Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pastor Steve is going to teach us about Jesus again.

String, get the pantyhose ready and if y'all can't be gay then be sure to curse your parents, just to be defiant.  Or definite.  :-D


kate said...

OMG am I FIRST? I never wanted to do this.

kate said...


I meant defiantly but like to keep my options open.


Who am I now?

kate said...

"I think the OT page will be more active than the JM page."

For a while? Sure. But it usually doesn't take people too long to realize that their OT stuff is mostly a bunch of women that obviously don't go to a hairdresser/mani/pedi regularly.

So who wants to enter the castle of oversharers? People who wish to overshare themselves. Other than that, going to OT means handing out medical advice, congratulate others on their baby, pet, paid bill and read through a ton of silly rants. Already they're ignoring commenters who 'just had to vent'. And it's day one.

KaytieJ said...

Definitely, defiantly loving Daisy because there is room for all voices and views, even that irritating jack ass Pastor Steve.

I adore the word awesome. Use it frequently and emphatically. Beats the heck out of Bonus...You Rock...Stellar...yadda, yadda.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad to see all of you heathens up and ready for Church this morning. It's about time you sinners straighten up and fly right! Just like "Pastor" Anderson says.

Today in Church, we will learn how Jesus said to kill anyone who doesn't agree with you or who curses you or possibly whom you just don't like much. But most especially - kill the dreaded, horrible - GAYS. Okay then!

(I certainly hope that NO ONE thinks I'm being serious - I'm poking fun at the idiocy that is Steven and Zuzu Anderson.) Although I admit I like reading Zuzu just to see how off the wall she can actually get at times.

Anyway, good morning to all! Heathen or not. This heathen has been up (unfortunately) since 5:00 a.m. Couldn't sleep but there will be a nap in my near future. I've got a load of laundry in the washer, a roast cooking in the crockpot and I'm getting ready to go and wrap some bacon around cabbage wedges for roasting later. Wish you were all close enough to show up at my door for dinner! We'd have fun - I promise! And there wouldn't be any killing going on. Oh - and everybody is welcome - white, black, Latino, Native American, Indian, Asian, whatever flavor you are - even gays. *(A gasp is heard in the Church of Steven Anderson - or whatever he calls it.)*

At the moment, I'm bored senseless with JM and her antics. I really could not care less what she does. She'll get her payback (if she isn't already getting it) sooner or later.

Happy Sunday, Daisies!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to defend Shellie a bit: I answered you on the last thread. She has Aspergers, which may explain her inability to work...her parents are a different story. Not sure why they aren't working, and not sure why they think it's a good idea to spend federally dispensed aid on cigarettes...that honks me off even more.

kate said...


Thanks for pointing that out.

I guess my main problem isn't even with her not working. It's with her not working and joining a hate site to look down on somebody else.

As long as she kept her comments OT she seemed very sweet and I just scrolled by her comments.

But it's setting my teeth on edge when she makes judgemental comments about JM, while expecting empathy for her family of freeloaders who - according to her - have a JM chat every night.

Dunno, there's enough ugly in the world, I guess I'm hoping that at least those that are living off others would strive more to be gentle, generous and kind.

kate said...

BTW, Julia,

I hope your family's better and you don't have to deal with a 3 day stomach bug.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kate:
We're on day 2, and we are still having issues, but seem to be improving. This is so gross.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Whew, they are a stereotypical bunch over there.
Could someone *please* go Stepfordize them? :-D

Shannon said...

Sometimes I would just love to smack some of the MWOP posters upside the damn head....BWOP posters as well.

My god what the hell is it about having to create drama where there is no drama?

I hate to tell BWOP but there is no meltdown happening on MWOP there are a few who like to bitch when they dont get their way not the majority.

And seriously MWOP a what 3 year old and a 2 year old without a shirt on???? Oh gasp the horror!!! But that is right she does it all for the pedophiles because apparently being shirtless makes it easier to manipulate the pictures.

BWOP and MWOP have certainly became the same thing, I just cant figure out who gets to with the more sad award because too often the good that is done on either is outdone by the moronic.

kate said...

"BWOP and MWOP have certainly became the same thing,"
Ugh. I already saw that complaint today. Not agreeing.

"I hate to tell BWOP but there is no meltdown happening on MWOP"
No, there is no 'self-implosion' happening right now. But there are enough comments about 'anti-OT stop slapping OT', etc. Which 42 OT MWoPs eagerly like.
They are dangerously close to creating a 'us vs them' mentality.

Shannon said...

I think that they have turned into each other a lot as of late. I mean MWOP complains and creates a lot of conjecture about JM and there are those on BWOP that are so wrapped up in MWOP anymore that they are doing the same thing.

What really makes me chuckle about both sites is that neither wants to admit that they have evolved into hate sites but they have. I think that because JM has been really drama free lately both are reaching to get shit stirred up to create controversy.

kate said...

"I think that because JM has been really drama free lately both are reaching to get shit stirred up to create controversy."
Ah, BWoP was never a cuddly place either.
I, for one, have no problem calling BWoP a hate site.
And no problem admitting that I enjoy the drama much more than the 'we'll be having pizza hut again tonite' phases.
Wait - I don't enjoy the dinner roll calls at all.

For me the big difference is that BWoP hating on MWoP mostly remains anonymous. Which is what I think of as fair game internet.
Calling out MWoPs (by made-up username) and mocking them for their stupidity is completely different (to me) than MWoP copying facebook comments from JM's readers and calling them 'sheeple' at best or 'ignorant, illiterate morons' at other times.

Shannon said...

LOL I have to admit the this is what I have eaten today and yada yada is funny. I also get a chuckle out of the rather rampant oxymoronism that happens on MWOP too. It just gets me that too many times BWOP calls out MWOP and then behaves the same way.

kate said...

"It just gets me that too many times BWOP calls out MWOP and then behaves the same way."

I guess that's where I'm not following you. Where do you see them behaving the same way?

Is BWoP also a hate site? I'd say yes. But there seem to be genuine anti-hate-anything people around sometimes, so I don't want to offend anybody.

But other than that I don't see too many parallels.

Shannon said...

Kate I think it is more that it is like a tit for tat. They type of thing that you can see MWOP saying about JM's 'sheeple' you can see said on BWOP about MWOP posters.

MWOP goes over the top a whole lot of the time but sometimes BWOP really does too. One area where they are both very much alike is that you are taking a big risk if you dont go with the flow and speak against the group as a whole.

kate said...

I wouldn't know.

Two things nobody can accuse me of:
-keeping it short & sweet
-going with the group speak

But I still politely disagree with you. The fact alone that BWoP keeps it (mostly) anonymous makes 90% of the difference already.
If BWoP bashed 'mckxyz' & 'mckabc' all day long is still not the same as what MWoP does. By a very long shot. In my opinion.

Another big difference is that BWoP has no discernible regulars. I often feel that place is crawling with more MWoPs than anything else. So a lot of the (allowed) in-fighting is really between MWoP defenders and MWoP condemners.

Shannon said...

That I do agree with you on. I think that with the amount that a lot of the posters on MWOP they have actually lost their focus. I still see a tit for tat kind of connection with the two but I really do think that you are right that a lot of BWOP posters are actually MWOP posters who are afraid to say what they really want to.

kate said...

Yep. I agree with that.
Especially with 'lost focus' part.

So, what's for dinner?

Shannon said...


Anything gross I can toss together from the fridge and cupboards and pass off as food :P

kate said...

Will there be beans?

Shannon said...

Oh I hope not but there may be some in there that can be tossed in.

Pretty sure as I put this meal out for my family I will be sneaking in a PB&J

kate said...

Now you're just bragging about your home cooking skills.

Shannon said...

Everyone will want my recipes.

kate said...

As long as you include pictures I know what I'll do with them...

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Sure hope those are canned beans, Shannon.

On the OT/OT (on-topic/off-topic)front, how's 'bout they split off the on-topic into speculation/speculation-free?
Their speculation, based on their own personal experiences, reads pretty much the same as the off-topic page.

(all grammar on this post provided by fu*k 'n' wagnall and put here only for its annoyance factor)

kate said...

That's an unrealistic suggestion, IMO.

You'd end up with one thread chock full of nothing. And the other thread being MWoP until Saturday.

:: Sigh ::

In my opinion.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Unrealistic. Huh. Never considered that.

Oh where, oh where is my sarcasm emoticon?

kate said...

Dunno, maybe complain to your fancy grammar providors?

StringOfRandomLetters said...


kate said...

Yeah, yeah, I saw it.

StringOfRandomLetters said...


StringOfRandomLetters said...

Wanna shake 'n' make up? I'm shakin' jest thinkin' 'bout it :-O

kate said...

Shouldn't you be logging that complaint though instead of fighting against windmills?

StringOfRandomLetters said...

What complaint is that? And are you the windmill?

kate said...

I fucking wish.

Complaint with fu*k 'n' wagnall. For withholding your mothership of all sarcasm emoticons.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Oh. That. I'm over it.

::extends hand::
:::takes it back as Kate bares her teeth:::

Almost said beared my teeth, just because.

kate said...

Eh, I would have used it next available opportunity.

kate said...

I am Winny Windymill. Milling down my grainy ...

Yeah, I got nuthin'.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

:-D <--- encouraging smile

:-)) I suck at those songs too; not sure why people tolerate them.

kate said...


"::extends hand::"
I'll tentatively shake that.

What're we making up about? Or are we just enticing Lisa?

kate said...

:-D <--- encouraging smile

I appreciate the manual with your simulated emoticon. If only that'd catch on.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Oh I dunno. Just for being at odds a lot?
We could entice Lisa though :-P

You can shake it; I don't bite very often :-D

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Darn; there's no manual. It's like parenting - doesn't come wit' one.

Let's write our own! And then we can perform them out in the old barn!!

(that's a Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney reference, in case you need the tip)

kate said...

We are?

I'm kind of lost.

Yeah, I tried a few replies, but I keep coming back to: I'm lost.

I didn't know we were. We weren't the kissy tacky chummy ones, but at odds a lot? Weren't we just politely ignoring each other?
Even if you're the Casual Observer I don't see us being at odds a lot.

:: Shakes hand ::

kate said...

"(that's a Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney reference, in case you need the tip)"

I appreciated that. I'm not so good in geography. Thanks!

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Well, good. Sometimes I want to punch you :-)) so I thought we were at odds.
I don't know who Casual Observer is - is that here or elsewhere?
I'm no good in geography either. I get lost a lot. IRL. Because of that. Yeah.


Off to bed. It's terribly, awfully, horribly late here where I live. (walks to bedroom mumbling incoherently)

kate said...

I'm ok with that. You're not alone.
But that's not being at odds, is it? If I'm not taking a hint or shutting up already... punch me if ignoring me doesn't help.

Casual Observer was on BWoP and you sometimes remind me of her.

And I think I just received a subliminal message about the seahawks.

Lisa said...

*waves at Jae and Kaytie 'cause I can and I like it when they drop in*

So, hold up the chuck wagon, did I miss that Shellie is on SSI? Seriously? Oh, ffs. So, big deal, she's got Asperger's. Jake and I both are on the Aspie "spectrum", so we've been told...and...I got nothing. Big deal. You adjust, you learn that you grasp things a bit differently, *life is a little different, you might not be the most normal little snowflake in the blizzard and you move the fuck on. She can paint, she can "homeschool" and care for her kid and she can handle a freaking blog. And take care of sick people. But she can't *work a paying job because she's disabled? Yet she can afford a laptop, she eats out, and they certainly seem to have money to spend for better brands of paint. Fuck me running, she's just another leach, like JM, on society's teat. I feel sort of let down.

Also? I had beans tonight. :-D And I agree with Shannon about MWOP and BWOP being somewhat similar...the differences I see is that BWOP is mostly negative where, if you delve into the OT part of MWOP, it isn't. It's a better, nicer mix. However, by the very essence of their being, they are much alike, differentiated only by their mods. And boy, oh boy, do their mods vary in intent.

"StringOfRandomLetters said...

June 11, 2012 11:13 PM
kate said...

Yeah, yeah, I saw it."

Lololol...God, y'all are enticingly awesome.

Lisa said...

Also, can I just say how over I am the complaints of Jenni's kids not wearing shirts at the carnival? Seriously, it appeared they were in an area apart from the rides, probably a grassy picnic area, and Stellan had food or something all over his face. Taking shirts off the really little ones while they eat makes perfect sense to me and would explain why the bigger ones still had shirts on. And then all the sunscreen speculation? Jeeeez. Normal and moderated amounts of unfiltered sunshine not only never hurt anyone, it's good for a person! This is the kind of nitpicking that makes me grit my teeth about MWOP. I saw absolutely nothing in the world wrong in those pictures; just the opposite, I saw some kids who looked happy and reasonably well cared for. A mother who won't let her toddler take his shoes or shirt off on some soft grass at a carnival, while he snacks? Is a mother who setting her kid up for some interesting neuroses in life.

kate said...

Meh, I loved the comment of one MWoP that on normal carnival 'it's a good day when most of the men still have their pants on'.

Top that!

Lisa said...

I can't top it since I'm from a part of the country known for inbreeding and men can still keep their pants on at carnivals. That poster must live in a heavily Irish-populated area or something....

Lisa said...

Hey, am I the one being talked about on BWOP and being called a hypocrite? If so, that annoys me because, well, it's bullshit. And if it's not me, just ignore this. I need to go to bed. *yawns*

kate said...

Nah, you missed your cue.

kate said...

Wait - known for inbreeding? I'll get back to you with nosy questions some day...

StringOfRandomLetters said...

:-D <---smiling enticingly :-)) Yeah, I bet.

The sunscreen/no shirt stuff is so what mommy wars are about lately. Those details *are* what make you a good mommy/bad mommy. You didn't know?

It's that kind of stuff that inspired the Stepford comment (that no one remembers). Apparently women are b!tchy/catty and it can't be helped because it is their female nature.

I think the main thing that irritates me about the bullies site is how much of a JM basher she was. And presumably a JM supporter before that, though I can't remember her back story on that. Can you say "flip-flopper"?

Shannon said...

"Hey, am I the one being talked about on BWOP and being called a hypocrite? If so, that annoys me because, well, it's bullshit. And if it's not me, just ignore this. I need to go to bed. *yawns*"

No Lisa that would be me. Probably because I made an observation about MWOP and BWOP both being bully sites. In their line of thinking you know that means that what I have done is said that they are both sites of hateful bullies and I am over here on Daisy where there is never bullying, hatred, or snark.....and of course there isnt we have sunday preachin most every week!!!

So no Lisa not you it is I Shannon the worlds biggest hypocrite and bully ever to be hatched on this planet.

And Ladies please remember that you are not allowed to have a different opinion then others unless you get prior permission.

Sorry I disappeared yesterday I ended up with one hell of a migraine which was probably because our pollen levels were damn near off the charts.

Shannon said...

The shirt thing....really??? I mean come on my son barely ever wore a shirt when he was little....and they only had sunscreen on if we were gonna be out for a long time or were at the river.

kate said...

"Can you say "flip-flopper"?"
I find 'growth as a person' more fitting here.

She's not really back kissing JM's ass. That would be flip flopping, IMO.

And ^$*()(.! How much longer will we need to discuss that the no shirt thing isn't worth discussing?

"Shannon the worlds biggest hypocrite and bully ever to be hatched on this planet."
Right, I already forgot about that. You're in the crosshairs of two snipers, hehe. JM & BWoP. Boy, it's getting scary out there for you, Shannon.

Shannon said...

You know it Kate. Sometimes I am afraid to open the laptop in the morning but somehow I put on my big girl panties and keep on being me not caring what they think :)

I still chuckle at JM putting me on her list. I mean really now the only reason I was even on that list was either because of the BWOP mod, yeah you know I am talking about you being a bully and all, and because of calling her out on her FB. Certainly didnt have anything to do with MWOP and if it were from what I say here well then she is stupid because she forgot LIsa LOL

tumbleweedgirl said...

i am quite impressed to know it's all about sunscreen that makes a person a good mommy. wow.

obviously i'm missing a LOT. (=

i also haven't been paying attention to mommy wars in general. really? this is what people like to use to prove they are good or not?


z is filling my kiss bucket, i've gotta run and play giant sting rays eating up the fin whales.

life is hard!!!! keep having different opinions, i will be back later (=

Shannon said...

LOL girl you are missing the mark as a good parent. I mean really you are playing with your child instead of worrying about sunscreen and head to toe coverage of clothing? :P

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Kate, all I can say is, did you watch it unfold? I did, and to me it is flip-flopping. Growth? That could/should/hopefully will happen, but is not what I see.

Shannon said...

String I agree with you completely. It was because attention was wanted and when tables got turned or what not panties got in a wad.

kate said...


Nope, you're right, I didn't.
I'd call it that based on the person's statements. The whole benefit of the doubt until proven wrong spiel, KWIM?

But I shouldn't correct you out of ignorance, sorry. Please don't punch me!

kate said...

I hope that Rhys has at least strong opinons about yogurt. Otherwise that mommy card might get taken from her.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

I get that, Kate, just didn't/don't see it that way. I believe this is a no-punch zone anyway :-)

And Shannon, yes, some version of that. Which explains the (hopefully former) obsession some there have had with some old mwopers.

tumbleweedgirl said...


here is my strong opinion on yogurt. i make yogurt. i do it because it's cheaper, and i love yogurt. those awesomely colored kids' packets? they are awesome. if you can afford it, skip that whol making yogurt in the crockpot crap and just buy it. for that matter, those nifty flavors that come for grown ups? buy those too.

otherwise, make yogurt. (:

as to clothing children and those things, i worry desperately about germs, line occlusions, cbc info, and other medical stuff.

the kid stuff? i love frogs, and taught z how to catch them. i was proud when he did. (:

i'm not good on the parent-y fussing stuff. you do the best you can to love your kids.

Shannon said...

:) I love it!!! I mean seriously you have real worries to take up your time....being dirty with z catching frogs and helping him build things and all that??? Who cares about the little crap like if he is wearing a shirt :)

kate said...

I think, Rhys, your mommy card is safe for now.

"the kid stuff? i love frogs, and taught z how to catch them. i was proud when he did. (:"

"i'm not good on the parent-y fussing stuff. you do the best you can to love your kids."
(Wouldn't get you very far in a mommy war though, I'm afraid.)

tumbleweedgirl said...

<3 today is was warm enough to be in the sun outside.

and z caught a frog for lia. she was thrilled! 'fwoggie, fwoggie'

and we look at a dream home tonight.

just thought i'd say hi.

keeping you guys in my thoughts, hoping it is all going well for you

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Hi TWG, not sure what to call you because I don't know you like the others do. It sounds like you found pleasure in the day and that is *TWTG!!
I did too, though I got absolutely nothing done :-) Not complaining, it was a great day.


StringOfRandomLetters said...

Hoping Lisa finds some good fun churchy place for us on Sunday. I'm all untied and defiantly definite. Or definitely defiant. Something like that.

Lisa said...

I'll do my best,'s been a long few days for me but I think I can struggle and find us a new church. :-)

Rhys, your whole take on yogurt was, well, *awesome and your mom card is beyond safe. what's the dream home like?

Glad to know it was Shannon and not me being talked about on BWOP...Tina hates Shannon. *nods* By the way, I don't belong on any list. I behave. Really.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Lisa, hope your days get shorter :-) in a good way (because that sounded kind of bad.)
All ready for tomorry wid my church hat on. Turnt the L'Eggs into l'il rosettes on it. Put a price tag on it for the church sale, but it d'int sell so's I be wearin' it.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Sitting outside the church door waiting for the past six hours, in my new church hat and Sunday clogs.

Anonymous said...

Well hey there, Stringy. That's a mighty fine looking hat you got your haid. I like them matching clogs too.

Did I miss the damn church bus AGAIN? I swear (and I do) I sure 'nuff needed to go to church tonight.

I been a'sinnin' sumpin' awful this week. I think the debil's got ahold on me.

I got into a big fight with my bitchy sister in law on Facebook. Huh! Can you believe she done kicked me off her FB page? See if I "Like" her Jesus Facebook status ever again, I tell you that.

Then, I got mad and called a vendor at work a whore. She called me a bitch first though - that bitch.

I can't even remember all the sins I done committed in the last week. That's BAD, y'all.

Dammit, where you be, Lisa? We need some Preacher Dumbass...err...Anderson's soul saving preachin' here. We sure 'nuff all going to hell, I reckon.

I suppose I'll have to just listen to Ray Steven's for awhile. "Hey" to all you sinners and heathens out there!

P.S. No offense meant please, to the Christians on the Board. I'm a Christian too - just not a very good one. But Jesus loves me anyway and don't you forget it!

Sinnner Jae

Lisa said...

"Sinnner Jae"

With 3 N's, no less...that's impressive, the amount of sin in you. ;-) I'm sorry, y'all, we've got a family issue going on here that's got me a bit emotional and I forgot to change the post. Can we deal with it a bit longer, please?

I feel so bad for String and her clogs, though.

Anonymous said...

Well, it takes three for all the sinnin' I done done this week. Note to self: Put glasses on.

No worries, Lisa. I'm sorry you've got "stuff" going on at home. Don't worry about this place at all. Hope things get better at your house though. Really. I feel sure Stringy will agree!

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Hope it gets better, Lisa, and I'm sorry.

I'm not so worried 'bout my churchin, but I fear Jae needs her sum churchin' somethin' fierce :-O

Don't you worry now Jae, jest watch that nice mister pastor up there ^. Then you will be all warsht clean.
And you can go right back out 'n' sin sum more. :-D
Yep, that's how it works, I got it on good authority,

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Took my clogs off 'n' am soakin' ma dogs now.
:-D I knew you'd wanna know.

tumbleweedgirl said...

o lisa, i hope the family stuff chills out.

i almost went to church today. almost. we were scoping them out online, trying to find one that seemed like it would work. but we overslept, all of us.

KaytieJ said...

Daaang. Uncrossing my Suntan Lleggs and tossing off the white satin...errrr...spandex (fighting friggin' gravity, ya know) slip. Came into Daisy for my Sunday Sermon?...Redemption? and it is still Stand Up Pee On The Wall Steve. :::shaking head::: Another week of unabsolved Sinner.

Lisa - you know I am yanking your chain and that my real message is that I wish you Grace and Peace during this time.

Also, I can see why you would be pissed about a fairly functional Aspie being on SSI. Since I do not know thenperson being talked about, I will not comment on them. I can comment on understanding your anger.

Rhys - I'm with ya on being out of the loop on mommy wars. Crap. Last I heard it was militant breast feeders.

I did get a surprise at work the other day. One of our neurosurgeons showed me a pic of his "just learning to walk" kids in a Walking Helmet. Since we deal with quite a few very severe head injuries, I do understand his concern. Have to say I had never thought of that one when my child was learning to walk and falling all over the place.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Adding a helmet with visor and mouthguard to my Sunday ensemble.
I decorated it myself. With daisies.

Lisa said...

I'm thinking I'd like String to fashion me a new summer wardrobe.

A walking helmet? Really? I mean, I'm all for protecting kids but really, what do y'all suppose the percentage is of kids who suffered truly bad head injuries while learning to walk? Under 5%, I'd bet. Now, I'd like to know, in the future, what the percentage is of kids whose helicopter parents made them wear things like walking helmets that find themselves unable to appropriately deal with the pain life just naturally throws at you? I'd say probably well over 90% of them, not that we'll ever know. Strings right...does it have a mouthguard, too? Safety goggles? If not, he needs to add those. @@

What did y'all think of JM's pictures? I think she looks really good! I'd never be willing to do it the way she did and I don't believe she'll be able to keep it off, but in the here and now? Good for her...she looks very cute with her hair down and much slimmer! Now, if she'd just throw away that awful dress Maisie was wearing, she could get bonus points, even. :-)

Lisa said...

I was just catching up on BWOP. Good lord, the "food stamp lady" is...*searches for a polite term*...ignorant. I swear, I read her stuff with an open mind. I really, really did and, giving her the benefit of the doubt, that's just the most polite term I can muster up. Damn.

Anonymous said...

I'm just curious...what was it about the food stamp lady that you found "ignorant?"

Seemed to me like she was a victim of a pretty sucky situation.

Kate did a lot of assuming and I'm still trying to figure out why Kate seems to think it was so terrible for somebody in their mid 20's to own a home...two, even, given that apparently, their income supported it, when you add in the rental income.

*shrug* Ignorant? I guess I'm just not seeing that.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

(hopelessly lost. or uninvested.)
WHO is the food stamp lady again?

Lisa said...

String, it's Jennyfromtheblock or something like like...and I never paid much attention to her one way or another on MWOP so I am basing what I think solely on her own words over on BWOP. Being uninvested is probably best but I need mindless mind-occupiers today and this worked as one.

Anon, I say "ignorant" because that implies someone has the ability and potential to understand and do better, as opposed to "stupid", which implies they are what they are, it's pathetic, and there's no hope of them ever becoming better. You want to know why? First off, she calls herself a taxpayer (at one point) and I assume she means federal since she used that to justify taking welfare, which food stamps definitely are per the federal government. Now, precious few people in this country are actually taxpayers, only those with high incomes or who fall into the situation of being a taxpayer due to having unusual sources of income (investments and such) compared to the average working person. Most people are simply tax *loaners...they loan the government their money and then get it all back, many get far more back, each year as their income tax return. Now, since they had young children at the time, it's also entirely possible Jenny's family also received the EITC (another welfare program, fyi) which would sent them waaaaaaay over what they loaned the government. Her own words, her own explanation of the situation make it quite apparent they were not federal taxpayers because if they were, the rest of their situation would have been remarkably different. The fact she doesn't grasp that they weren't actually taxpayers and that she mistakes federal withholding tax to be "paying taxes" and not taking account the refunds tells me she is simply ignorant because she doesn't strike me as being stupid those are really our only two choices in this situation. Also, the chose a piss-poor time to add another child into the equation, which, again, is either ignorant or stupid and, again, she doesn't strike me as stupid. So, we'll go with the default again. I can go on...I mean, just the decisions they made...obviously no type of disability insurance in place, which, imo, is just common sense when you have a sole breadwinner in a family and little ones to provide for. If you can't afford to provide for your children's future care should anything happen to the sole breadwinner, then having another is, well, the default answer. Then, let's tackle the whole point that welfare is legalized theft from innocent people. The Bible teaches that theft is theft, there are no exceptions...if one professes to be a devout Christian, that precludes them from partaking of the welfare system unless, of course, they are placing the law of man (since welfare programs are legal) over the law of God. In which case, they really aren't a very good Christian, are they? Or unless, of course, they're just ignorant. How's that...did that help you out a bit with some answers?

StringOfRandomLetters said...

But ... but .. Lisa. I only pay taxes; I don't get any of it back. I'm not rich, in fact more lower-middle-income. Am I doing something wrong?!

Lisa said...

Newp, probably not in trouble (other than those filthy pantyhose around your neck) but it's pretty rare it falls that way (unless one sets deductions for it to fall so or something other situations), String, and I'm about 100% certain you have no minor children, correct? I didn't make that clear, sorry, (see, that was ignorance on my part *grins*) but I was speaking in terms of people with minor children, the typical family in her family's position at the time. Jesus...that'll teach me to post right after waking up from a nap. I'm almost scared to reread what I wrote now that I'm really awake, lol.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Oh you are correct. How did ya deduce that, Lisa? And those programs didn't exist then (earned income credit, etc.); everything seemed to come along one or two years after we would have qualified.
I guess I gotta pay my fair share (sighhhh).

Anonymous said...

I see your point, Lisa. I guess I wouldn't necessarily call their choices "ignorant" though.

I mean...most people make the statement, "I pay my fair share of taxes" and honestly, one way or another, they are paying taxes, whether it's through income tax, state taxes, county taxes, blah blah blah. I can't really fault her for that.

It sounded to me as though she was using that statement as a defensive statement against Kate's comments that she shouldn't be taking food stamps.

Welfare as legalized theft is an opinion. I don't recall anywhere in the Bible where is says taking welfare, when one legitimately needs it, is theft. The Bible does say to help those in need. And from what I remember of her posting on mwop, I think she said something about they did have disability insurance, but it was half or less than half of the primary wage earner's income.

It would be nice to afford full disability insurance, but I honestly don't know many families that can swing this.

As far as adding more children to the family at an inopportune know, I can't make an opinion on that choice because, frankly, I don't know enough about the situation to know how much "choice" they had in the matter. Some people can't take birth control for one reason or another. Without knowing the background surrounding the addition of their children, I really wouldn't feel comfortable forming an opinion on the matter.

Regardless, it sounds like things are mostly working out for them, based on her postings at mwop. Other than the whole injury situation, which happens, from what she has said, they've moved on and it sounds like they are doing pretty well. I say kudos to a family that has struggled but has been able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make the best of it.

To me, I read her like a typical American family struggling to get by, make ends meet and make good choices for their future.

It's easy for us to sit back and analyze the choices others have made and call them ignorant for those choices...but aren't we all kind of in the same boat? Don't we all make choices that could have been better thought out?

Anonymous said...

Also, if they had rental properties with rental's a pretty good bet that they were paying something in federal taxes.

Unless they were using a heck of a lot of deductions and/or had net losses...which I think she said the year they lost the house they lost a lot in income.

But who really knows how much they were paying or not paying in taxes the other years? That's a bit of an assumption, to say they weren't.

KaytieJ said...

Lisa - yep. My feelings exactly on Walking Helmets. My mouth dropped open when the neurosurgeon showed me that pic. Since I was at work, though, and I respect him greatly professionally, no way was I going to go into Mommy War mode because it was not a harm or case of child abuse. When I do see him again and if we have a rare chance to just talk about non patient things, I will ask him what he knows of stats of head injuries in just learning to walk wee ones. I don't do peds and I steer far, far away from professing any ped knowledge.

What I would be much more interested in and am very much more involved with is reducing the fall risks in adults and especially the elderly. Of course we need to protect our children. Where I see a huge gap, and much more vigilance in safety measures, is in the elderly population.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

KaytieJ, I wonder if toddlers would fall *more with helmets on, since a lot of them tip over because their heads are large in comparison to their bodies.
I mean, I guess it wouldn't matter if they get hurt less, but what if they ended up injuring their necks instead of bumping their heads?

Lisa said...

Now, String makes excellent point there. Kaytie, I know you can't exactly challenge him on this but if you ever do get the chance to discuss it with him, I'd like to know his thoughts on String's point about neck injury. And also his thoughts on psychological repercussions of "protecting" kids to this degree. At what point does he deem the risk so minute as to not protect against it? And I know, you really can't get into all that with him, but I'd sure like to know the answers.

Lisa said...

"I see your point, Lisa. I guess I wouldn't necessarily call their choices "ignorant" though."

Fair enough, since I admit that word is purely a matter of opinion. Also, thanks for weeding through my addle-brained typos and poor grammar up there to read for content. :-)

"Without knowing the background surrounding the addition of their children, I really wouldn't feel comfortable forming an opinion on the matter."

Well, taking all personal opinions out of it, if you are struggling financially and can't afford or physically take/use birth control, perhaps sexual intercourse needs to be put on the back burner during fertile times. That would be the logical thing to do, anyway.

"I say kudos to a family that has struggled but has been able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make the best of it."

And you are most certainly entitled to your opinion...opinions are never wrong, that's the beauty of them. :-) Mine, based solely on what I read on BWOP, is that they are leeches. Not the worst case of it I've ever seen by far, granted, but even a little blood-sucking is still blood-sucking.

Lisa said...

(Sorry. Stupid Blogger is making me do this in parts and they're all out of order for some reason...grrr!)

"To me, I read her like a typical American family struggling to get by, make ends meet and make good choices for their future."

And I read her to be a typical "we wanted it all and wanted it now and someone else is going to have to pay for our mess and we're entitled to their money" family.

"Don't we all make choices that could have been better thought out?"

Oh, absolutely! God knows I'm guilty of that many times over and have made some grandly piss-poor decisions in my life. I'm not proud of that, but I own it freely. The difference is, I've never had anyone but family voluntarily help me out of my messes, nor would I. I'm not so special, nor is my kid, that we deserve to take money from others if they don't offer it to us voluntarily.

"But who really knows how much they were paying or not paying in taxes the other years? That's a bit of an assumption, to say they weren't."

Of course it's an assumption since I've not seen their tax returns. But based on her own story she posted, the odds of them actually paying and not receiving many deductions, EITC, etc, are slim to none. But hey, no way can I prove that.

And String, it's okay...I am far (far, far, *faaaar, lol) from rich and I have to pay, too. Well, maybe it's not okay so much as I understand your pain. ;-)

"I mean...most people make the statement, "I pay my fair share of taxes" and honestly, one way or another, they are paying taxes"

Sure. Most everyone pays them, even if it's only sales tax. But welfare programs are initially and primarily funded by federal taxes and she seems smart enough to know that. In fairness to her, few people actually pay more than they use in services or structures, by the time you include roads, bridges, law enforcement, military, schools, etc. But using more than you pay in really isn't the point here; I just wanted to point out that this *isn't the point I'm trying to make, if that makes sense?

Lisa said...

"It sounded to me as though she was using that statement as a defensive statement against Kate's comments that she shouldn't be taking food stamps."

Probably so, but Kate is right...she shouldn't be. She can be defensive all she likes but it won't negate that particular little fact.

"Welfare as legalized theft is an opinion."

No, it isn't. It's a fact. In any religion, society, culture or other grouping of civilized people, taking someone else's money without their permission is always theft. Based on that statement alone, can you give me an exception? If you can, I'll listen. In fact, we can even narrow it down strictly to religion, since that's really at the core of this right now. Can you give me an an example of any religion or any situation within any religion, where the teachings put forth that it's *not theft to take what isn't yours and isn't given freely to you? I'm betting you can't, but hey, I could be wrong. Still, I feel pretty secure in stating as fact that taking money that you didn't earn and that wasn't given freely to you is theft. A government saying it's legal to do so makes it nothing more than legalized theft and, therefore, saying "it's legal" means you are allowing the laws of man to override the laws of God. God, used generically here and meant to encompass any and all gods, was pretty clear, I think, on the subject of theft.

"I don't recall anywhere in the Bible where is says taking welfare, when one legitimately needs it, is theft."

Of course not. It didn't exist then and for a reason. It could have existed then, since taxes existed...but it didn't. There is no shame in this world in needing help. Everyone needs it from time to time, be it financial or otherwise. Family, first and foremost, should provide that help and that is an utter failure all too often in our so-called civilized society. But then, if one needs help, one should *ask of that help from charities which have money or goods given freely to them. That? Is not theft. That is the very definition of accepting help. You need food for your kids? Expect family to help you. If they can't, accept charity and with no shame. *That's what the Bible teaches. Welfare is not charity, as charity is help given voluntarily and from the heart.

"The Bible does say to help those in need."

Indeed...and that's charity, what we should do. It doesn't say to accept your money being taken from you and your family without your permission. It can only be two ways...freely given or theft.

"And from what I remember of her posting on mwop, I think she said something about they did have disability insurance, but it was half or less than half of the primary wage earner's income."

There is no way disability insurance on people of their ages would cost that unless his pay was basically at minimum wage, if he was in a very high risk field or they didn't do their research on rates. I'm not saying it costs pennies but it's also not going to cost half of someone's pay unless they have incredibly low pay.

"It would be nice to afford full disability insurance, but I honestly don't know many families that can swing this."

*shrug* Then don't have kids until you can provide for them or unless you have family who can. What's supposed to happen to the littles if the primary wage earner is seriously hurt and unable to work long term?

All jumbled up and way too long, but there's my reply. is looking to be a bad, sad day for my family. We're about to lose one of our elders, my favorite uncle, and I dread that phone call. If I disappear a bit, that's why. 'Night to Daisy.

Anonymous said...

I think we'll have to agree to disagree on the point that welfare is legalized theft. Social safety net? Sure. But theft? I think that's a bit of a stretch. If the gist of that point is that the money is not freely given by those who give it (and I get this point...none of us are "freely" giving taxes), than the money being used to pay for the infrastructure of our entire country is "stolen." Politicians are thieves (well.....), the President is a thief, schools are thieving money to pay for the classroom's needs, etc etc etc.

If we want to think of the term "technically," than ok...I can see the stretch of using theft to describe welfare. But really....that's a huge stretch. It's how our country works.

Biblically...there IS such a thing as the tithe. And it's very much like paying pay 10% of your income back to God because, well, none of it was yours to begin with. That 10% is used by your local church to fund charity, the pastor's wages, missions outreach, church needs, etc etc.

The difference is that tithe givers are not usually forced to pay their tithe, despite it being a biblical obligation to do so.

I can't really speak on how much help this family would be receiving from family and friends. We don't know that. I don't think most families of six have enough support from extended families to carry them through for a number of months while one of them is out on injury.

And I think that the poster meant that the income coming in from their disability was half of what his regular income was. I do know she mentioned something recently about him being a hazardous materials truck driver.

As for having kids...again, I can't pass judgement on when a family chooses to have children and/or whether they had "surprise" babies. Could they avoid intercourse during fertile times? Yeah...but we don't know they didn't. And I know plenty of families that used that method of prevention and still ended up with babies. And telling a married couple to not have intercourse at all, until they can afford full disability coverage and are completely, financially stable...well that's about as fruitless as telling teenagers to wait to have sex until they're married. It's just not going to happen and it's an unfair expectation.

Just my opinion, but I don't think it's fair to call a family a leech that has a legitimate need to use welfare. It's not like they are going to be on welfare forever. Now families that sit on welfare and make no effort to get off? Yeah, that, IMO is leeching.

There are a LOT of families in our country right now that are hurting, and struggling to get by. Our country has been a mess for a long time. It's easy to say, "Well you should have done this" or, "you should have done that."

Anyways...thank you for the respectful dialogue here. It's so much nicer to have a dissenting debate when the sides are civil.

Anonymous said...

And I'm so sorry to hear about your Uncle. :-( Will be thinking of you today.

Jill said...

Lisa so sorry about your uncle, thinking of you today.

kate said...

"Kate did a lot of assuming"
No, she didn't. Kate listed the facts as told by the food stamp lady herself.

"and I'm still trying to figure out why Kate seems to think it was so terrible for somebody in their mid 20's to own a home..."
Yeah, kate thought it was terrible for somebody in their mid 20's to be hellbent to own a home when they can't afford one. How is that so hard to understand?
jennyfromtheblock's philosophy on homeowning clearly is:
-we can't afford a single family home, so let's acquire multiple family homes instead, that way we won't have to afford any mortgage
-our Ponzi-scheme of paying our mortgage just fell through, so let's settle the taxpayers with our debts instead, ok?

two, even, given that apparently, their income supported it, when you add in the rental income."
Ah, but it didn't and you can't.
Even if they had been experienced landlords (which they clearly weren't, have you seen the list of jenny's complaints about their tenants?), a certain percentage of non-payments and late payments have to be factored in.

The saga of the food stamp lady is mindblowing.
Like I said, at least JM has understood that she needs to pretend to be sorry for her screw-ups from time to time.
jennyfromtheblock is not only completely unapologetic, she hasn't learned a damn thing and is convinced that nobody else could have done it differently.

That's where I'm at a loss for words. Seriously.
It's like she expects people to be sorry for her (that the tenants she picked turned out to be of the non-paying variety) and she's completely entitled to not only the food stamps but also to sit in harsh judgement over JM.

And here's the real interesting question:
What's going to happen to their new home as soon as they run out of 'savings'?

Again, these are not assumptions, these are facts as told by the food stamp lady:
-They bought their name home recently (I think 01/20120
-They received a tax return of 10k in 02/2012 (what jenny refers to as 'savings')
-Husband broke leg in 02/2012
-As of 05/2012 leg's not healing, they're now expecting another lenghty recovery period
- Also as of 05/2012 their savings had dwindled tremendously
- Disability income currently: 1.2k, 'less than half of their normal income'
- Food stamps currently: $800, twice their normal budget

While it's not 100% clear if the combined 2k income is less than half I'm going to go with 4k as total income to err on the side of caution.
That means they normally have 3.5k to pay their mortgage and all their bills (minus groceries).
Now they're down to 1.2k, (missing 2k each month) but have almost blown through 10k in a 4 months timeframe.

Do you realize what that means? It means they're again playing fast and loose with their mortgage, because they have AGAIN left no wriggle room in their budget for unexpected financial obligations.

So, once their 'savings' are spent, will jenny figure out a way to leave her kids (aged 3-6) in their father's care while she earns a living? According to her, she was still in 'the workforce' while the kids were 0-3. Yet she couldn't do it this year and had to opt for food stamps instead.

And I'm with Lisa, the fact that they added to their pet menagerie instead of providing for proper disability makes the whole thing even worse.

kate said...

"Anyways...thank you for the respectful dialogue here. It's so much nicer to have a dissenting debate when the sides are civil."
I sincerely hope that's not aimed in my direction. One of the funniest things at BWoP is always that they try to rip into me with heavy duty insults yet I'm called nasty & taking digs at people.

IMO the fact that anons, MemyselfandI, Upstanding Citizen, etc. always manage to voice their discontent with me, yet leave the food stamp lady completely unscathed proves my very point that for them it's not about JM's settling the taxpayer with her debts or anything. It's personal. They dislike JM (well, and me) so that's where their hatred is aimed at. No matter if it's warrented or not.


I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. I'll be thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

kate, I didn't quite read the foodstamplady's postings the same as you did, apparently.

To me, the foodstamplady's postings indicated they wanted a single family home, realized they couldn't afford a single family home at the then current market prices on their income and so they set a goal and a plan to obtain one. And I didn't see their desire or their plan as unreasonable. Many people choose to purchase multifamily homes so that the mortgage is paid by the rents. The properties are called "investment" properties for a reason. Unfortunately, just like regular investments, multifamily investments can decrease in value, though it's usually pretty rare. And that's what it sounds like happened.

Geez, you make it sound like they went out and chose "the easy way" to obtain what their ultimate goal was...a single family home. They could have done what many did in those days...obtained an unconventional mortgage with an ARM or interest-only to get what they wanted right away.

Doesn't sound like being a landlord was easy at all for them, either. Is it ever? Tenant issues, loss of income, damages, broken things, and they were renovating the house? Doesn't sound easy at all.

Anyways, it would be nice if most families were able to have a financial cushion and be well-prepared for unexpected catastrophes and whatnot. But the truth is, most families are not in that position. And it sounds like this particular family is your typical working class family...I mean, if the husband is a truck driver, he's not likely raking in the dough. But it seems to me as though they're doing alright.

I guess I just don't understand the negative reaction to a family that is having a momentary struggle right now. It's not like this family is sitting back year after year, taking welfare. Sounds like they're working hard to me. I can respect that.

kate said...


"so they set a goal and a plan to obtain one. And I didn't see their desire or their plan as unreasonable."
I did. Because basically what happened is they realized they couldn't afford a home so they decided to get more payers on board to help them pay for one.
(I'm not going to get into how they obviously also did a piss-poor job on tenant screening, but according to food stamp lady they did that as well.)
But the whole point here is: why did the food stamp lady feel entitled to own a home straight away anyway? Barely out of college, adding another child to the family every year for 4 years straight and the husband being (according to jenny) in the lowest income bracket possible.
Sorry, but the only plan that would have been reasonable and not involve other people contributing to their 'plan' would have been to hold off on the homeowning.

Seriously, what am I not getting here? Has it become a divine right to be a homeowner as soon as you finished college and start a family?

"Unfortunately, just like regular investments, multifamily investments can decrease in value, though it's usually pretty rare. And that's what it sounds like happened."
But that's a smoking gun. It wouldn't have mattered if the homes decreased in value as long as they'd kept up their mortgage payments.

"They could have done what many did in those days...obtained an unconventional mortgage with an ARM or interest-only to get what they wanted right away."
Who says they didn't try and were turned down? Are you the one who accused me of assuming?

"Geez, you make it sound like they went out and chose "the easy way" to obtain what their ultimate goal was..."
I think I make it sound exactly as it was: they didn't have the financial backup to obtain a house so they chose to distribute the (higher) costs and risks among many. With the taxpayer being the ultimate payee, in case their house of cards came tumbling down.

"Doesn't sound easy at all."
Now you're arguing against yourself, as you're the only one who talks about 'easy way'.
I'm saying that in order for their 'plan' to be reasonable, those things should have been taken into the equation. And that's IF you do a proper tenant screening. By all means, use a landlord service if your whole future depends on it.

kate said...

"I mean, if the husband is a truck driver, he's not likely raking in the dough. But it seems to me as though they're doing alright."
How are they doing alright exactly? If a minor health setback puts the burden of your homeschooled family immediately on the taxpayer you're not only not doing alright, you're not doing at all.

"I guess I just don't understand the negative reaction to a family that is having a momentary struggle right now."
By jenny's own words one of their property was 250k underwater, right?
Add to that cars and credit card debt, I'd say it's safe to assume that their discharged debt was not too far from what JM is trying to put on us all. And jenny was a ripe age of 27 then.
She hasn't learned anything, as her current mortgage seems to be perilously close to their maximum budget again. According to her they had applied for food stamps once before.

"It's not like this family is sitting back year after year, taking welfare"
No, after saddling society with a JM-like bankruptcy discharge they have maybe(!) not taken any welfare for 5 years. Do we have to hand out awards for that now?

"Sounds like they're working hard to me."
Sounds like only one of them is working at all. And his income simply doesn't cover their expectations. When did working hard become the magic formular to fulfill all your dreams at once?

"I can respect that."
I can respect hard workers who are not overreaching and put the costs for their failed ambition on the rest of us. jenny the food stamp lady doesn't fall into that category.

And kindly keep in mind when you shake your head about negative reactions, that JM is on record as having paid 8k taxes last january alone. Yet jenny feels entitled to use very harsh words about JM. How does that make sense for you?

jenny the food stamp lady admitted that they're currently living off her husband's 10k tax return. Being the sole income provider in the lowest income bracket, how much taxes do you figure they paid at all last year?

I asked jenny what kind of riches the public got from the two of them for their years and years and years of taxpaying. jenny wisely did not answer that question.

But she had the mind boggling guts to ask me what I would have done differently. I mean, come on!

Shannon said...

And from JM's newest FB post for the Arm n Hammer:

Mark Quinn Semen.
about an hour ago
Fern Neisius Mildew :P
about an hour ago
Jen Cardone I agree with mark. I have the most difficult time with semen stains.
56 minutes ago
Mark Quinn Mine's just the worst. It won't come out of anything. And most women want it that way.
52 minutes ago · 1
Jen Cardone Mark you sound like a man I'd like to meet and clean your laundry
48 minutes ago
Mark Quinn I'll be on the gentle cycle, then when I'm close, go to heavy.
47 minutes ago
Jen Cardone I love the spin cycle!
45 minutes ago
Mark Quinn Well, I won't use my Arm, but I will Hammer you till you can't take it anymore.
44 minutes ago · 1
Jen Cardone I won't use my arm either but some hand play is good clean fun
41 minutes ago
Mark Quinn Do you give good softener?
38 minutes ago
Jen Cardone That's the end result of the hammering!
36 minutes ago
Jen Cardone I love those arm and hammer balls
35 minutes ago
Jen Cardone They will not be blue for long
35 minutes ago
Mark Quinn Is it true some women prefer dark loads?
34 minutes ago
Jen Cardone I like to separate my loads
31 minutes ago
Mark Quinn How? Spitting or swallowing?
31 minutes ago
Jen Cardone And dark loads tend to be bigger
30 minutes ago
Mark Quinn Really? I thought it's not the size of your washer, but how clean you get.
27 minutes ago · 1
Jen Cardone If my agitator is fully functional then yes
25 minutes ago
Mark Quinn Oh, you'll be agitated.
25 minutes ago
Jen Cardone Great! Bring your laundry over!
23 minutes ago
Mark Quinn I'll bring my large sack of laundry. This may take all night.
22 minutes ago
Jen Cardone If I win one of the arm and hammer prizes for my difficult semen stains, you and your friends can bring your sacks over!
19 minutes ago
Mark Quinn How many loads a night do you think you can handle?
18 minutes ago
Jen Cardone I have good stamina and front loading washers
17 minutes ago
Mark Quinn I'd prefer you were top load.
14 minutes ago
Jen Cardone Ok I'll see what I can do. Can't wait to start the laundry
12 minutes ago
Mark Quinn And it for sure won't be any dry cleaning.
11 minutes ago
Jen Cardone Never dry. Wet is best.
10 minutes ago
Amie Moorhead well that went somewhere unexpected...
9 minutes ago · 1
Jen Cardone Well those sticky stains must be pre treated first
9 minutes ago
Jen Cardone I am very passionate about my laundry.
6 minutes ago

KaytieJ said...

oh my...

Any bets placed on how long that will stay up on JM's FB page? LOL!

Shannon said...

I know it was still there when I went to bed last night but is gone this morning. I think it stayed all night.

It is so funny because sure it is childish and immature but it is 14 year old boy funny. Very good for a chuckle. And semen stains are a bitch!!!

Anonymous said...

Can anybody tell me who the Hell is that Kate?

Anonymous said...

Shhh Anon 3:00 you will wake the beast...

Unknown said...

It's Robin Again said...

@@ re: the K8H8 site. Really?

Anonymous said...

Really Kate. Relax man. Have a drink, and possibly find a are a bit scary, or possibly insane.

Lisa said...

Oh, hell, I'm missing stuff. I'll be back tomorrow, if not tonight. So sorry to have just abandoned ship but I've been completely wrapped up in family and also watching two little kids for a cousin and suffice it to say, my kid days are over. I'm too old for this! And for the love of God, what's the big deal with Kate? Until I see something out of her in the future to chance my mind, I like Kate and don't mind a bit admitting that. This could prove to be interesting... ;-)

kate said...

Thank you, Lisa. And thanks for the vote of confidence.

Anonymous said...

Hellloo everyone, I hope you all are doing okay!

Anonymous said...

Anybody in Colorado?

Lisa said...

I'm here and hi, Mama's the baby and mama doing? Sorry for the absence, but it's been a long-ass stretch and it's been about all I can do to keep up with basic contacts, forget blogs. But I'm back. :-) Anything new with anyone? Have I missed anything big?

Julia, the fire is godawful, isn't it? :-(

Lisa said...

Hey, Kate, I just read some over at BWOP and lord, how I love your stubborn streak. I feel so much less alone in the world now. And yep, to anyone reading, I think Kate's pretty awesome in how she tackles things, I agree with much of what she says, and I love how she makes me look brief and concise in my postings. :-D

You know what I'm realizing, though? I'm rfeally wary of every starting my blog back up. Bloggers across the board, personal bloggers, anyway, are getting such a bad name and so many of them seem to fall victim to even a little bit of attention that I'm just not sure I want to be a part of such a thing anymore. I've always just wanted mine to be more of something my family could find should anything ever happen to me, or a place I could ramble without boring people who aren't interested to death while they were trying to read other people, too. But in the end, and I think that perhaps Snort's blog was my camel's straw, I'm just sort of put off by it all anymore. :-/

Jill said...

I'm so behind the times, I have no idea who Snort is.
I quit blogging when the whole Fruitcakes Without Pity thing happened, at the time I didn't want to get my kid involved in all that. I've gotten more selective about what I share on the Internet.

I can't get behind the Kate hate. I may not always agree with her, but she sticks to her guns and you have to respect that.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I agree with all the Snort bashing. She had an addiction, she recovered. Surprisingly, there are a lot of healthcare providers, as well as cops. paramedics, etc who have drug abuse problems. I give her kudos for her recovery.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Hey all,
All I can say is I am covering my head with my L'Eggs so I am ready for church on Sunday. Preying for piece in my lifetime. Huh? It's praying? Are you sure? Peace? Oh. Okay then. Well I'll be in the corner on my nees. Over their --->

Fruitcakes without pity? What's that about?

Lisa said...

Hi, Jill and String! String, the Fruitcakes blog was the handiwork of one known as Grammiemommy and her faithful sidekick, Tina. When OHIH blew up, Wendy (the one who dragged her poor son on Dr. Phil's show) started a new, private blog for a lot of us and anyway, I believe it was during that time. They played a lot of ugly little games, like using addresses acquired through people trying to help others out and had some shenanigans going on like posting photos of people's homes and playing guessing games or else exposing the full names of a lot of us. Rumor had it that Wendy was actually helping them with that part, but I'd never say that part as fact since I really don't know. Anyway, that's the background of it all. There was a rival blog, GWOP (Grammiemommy WOP) that was up for awhile, which Wendy was definitely behind and it all sort of ended with everyone giving up. We've not had good drama like that in ages!

And, since preying *and praying can be good for the soul, I promise you a new Sunday post. ;-)

Lisa said...

I just checked spam here and found a comment from Julia, which is now showing. Julia, I'm sorry, I have no idea why it was snagged as spam and I'm also sorry I fail to check spam more often around here.

As for Snort's issues, I, too, give her credit for her recovery but "recovery", and I use that term loosely since I believe that one a person is an addict they are always an addict, doesn't undo the past. What she did back then still remains. Do I think she's probably a different person now? Could well be...I really have no idea. She might not be, too. *shrug* What I do know is this...if you screw up and let's take my property tax screw-up as a good example, even when you make it right it still means you can't point the naughty finger at someone else who is doing as you did. Basically, I can point the naughty finger at someone who just doesn't give a shit about paying their property taxes or someone who is in over their head financially and can't pay, but someone who says, "Gah, I suck with bills and had a massive fail but it's all paid up now, complete with all penalties, interest, etc."? Nope, I can't point a single naughty finger and say "You were just a fucking idiot..." unless I also add "...because I was one, too." Which I was. So, Snort shouldn't point her naughty finger at JM over bankruptcy or rumored possible addiction unless she's willing to freely add, and not just on her blog but on her *posts, "...because I was one (or did that), too." Barring that, she's a hypocrite,imo.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Ohhh. Thanks, Lisa. I wasn't around back then, but ironically was following Olivia's page. When I first found MWOP I saw references to GM but didn't know who she was, and never guessed T was hooked to her. Were Wendy and Tina connected via the GWOP blog? Saw references to GWOP and didn't know what that was either.
You connected a few dots for me ... ... ... <---ha! I used to ask all the time whether some of these people went "way back" but no one ever answered.
Totally agree on your reasoning re: naughty finger.
On a brighter note, you will find me waiting in the early morn, outside the church (where is it again?!?) in my new L'Eggs sunhat, avec rosettes, my Sunday clogs, avec rosettes aussi and my daisy-decorated walking helmet, perched on the banana seat of my hot pink scooter singing Bringin' in the Sheaves. Yep. Yep. Mmm-hmmm. Hope it's a good preacher. Even though my craputer has no sound. I have a good imagination - I'll just make up the sermon.

kate said...

Well, if it isn't the day of backhanded compliments for me. Thank you, Lisa and Jill.


I agree with what Lisa said and would like to add:
Nobody is continously bashing Snort. If transgressions of a certain caliber are exposed, it's natural to be shocked, dismayed, whatever by it and not so inclined to give kudos for the one good thing in all of it.
And simply because a person says: 'that's my past, now I've told you' doesn't mean immediate silence has to be granted. You have to allow people time to digest it.

But most importantly, Snort didn't come clean about her past. BWoP exposed it.
Kinda like IM's DV was exposed, while JM was blogging about a 'rocky marriage'. And we all know how well JM has been able to live that down, eh?

Nobody is bashing a recovering addict. They're bashing the gastric bypass needing, last year bankrupting professional who misused her license and position to feed her addiction. Who happens to be a self-proclaimed recovering addict. Who doesn't miss a chance to shit on JM for her diet pills, bankruptcy, etc.

Why again do you not agree with the bashing?

kate said...


I'm sorry for the hard times your family had to face. I assume condolences are in order? Then I'm sincerely sorry for your loss. Letting go of a loved one is the worst.


If you go preying for piece, don't dress like a sexless beekeeper. And don't ask me how I know.

Lisa said...

"If you go preying for piece, don't dress like a sexless beekeeper."

I dunno, I tend to be attracted to these types.

Kate, yes, he passed a little over a week ago. As is common when a family elder passes, it was incredibly sad but also filled with a lot of good things and happiness caused by family and friends being back together again. He was my dad's brother and best friend, my other dad, and I hate that he's gone but to live to 90, never having had an enemy and dying gently and painlessly is something you just can't let sadness linger over for long. :-)

String, m'dear, since you've been so patient waiting for church, I shall give you Sunday services that require no sound. Well, I'll try, anyway. ;-) "Were Wendy and Tina connected via the GWOP blog?" Only in that they were arch-enemies at that point, to the best of my knowledge. GMWOP went after both GM and Tina. There was also another blog called "Fellowship" that was involved in all the drama. I would read there from time to time, liked some of the people there, but never completely understood myself how it fit into all this. I believe there was a lot of drama going on behind the scenes there, too, even though it was a fairly small blog.

"But most importantly, Snort didn't come clean about her past. BWoP exposed it."

Which is the key, imo. When someone finds out about your shit and you say, "Oh, well, yeah, I did that and now it's a non-issue since I just admitted it", well didn't, you only *confirmed it. You got caught.

kate said...

"If you go preying for piece, don't dress like a sexless beekeeper."

"I dunno, I tend to be attracted to these types."

My bad. Didn't know about you having a piece. (And not curious about it. Just sayin'.)

I'm glad for you that you had some quality family time in all of this. And yes, gently and painlessly is a blessed way to go.

kate said...

Ok, so now there was OHIH, MWoP, BWoP, GWOP, GMWOP, fellowship, fruitcakes and daisy?

And people bash JM for being too big for her britches? If 8 blogs were dedicated to me, my head might swell too.

Shannon said...

Yeah but only two of those sites were ever actually dedicated to "bashing" JM.


I will see ya all for church in the morning...hopefully this stupid headache will be gone.

Lisa said...

"My bad. Didn't know about you having a piece. (And not curious about it. Just sayin'.)"

I reckon we're all a piece for someone in this world. ;-)

So, GWOP is actually GMWOP...same place. And, in reality, GMWOP, FWOP and Daisy were/are places where JM is an incidental. Sure, Jenni can be talked about here but it's isn't/wasn't the main focus. I made Daisy as a place where all the old OHIH friends who talked about everything in the world at that point, could go after Wendy's private blog for those of us she trusted, SIP, imploded. The only real anti-JM blogs have been OHIH, MWOP and Fellowship and even Fellowship seemed like more of a general conversational place.

Lisa said...

Shannon, you want me to beat it out of you or something? ;-)

Hey, you might remember something I don't. I was cleaning out old emails and found some from "Krista" with an email address of "". I can't recall if it was yahoo or what now. Anyway, wasn't there once a blog called Over MckMama? Was "Krista" behind that, too?

kate said...

Ok, thanks for clarifying.

One more thing I wanted to say, Lisa.

About the giving up blogging because you're put off by it now.
That's how you feel & up to you, of course. But, woman, the bad name of blogging in general and Snort's blog specifically should not make you reconsider your own blogging.
That's like saying playboy gives Shakespeare a bad name because they're both published.

I don't see how anybody who wants to check out/read your blog to learn about you would ever make the connection 'blog' = shady people trying to make a buck / get attention.

And I've been to your blog. In fact, I've been to many blogs, 99% of which I never re-visit because life's too short. Yours is the only blog I didn't return to or read back too far because it is so real, raw and touching it made me feel like a total creep to be there. I tiptoed out of it when I reached the story of how you retrieved the snowflake's memorabilia, hoping nobody'd noticed my intrusion.

I can gurantee that nobody who knows you will ever want to miss out on your blog. And to deprive people of that because there are so many useless attentionwhores who also blog, well, that's just unfair and such a waste.

Do you think because 'whatever shades of gray' has been published under such success publishers should give up on all classy manuscripts now? Because - kill me now.

Anonymous said...

Snort talked about her addiction months ago on MWOP. BWOP didn't expose it. They just posted the details. And no, I"m not going to go back and find the post she made. I remember reading it, and being surprised. I don't know her, and am not truly "defending" her, but I'm just saying I've known some addicts in my life, and am always supportive of someone's recovery. I lost someone I knew very well in college to a heroin addiction, it sucks. I wish he could have beat it.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

I've been a-sittin' on the church steps,
All dressed up in my Sunday duds.
Waitin' and waitin',
I got me to the church on time!

Too bad today was Saturday :(
Nobody ever came but me.
I was a-waitin'
I got me to the church,
Yes, I got me to the church,
I got me to the church on time.

Lisa said...

Oh, String, I have not forgotten you and your pitiful lack of audio. Have no fear, as Sunday is almost here and, unless I catch a second wind, it might even be early. ;-)

Julia, I don't think anyone here has been unsupportive of Snort's recovery at all. Addiction is a hard thing to fight and my hat is off to anyone who not only tackles it, but remains on the winning side. It's all of the issues and circumstances surrounding her addiction and her attitude toward others I think people are being perhaps a bit critical of.

Kate, thank you for the kind words. I mean that. I'm never sure what to say about these things so just know it's very much appreciated.

Oopsie Daisy said...

*** New post is up a bit early, since I'm headed to bed. 'Night! ***

kate said...


I'm sorry.

I know Snort talked about her addiction.
But when the details entail 'diversion of narcotics' the whole 'I surrendered my license' looks a little different, IMO.

So Snort came clean about diverting narcotics previously? On MWoP?

kate said...

Yeah, I never know how to say these things in the first place.
I hope you're not only appreciating but also reconsidering.

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