye candy. Chaulk full of gorgeous men
:::flip page:::

Were they spreading lotion on each other?
"Oh well"
:::flip page:::

Were they holding hands?
"Maybe a PR custom?"
:::flipping pages faster:::

Were they...OMG!

Yeah, you guessed it, I was smack dab in the middle of a very active guy gay beach.

So much for my beach babe career! LOL!

KaytieJ said...

AP - Oh man. That story still makes me cringe for you. That would be so awful!

Lisa said...

Oh, Kaytie. It was just a gay bar with sand, wasn't it?

Lisa said...

Kaytie, the beginnings of somewhat early menopause And not just for me. :-D

Did I ever tell y'all the story of listing opened feminine hygiene products on craiglist and why I will never, ever do so again?

KaytieJ said...

AP - Yes, indeed, minus the drinks with umbrellas in them :-D

Love that song you posted, by the way.

Lisa said...

Well, if it helps, I went to a nude beach with my cousin, David. Does that help at all?

And I love Molly Hatchet. A lot. :-)

KaytieJ said...

AP - Sorry your question up there I did not see earlier. You know, I do recall you telling me of this, but I don't remember the outcome - so spill!

KaytieJ said...

AP - Your cousin? THAT is going to earn you a standing ovation or an Appalachia Award! Details!

Anonymous said...

AP, your food ideas are FAB!!! Thank you SO much!! Would "roasting" a chicken just be putting it in a pan and putting it in the oven?? I am no gourmet, in case you can't tell.......

Now, paleeeez share about putting *opened FHP's on craigslist?? This I *have to hear!!

KayJ.....Chris and I are both howling. HOWLING, I tell you!! He says he can totally picture you sashay-ing down the beach, your hips swinging less and less the more your eyes take in. TOO FUNNY!

KaytieJ said...

C & E (I nicknamed you that because it reminds me of C&H Sugar...and you are both sweet, btw. And not as a way to glump you together!)

Oh, I am SO glad it gave you a laugh and a good one at that! You are spot on. I was felt like Cher strutting down to that beach and coming back I was beet red and not just from sun burn! LOL!

KaytieJ said...

Elisabeth - I you asked AP, but I am up.
You can do what ever you want with the chicken.

One of the simplest is to lightly coat with vegetable oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, throw it in the roasting pan and bake.

I like taking sweet onions and quartering them and tossing them in the roasting pan, too. They will caramelize in the chicken fat and they are so good. You can do the same with potatos, yams, whole carrots.

If you feel adventurous, halve a lemon and use one half to squirt over the chicken. The other half, stick it in it's cavity.

KaytieJ said...

Well, since I am missing whole words typing, I am going to go vacuum and clean bathrooms while waiting to be called in :-D

Anonymous said...

Hey ladies!

AP - Gosh, that *is an embarrassing moment.

I'll have to think about mine...

C&E - I'm so sorry about all of your trials :(

Uh-Oh. I just saw a flying spider. I'm not an expert but I'm pretty sure spiders don't have wings. That can't be good ;-D

twirldawg said...

I just typed a long comment and blogger ate it. Ugh.

So in college I was performing in front of a group of high school kids with the marching band. The majorettes had halter top costumes and I had issues with it all season. That night I felt a pop and the next thing I knew the straps were no longer around my neck. I ran off the field before I could get arrested for indecent exposure.
Thank God digital cameras and Facebook were not popular then.

Margo said...

I have an embarrassing moment almost daily so I'll give you one from childhood. I was taking the Patrol exam - gym full off my peers - all is quiet and then - I - FARTED.

Lisa said...

"I was taking the Patrol exam - gym full off my peers - all is quiet and then - I - FARTED."

That's one of my worst fears, having that happen. :-/

Corinne, are you sure that spider wasn't swinging on a web?

Elisabeth, Kaytie told you how to roast the chicken, I know, but do you cook much at all? Do you need more details like cooking times?

Anonymous said...

If "Friend In Kansas" is here at Daisy, oh please PLEASE speak up so we can thank you properly!! PLEASE!! I feel you must be here because I have only given our address to people from here, I think.

And if you are seeing this, please know that I am SO touched, and SO very blessed by this literal "box of blessings".

For those who did not see it on Twitter......USPS knocked on the door a minute ago. I assumed it was the replacement washer for Chris' walker. But I opened the door....and the box was GIANT.


It had both our names on it so I decided to open it. Inside was $200 in $50 gift cards to our local grocery store (HEB-which I know they don't have outside TX so the person must have ordered them specially) AND.....a brand new nintendo Wii!!!!

My brother is going to freak, he has wanted one since they came out. There was a note that said it was to help him with his balance and coordination issues. And no name signed, just "your friend, praying + wishing you well from Kansas".

I am so shocked/happy, I feel like I am about to have kittens. I wanted to share with you all right away because I know you all cheer on our victories just as much as you encourage us thru the rough days.

Wheee!! I mean, Wiiiiiii!!=)

Lisa said...

Jill, how are naptimes going?

Lisa said...

Oh, my word, E., what an amazing gift! Whoever this person is is wonderful and I'm so excited for y'all! There are such good, good people in this world. :-)

Anonymous said...

AP......YES, I do!! (sorry, I am "caps" excited today!!)

And I'm still not clear if "roasting" is something other than just putting it in the oven.

Margaret.....oh that happened to me also, only there were not *that many people present, thank God. It was during the sit ups for the 5th grade fitness test and I seriously almost had to change schools because of it.

Anonymous said...

AP, I meant I do need cooking times and stuff, not I do cook a lot. Because I really never have. I have a couple of stand bys.....well, more like ONE stand by (marinated chicken breasts) with a couple different marinades. But those aren't feasible at $11 a bag.

I still want to try and stretch these grocery cards, I need to get food for the whole month of June. So I still am looking for inexpensive dinner plans.

It's going to be a bear convincing Chris that we don't need to spend half the money on dried fruit. The dude is *obsessed with dried fruit lately.

AP.....yes there really are some TRULY wonderful people. You my lovely, are their CEO=)

Lisa said...

Elisabeth, I am no such thing, seriously. And those cards just may get y'all through June, if you're careful!

With the chicken, yes, roasting is just baking. Wash your chicken and feel all the way through the inside to see if giblets (organ parts) have been shoved into the cavity, if so, remove them and if you're no organ meat fan, throw them away. Rinse the chicken well and pat it dry. Season up inside the cavity with whatever seasonings you like and I usually shove a whole, scored onion, spple or piece of citrus up its butt. If you do an onion, you can pull it out and eat it so no waste. Oil the outside and seas it like Kaytie said. Bake at 350 for about an hour and 15 minutes. Just be sooooo careful about touching things like your spice bottles or salt shaker with chicken-y's so easy to slip up and do when preparing the bird. I usually put some seasonings in a little dish first so that I can dip my hands in with no worry and then wash it all up. Do y'all have a crockpot?

Karen said...

I just put a small turkey roast into the crock pot - it was $4.11 for the entire package, and its already pre-seasoned and has some type of marinade on it... Put in the crock pot for 4-6 hours or so on high and we will have turkey tonight! and probably sandwiches tomorrow too.

Do you guys like tuna? I like tuna noodle casserole for a cheap meal, and if not tuna, then those cans of chicken, or your leftover chicken from AP's roasted whole chicken, mixed with noodles, a can of cream of ___ soup and some veggies, bake in the oven, yummy!

Anonymous said...

Elisabeth - That is *awesome. :)

AP - I don't know re:the spider. It did not seem tangled in its web but you're probably right. Spiders don't fly anyways so I must have seen wrong. It was also a yellow-ish color...Ugh, I don't like spiders. :-D

Hi Karen!

Anonymous said...

AP.....we do have a crock pot, yes. I think it's even a good one. A few years ago, Chris dated this guy who was a really good chef......and for a couple birthdays/Christmas he got Chris fancy kitchen items in (failed) attempt to get him "into" cooking. It's got high, medium, & low settings.

I still have a little of that venison left, too. But so far my endeavors with that have bombed. It just turns out so.....*hard. Ideas??

PJ said...

Elisabeth - hurray for generous, thoughtful people. How wonderful!

Hi Corinne!

In a shout out to Deb and AP, two of my embarrassing moments involve a bathing suit top breaking loose, and feminine hygiene products.

Another was grabbing some guys ass at a Democratic Fundraiser, thinking it was my husbands.

Farting, not so much - getting used to that now as it is a regular occurrence. I don't say anything and my students try to blame each other for the smell.

"Well HELLOOO, there!" said the smiling man.

Anonymous said...

Oh and just for general knowledge.....anything that comes with a seasoning packet, we have to sub other stuff due to Chris' severely sodium restricted diet. Like AP mentioned....with stuff like ramen it's pretty simple. But on other things like tacos & tuna casserole (which I LOVE, Karen!!) I haven't figured out any good subs.

Anonymous said...

Hi CK!!

PJ said...


I've missed you in real time. Congrats on getting one final out of the way.

When is the next one?

Anonymous said...

CK - My next final is Monday afternoon - it's philosophy.

We always miss each other, stupid time difference.

PJ said...

I imagine you'll wax philosophically on that one.

Good wishes to you -

Lisa said...

Elisabeth, I have no experience with restricted sodium diets but I've heard that adding intense flavors with other herbs and seasonings can help a lot. What about using the salt substitutes? I'd just make everything salt free and then add some salt substitute product on it just before eating if it needs it. Use that crockpot, though - it'll be your best friend. Here, I found this site and some of these recipes call for very inexpensive ingredients, too.

I've never cooked with venison but I'm thinking you'd have to treat it as you would a tough cut of beef...I'd crockpot it into a stew, letting it simmer on low for maybe 8 hours.

Anonymous said...

AP, thank you for all of these great tips and ideas. The venison is in ground beef type would you like split it up into pieces?? The only thing I can think of is meatballs.

if any of you are in the AUSTIN area and want free tickets to the Mario Cantone concert, please email with your phone number!! We were given 2 tickets that are 2ND ROW FLOOR seats and Chris really thought he could rally and go, but he days he just does not have it in him.
It's at the Long Center and it starts like 90 minutes I think!! It is "that guy from Sex & The City" and Chris says he is a very funny comedian.

I hate for these to go to waste!! If someone is especially near us, you could definitely make the show.....we're right down the block from the 38th street medical district/seton medical center.

Lisa said...

Oh, that sucks that Chris doesn't feel up to going. :-( Could you get your folks to stay with Chris so you and your husband could get out for a date night?

As for the ground venison, you should be able to make fine meatballs with it. I'd break the texture up by adding some bread or cracker crumbs to it and an egg, maybe.

I wonder how it would work to brown it up like you would ground beef, then add some liquid and let it simmer for a bit? If that would soften it up some? If so, it would be good for taco filling or a meat sauce for pasta.

KaytieJ said...

C & E -
What a wonderful gift from Kansas! I would like to extend a thank you to them as well, that was so kind and generous!

Corinne - Good luck on the Final tomorrow!

Jill - halter tops are of the devil! How embarrassing.

AP - Hope your tree limb reduction does not involve cops this year!

Shannon - Hope you had a great time at the concert and a safe journey home!

Margaret - I did that in yoga. Never went back.

Anonymous said... mom is down with a killer flu. It's already 5 so I guess the tickets will go unused...what a bummer=(

I am going to try the browning tonight. I don't have taco shells but I have tortillas so I am going to try soft tacos. No seasoning, but I am going to put some grated cheese and salsa to jazz them up.

I am enjoying looking for variations on cooking a whole chicken, while making my grocery list for tomorrow!! A lot of the seasoning packets are out from the sodium....but I am finding lots of great ideas with chickens and cooking bags.....sea salt, chopped veggies, and sage......sounds so fresh and good. I can't wait to try it tomorrow. And there's "matching" recipes for chicken salad and chicken veggie soup with the leftovers!! I don't know why it never occurred to me to make a whole chicken, but I am so glad you suggested it. This seems to be something extremely cost efficient AND something you could put a million variations on, to never get tired of it!

Lisa said...

This place is just sad anymore. *sighs* Is anyone chatting any place else that's fun? I miss everyone.

I'm just going to leave this post up through tomorrow and I hope everyone is doing well out there tonight.

Sandy said...

I'm here AP. I made laundry soap today. I know that's so exciting.

twirldawg said...

If people are chatting elsewhere no one has told me.

I think the nice weather is keeping people away from their computers.

PJ said...

AP - I think it's quiet everywhere.

We saw Ghost Writer tonight.

SW - your dream dance partner/my husband played a former British Prime Minister.

PJ said...

And we went to Five Guys - mmmmm - fries are great. I got a "little" cheeseburger with everything - it fell apart and I cut it up and ate it with a fork.

Sandy said...

I just ate four chocolate chip cookies. Going for the cheetos next.

Lisa said...

Ahh, friendly voices. :-)

You're probably right, Jill. I suspect this place has about run its course, though.

Sandy, do you make your laundry soap with borax, washing soda and fels naptha? Years ago I used to make my own using that was decent soap.

Burgers, fries and cookies...mmmmm!

Lisa said...

My lawn service put my tree trimming off until tomorrow due to a broken chainsaw and of course the power company's guys never showed and never called. Par for the course.Some of my seeds have come up, though...we've got basil, some tomatoes and chives showing! Lol, not that this relates to anything...I just thought I'd share.

PJ said...

Fresh basil - what a wonderful thing, AP.

PJ said...

Good night - off to dream about Pierce and fresh basil.

Lisa said...

Good night, CK. That seems like a nice combination to dream about. I'll just stick to the basil, though. Sweet dreams, :-)

Karen said...

AP I'm checking in... it has been quiet here lately - I think its the weather too - and end of the school year, everyone busy... I hope thats all - I enjoy chatting with everyone here!

Zeus is still missing... its been a week tonight - his owner is SO sad! I saw a "found" dog on craiglist one street over from him, called Megan to run next door and tell him, but it wasn't Zeus :( I hope he's out there somewhere and ok, and that eventually he comes home!

Lisa said...

Karen, have y'all actually visited the shelters, looking for him? A neighbor's very old, copper colored poodle took off awhile back and she called every shelter in the area, just to be told he wasn't there. And it's not like he wasn't distinctive looking, so she had no reason to doubt them. A week or so later, another neighbor saw him listed at one of the shelters...a good Samaritan had gone in and taken a ton of pictures of animals scheduled to be put down and posted them on craigslist, hoping to get adopters in for them quickly. He'd been there the entire time and they just didn't bother looking when she'd called. I sure hope he can be found.

How is Tay?

I swear, my neighborhood is packed with nightowls. I just went out to see how things looked out there and to make sure Miss Arse's porch light was on. I "caught" a neighbor slipping in to my yard to retrieve her old cat and take him in for the night. As we stood out there whispering, a voice from across the street laughs and says hi. It's a guy with no a/c so he's sitting outside reading by a little booklight. We walk over to him and here comes a 4th neighbor saying she wants to be where the party is, lol. Then the 5th one trails out saying he saw us all out and wanted to make sure we're all okay. It's no wonder we have so little crime...someone would always see it happen. :-D

Deb said...

Good Morning!

Awww, sorry AP. I'll try to post more, promise! I've been crazy busy single parenting this week and trying to get stuff done outside.

Have you heard of Cardinal Basil? It is wonderful and it actually pretty too! Easy to start from seed. If you are interested, I have extra.

Our town has free concerts on Sat & Sun nights, and last night our local high school kicked it off with their locally famous Steel Drum Band. It was a blast and the kids love to dance.

Today I might take the kids to see Shrek 4 3D. It is supposed to be 91 here - not good for gardening!

CK - I hope my shout out was the bathing suit part:)

Corinne - I'm glad you are knocking out the finals, I'm sure you'll be so relieved to get them over with!

Elisabeth - What awesome, wonderful people to send you those gifts!

PJ said...


AP - loved your story about the night watchpeople in your neighborhood.

Random fact - there were 4,000 drive in movies at the peak - now there are about 300.

Remember the corny dancing food? We had a rusty old playground at the one we went too.

Deb - junior high, standing on the end of the diving board at the pool at school. Hook on the back of my bikini top came loose and the ends flew around, exposing my tiny little boobies. In front of about 40 boys and girls.

Sandy said...

AP, I substituted the Fels Naptha with Ivory. I'm having a hard time finding the Fels here and may have to order it online.

Deb said...

CK - one of those drive-in theaters is here in MD.

AP - great story about the night owls in your neighborhood

twirldawg said...

Sandy I do the same thing. Ivory works just fine for me.

I'm glad other people think that it is perfectly normal to make things like laundry soap themselves. My extended family doesn't appreciate it.
I made my own deodorant too. It works much better than anything I've ever used.

Sandy said...

Jill, deodorant and lotion is next on my list.

T@iy@ said...

Morning Daisies! We have an Eeq! :) 9lbs. 12oz. 22inches long. She looks just like DD did when she was born, only Eeq has jet black hair like Daddy! I will get a photo to AP soon to post. :)

Sandy said...

Congrats Taiya! 9lbs. 12oz--oh my!

Sandy said...

Jill, I have a deodorant question for you. Do you make the powder version or the "paste" kind?

Deb said...

Taiya - Yay!!!! Happy birthday to Eeq! Can't wait to see her photo. Get some rest!

Lisa said...

Yay, we have an Eeq!! Taiya, how are you doing and when are you headed home?

Mulie, how are things going there? Are you and Muliette home yet?

Lisa said...

Jill, how do you make deodorant? I think I may need to try this. It really works well?

Sandy said...

I'm hoping it works well. I have exhausted every deodorant myself. I can't afford the "clinical" kinds. That's just crazy money. There is a powder and a "paste". You can also make tubes of it.

Lisa said...

Sandy, I have troubles with them working well, too. I've finally discovered that, for whatever reason, roll-ons work far better than the gels and sticks for me. Avon roll-ones are great, as is the Suave roll-on. You might try those if you haven't already. I'd love to try something less chemical-y, though.

Lisa said...

Deb, that basil is beautiful and I'd love a few seeds if you ever get the chance - thank you! I've got a few organic cilantro seeds left if you'd have any use for those?

twirldawg said...

Sorry I ran off to get the Sunday paper.

I made a deodorant paste. It contains baking soda, corn starch, coconut oil, and lavender essential oil. I will look for the exact proportions of what. It is not an antiperspirant, just a deodorant. I can deal with being a little sweaty, just not BO.

Sandy said...

Sweaty is okay...stinky not so much.

Angie said...

Hi everybody! CONGRATULATIONS Taiya! So happy Eeq is here!

FT, I saw Ghost Writer and liked it a lot. It had a neat "feel" to it.

Supper Club last night went well. We had a good, lively time, and the food was good. Not great though. There were some definite misses, so it wasn't my personal best. Here's a recap.

Homemade potato chips were a big FAIL. Thankfully, I did a trial run earlier in the day yesterday and discovered that I couldn't pull them off. Tried slicing the potatoes paper thin and also a little thicker. Problem was in order for them to be crispy, they got too brown and tasted a bit burned. After trying several batches and not improving, I said screw it and scrapped those and served (gasp) Wavy Lays with the caramelized onion dip. They really liked the dip though.

I made some roasted pecans and almonds that they liked a lot. Melted butter, rosemary, cayenne, brown sugar and salt tossed with warm nuts. I'm not a huge nut fan and they were good.

The soup was something of a disappointment. I really liked it, but the guys didn't say a lot and one guy didn't finish his. It may be that Indian flavors just don't suit him, even though he claims to be a fan of Indian food.

The watermelon salad with feta and mint was good. It would have been better with a later summer watermelon. You know, of those that you crack open and taste it and almost see God?

The chicken was a big disappointment. I think I overcooked it. I didn't use a meat thermometer and should have. It was really fun to make though. I butterflied chicken breasts and put each in a gallon sized plastic bag and pounded the hell out of it until it was thin. Spread on a mixture of goat cheese, basil, green onions, and sun dried tomatoes and rolled up. Then panko and bake. Looked gorgeous but was really dry. I was sad about that.

The spinach gratin was very good. Maybe my favorite of the new recipes. That much butter and cream really can't go wrong.

The potato and squash torte was also good. My new mandoline worked great slicing the squash and potatoes, and I can see making lots of sliced potato dishes in the future, just because slicing them is fun.

The lemon mousse with berries for dessert was good, but not "Wow!" goood.

The whole evening was very fun though, and I had a great time cooking all day. Don't ask me how I can cook from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM without having time for a thirty minute break. Efficiency just isn't my thing, I guess.

twirldawg said...

Congratulations on Eeq!!!

Deb said...

Jill - I would be interested in the deodorant too if you find the proportions. Does it stain your clothes? I don't mind the moisture part either, just the smelly part!

AP - send me an e-mail w/your address, I'll send the seeds along this week. thanks for the offer, but I'm full of cilantro myself!

Just got back from seeing Shrek 4 (non-3D) with the girls, it was pretty funny and I liked it!

Angie said...

Deb, did it end happily ever after?

Margo said...

SW - did Glenn Beck show up last night?

Angie said...

Uh, no Margaret. Thankfully for him. I would have called the cops.

Deb said...

Aw SW, I can't tell you that :) BTW, can you give the spinach gratin recipe out? I'd like to try it.

Fixing dinner now. The kids are moping because they are "bored". It just stopped raining a little bit ago, so hopefully I can get them out for a little while after dinner.

Angie said...

Here's a link to the recipe, Deb:

Anonymous said...

I'm late to the cheap food discussion, but I wanted to chime in.

Eggs. I love eggs. You can freeze eggs out of the shell, so if you hit a good deal like buy one get one free, just crack 'em into freezer bags and they will keep for 6 months. Put a couple tomato plants, pepper plants, hot pepper plants in pots, and you have some decent veggies. Omelets are great for dinner with your home grown veggies.

Also, read up on beans. Dried beans are cheeeep. Also lentils if you can find them. I'm focusing on cheap protein sources, as fruits and veggies can usually be had for less cash than protein.

One of my favorite meals is like a dirty rice/jambalaya. Soak and cook black beans, season with anything you like (I like spicy stuff, so I usually do cayenne, onions, garlic, red pepper, etc.) You can add some chicken stock to the beans to make them a bit soupy, then add a bit of ground turkey (I've even done baked tofu, but that's a whole 'nother ball game) or sausage. Serve over rice. Delicious, filling, and lots of protein and fiber.

But eggs, I could eat eggs every day. I love them, and you can get fantastic deals on them.

Life full of bRATS said...

Ap :p stop trying to kill this place it scares me. Still not home, ended up with a pretty fast heart rate yesterday and have been really fatigued.

Lisa said...

Sorry, Kay, it's just take on a non-life of its own these days. Too many people moved on, I think. I just wish I knew where, so we could join them!

I'm sorry you never made it home. Do you have any idea how much longer you're stuck in there for?

And I've got a new, special post coming up in just a few minutes!

Oopsie Daisy said...

*** new post up ***

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