Sunday, April 22, 2012

Psalm 37:21

Depending on which version of the Bible you have, there are many versions of this Psalm, each varying slightly.  Below are a few of the versions and you can see how, depending upon the wording, somewhat different interpretations can be had.  In light of all our McKinney excitement, I'm curious...Christianity, debt, bankruptcy...what do y'all think about it all? Any other Biblical quotes to point one way or another to share?

New American Standard Bible (©1995)
The wicked borrows and does not pay back, But the righteous is gracious and gives.

 King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
The wicked borroweth, and payeth not again: but the righteous sheweth mercy, and giveth.

 American Standard Version
The wicked borroweth, and payeth not again; But the righteous dealeth graciously, and giveth.

 Douay-Rheims Bible
The sinner shall borrow, and not pay again; but the just sheweth mercy and shall give.

 World English Bible
The wicked borrow, and don't pay back, but the righteous give generously.

*tosses String some Sucrets, a medical mask and suntan pantyhose*


StringOfRandomLetters said...

Dang pantyhose :( Maybe if I rub some Vicks on my neck and wrap the pantyhose around. And around. And around. Shit.
Do I have to go to church? :-P

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Hmmm. I have to be approved on the other post but not this one.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

String Standard Version: The Great One buys stuff and thinks she shouldn't have to pay for it. But she's wrong. And it might bite her one of these days.

Lisa said...

String, that's really weird since, when I went in to approve my own and try to figure out what's going on, I saw none from you. :-/ And no, you don't have to go need to keep your sick ass home and not contaminate people. God, don't get me started again on her having had those kids all over the damn country to suit her own needs and wants. And let's take those pantyhose off your neck, okay? If you die, it will cause tax dollars to be spent in an unwarranted investigation.

By the way, did anyone see little us picked up "Sweeping The Cobwebs" as a follower? That's sort of exciting, lol. Hey, it's a slow day and a slow blog around here. :-P

Lisa said...

Anyway, I *am curious as to the Biblical quotes above and people's thoughts/opinions. I've long held that bankruptcy or defaulting on debt is un-Biblical and, in fact, a great sin...that, from a Christian perspective, it *has to be according to the Bible. I don't think debt, in and of itself, is un-Christian, though, as long as the terms of the agreement are being met. Of course, I'm a literal person and not a Christian, so I could be wrong. I am curious how Christians (or anyone, but since I quoted the Bible and all up there...) justify defaulting on *any debt, though, without falling back on the whole "He forgives me" argument.

Oopsie Daisy said...

Crap. I just now found stuff from String and Shannon waiting to be approved. Does anyone know how to fix this goddamn setting so that nothing has to be approved?

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Feeling a bit bi-polar today? With the two names and all :-P
Now you went and scared me about the pantyhose around my neck. Nope, wouldn't want to be found like that :-O And made me want to go to the doc to be sure I'm not dying :-) but I decided against it. The dying part *and the doc part.

As to the biblical content - I will let someone else speak to the meaning, but will say I noticed in each version that the second part speaks of generosity/giving. I had always taken this verse to mean that one should not borrow unless intending to pay it back, but never really thought about the second part. Are we to lend without care as to whether the loan will be repaid?
I think I actually had this confused in my head with "Neither a borrower nor a lender be", but I believe that's Shakespeare, not Bible.
I know that I feel "evil" when I do not give to homeless/looking for work people - you know, the ones holding signs on the street. So I thought about it and decided that I could afford a few dollars every time and that it wasn't for me to decide whether they actually needed it.

Anonymous said...

Okay caught up from the other post..

Lisa you said that "We each have our own reason for being here, assigned by God, if you will, and we all need to fulfill our purpose in order for things to go as God needs it to."

I agree with this, I don't have a religion per say, and I don't have a church right now either (I found one last fall but they weren't willing to allow my M in the nursery, and while I got it, it didn't feel welcoming to me) So I'm still on the hunt but I believe in God and I believe everyone has a purpose and a reason.

Over the past few weeks I've read some comments on MWOP from ladies who say they've learned from JM, either to not do this or whatever and if that's the case, that's great. No one should ever flaunt themselves about the way JM does, she has filed for BK, yet she is traveling around, buying expensive stuff, etc.

Anonymous said...

I should add, maybe her purpose is to teach people what not to do, and hopefully with anyluck, what happens to people who do take advantage of the system and lie about their finances just to get out of paying their bills.

Anonymous said...

" I *am curious as to the Biblical quotes above and people's thoughts/opinions. I've long held that bankruptcy or defaulting on debt is un-Biblical and"

I think in a Biblical sense it is wrong, but I think morally & socially it is wrong as well. Personally I think that if you owe a bill, pay it. You buy something, pay for it. If you can't afford it, you wait until you can. You should work for what you want in life. I can't imagine not paying a bill for $1.92. Seriously, I could rummage up that amount in pennies if I really had to.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

I'm curious too Mama P. And I also think ethically it's wrong; to me that goes without saying. To buy what you can't afford (excepting necessary food, shelter) and to seem to expect not to have to pay for it - is she two or something?
Truly she does remind me of a willful child who never grew out of it.
Now if she charged up her card to provide necessities for her children because there was no other way, I would feel a whole different way about that. Clearly that is not the case, with the income she has pulled in.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Also, I still tend to think she's going to get away with this.

Anonymous said...

String, I think she probably will too.

I think I've become jaded in that regard, it always seems to me the people who do the shitt**est things, and act the worst are always the ones who make it out okay. They cheat the system, they lie.. yet they catch all the breaks. Personally I know of 3-4 people who are total jerks, yet they have everything handed to them, while others work their asses off and still have to worry that bills might not get paid. 0_0

Lisa said...

I just don't think she's going to get away with it all this time. Maybe some, but not all. For example, I don't think the IRS is going to be a bit pleased with that has come out at this bankruptcy hearing and that? Once you've already screwed up a few times and they've cut you a few breaks? Is bad news.I think this fraud investigator who published that article is going to be very bad news for her. I also think there's a very real possibility of a news network picking this story up and that would be wonderful for most everyone but her. I'll be honest, I think it takes a truly mentally ill person to have not broken by now. I mean, I consider myself to be a mentally strong person and can easily let many things roll off that others can't, but when I try to figure living her life right now, it makes my anxiety level raise like high tide during a full moon. The fact she manages to keep up this charade is just not mentally right, you know? :-/

Lisa said...

Also, this name change thing is confusing me...why is she doing that? Maybe it's just me, but the only ones I've ever known to revert to their maiden name after divorce are those who had no children or those in such an abusive relationship that they need to cut that bond of control their husband had, the name that labeled them his property. And we know that last just was not the case here. So...why? To hurt him? To hide money/bad press? Probably both.

Shannon said...

Lisa I will be honest I think there really has to be something wrong with her. I mean really how does she post like she does several times a day? I know that for myself I probably wouldnt be found online at all.

She knows that all of this is out there, she knows that the elephant is not just in the room but it is filling the room up but if she avoids it she thinks it will just go away. It isnt going to just go away. Everything she has touted about in the last few years has been proven to be a flat out lie.

She was talking about that guy that offers the 'Christian' way to get out of debt...but did nothing. She has talked about how divorce is Satan's tool or what not yet SHE is the one who is going down that path no matter how she tries to cover it up.

Reading up about the laws in have to be a resident of WI for 30 days to file for legal separation. You have to wait for a year after filing for legal separation to file for divorce. You cant file for divorce unless you have lived there for at least 6 months. At least that is what I am getting from what I was reading.

I think that if she put on there that she wants her maiden name back....divorce is coming.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

OR she is just asking for the name change to dig the knife in. She can change her mind later.

Okay here's a question for you all - who do you think of as intelligent posters on MWOP?

Another one - what do you think of Roobi?

StringOfRandomLetters said...

(I guess it's Roobii)

Anonymous said...

I think the name change has a few different reasons, 1 to dig the knife into IM just a bit more, but I also think she wants to get away from McKinney. Her maiden name isn't as "known" as Mckmama or McKinney is..

From the looks of her latest, Losing Hope blog post, it sounds like she is heading for Divorce, but dragging it out for more drama/reader interest.

My MIL was married for 24 years prior to her divorce, she kept her married name, because in her words it was hers, and her kids. I think that if I were to end up divorced I'd keep my married name, that's the name I've had and its my babies as well. (btw is one of the rarest and hardest names to pronounce e.v.e.r.)

Anonymous said...

If I had 1/4 of the drama/information out that JM does I'd be ducking, covering and hiding! I contemplate walking away from blogging all the time, I can't imagine having that much negativity surrounding me.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

I go back and forth between thinking she has some mental/emotional issues and thinking she is just a bad person. I used to think that most "bad people" were that way because of mental/emotional issues, but now I sometimes think some of them just choose to be rotten.

Jill said...

But if she changes her name she will no longer be MckMama. Why won't she think of the wolverines? What about the wolverines?!

Is she going to change the kids names too? I'd hate to have a different name than my children, how confusing (I know it's common though)

Shannon said...

With that post she just did I have to say that I am even a little more upset with her.

I mean SHE moved over 5 hours away from where he was at. If she wanted to have open communication and to have the kids see him she would have found some place closer to him. I get so irritated with her when she does the pity party kind of posts because I totally know that the end of a marriage is difficult but generally you are present to make an effort.

I also get that we dont all know why she moved so far away and maybe there was a good enough reason for it but then you have to take some responsibility in owning that you did a big part to put physical distance in an already emotional divide.

Sometimes I just feel like all she wants to do is hurt him, punish him if you will, and that is not healthy for THEIR relationship and it certainly hurts the kids as well.

It doesnt matter really if she is Jennifer McKinney or Jennifer Sauls....she is still going to eventually see who she is and what she has done to everyone around her.

Lisa said...

Some of y'all know Jake and I have different last names. I took my maiden name back because I wanted my ex-husband to have NO hold on me anymore. I caught a lot of flack over it, even from my own attorney, but I needed to cut that tie for my own self-esteem and I've never regretted it. It actually made me a firm believer that women should keep the name they were born with when they marry but I respect that not everyone agrees with that. It also never bothered Jake that I changed my name back, although I think it helped lots that he'd grown up in our business, which sported both last names hyphenated, and so my maiden name was as familiar to him as his own. He heard it multiple times a day and had even heard his dad answer to my maiden last name. Most kids don't have that comfort level of interchangeable last names and despite what I did, I think it could bother kids a lot if Mom dropped Dad's last name, unless she carefully explains that it isn't hers to use anymore since she's not his wife now but it will always be theirs to use since they're his kids. You have to be so, so careful to make sure they don't feel like a mistake and that Mom wishes she could get rid of them, too, since they carry that name. :-/

"Is she going to change the kids names too?"

Not without Israel's permission, she can't even hyphenate their names. I asked to hyphenate Jake's since he liked the idea (he was 12) and the judge said he'd order it if Jake's dad agreed. He did not, so it was a no-go. She better accept the fact she's going to be called Mrs. McKinney off and on forever, though.

"But if she changes her name she will no longer be MckMama."

Exactly. Maybe she can be A Saulitary Parent or something, instead. @@

Shannon, I don't get why she moved so far, either, unless it was to hurt him. Or to force him to follow her once more, so she could call the shots.

"Okay here's a question for you all - who do you think of as intelligent posters on MWOP?"

String, it's weird but while I read there daily and like a lot of it, I don't really keep up with the people very well. Hmmm...those that come to mind that I've noticed and not in a negative manner are fecal balm (ugh, did I really just type that?), Tsunami of Karma (or something along those lines) and I admit, I like Roobii. She adds an air of excitement to the place. Oh, and I like Hevel, just because he's likable. I can't vouch for how intelligent any of them are, though. ;-)

Sandy said...

Popping in for a minute. Regarding the name change, I think JM is preparing in the event that she loses her blog to the Trustee.

And Lisa said "fecal" lol. (yes I am 12)

Shannon said...

How dare you!!! And Audrey how dare you too!!! We are talking about the possible danger to babies that are being breastfed and you are more concerned with your almighty dollar????!!!! Are you serious!!!! You are at the very least potentially setting up your precious diet pill company for a major lawsuit if any of those children suffer ill effects from their mother taking them but you are leading women to believe that these pills are safe to take and feed to their baby!!!! As a goddess of the boob I would think that you would be smarter than that. Jennifer McKinney you are a crooked crooked woman and I cannot believe that you would not only lie blatantly where the safety of others children is involved but you would cover it up as well and make it like it never happened!!! You are no worship the dollar over all else. You are a shady shady person and I cannot believe that people are still stupid enough to think that you actually care about them. You want them to put their babies on appetite suppressing caffeine pills. You are just disgusting and the lowest of low type of person. And those of you who feel that you MUST defend this poor mother WHO LEFT HER HUSBAND......think about it.....she has no qualms about hurting your children and covering it up!!!!!

Yeah for some reason this comment of mine didnt last very long on her FB.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Go Shannon :) She's despicable in the way she's presenting these products.

I'm sure you're right on the name change/blog change, Sandy. And what Mama P said too about leaving the bad name behind.

That's one of the reasons I asked, Lisa - I don't find many of them distinguishable from another lately. Thought it was just me though.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Oh! New blog name: Saulitary Scam

Sandy said...

"As Goddess of the boob" This definitely needed a disclaimer. I now have Schlitz coming out my nose.

Lisa said...

Well, damn, Shannon, did it feel good to get that out of your system? ;-) It's truly beyond me why any nursing mother would consider taking any weight loos pill while nursing. It truly boggles my mind. Now, I know one of those pills is supposedly just a vitamin and if that's *all they're taking after showing it to their doctors, I can't and won't say a word but for wondering why they'd not just take a good vitamin they bought at a store and save a ton of money.

Sandy, "fecal" is one of those awful words I don't like to hear, say, type...ughhh...moving right on to something else nicer. How's the family?

Sandy said...

I know. Just icky.

The family is doing okay. My dad is hanging on by a wing and a prayer.

Lisa said...

I wish he was doing better than this sounds, but I know you'll sure take that and are glad for it. :-)

Sandy said...

I am glad he's still here but part of me says when is it enough, you know. He has been through way too much in the past 3 years.

Shannon said...

Lisa she just has hit nerves in me left and right the last couple of days. It did feel good to get that all out there. I have to say that the women who are asking her these questions just blow me away because honestly are they that stupid? But it just pissed me off big time that she had a mother who is breastfeeding comment about how she actually took the ingredient list to her doctor and was told hell no!!! After first speaking as if this lady was lying, because apparently only the great and powerful JM has that information, she went and deleted every single comment that pertained to that gals comments. And from reading she didnt post on MWOP until AFTER her comments were deleted.

Sandy sorry for forgetting the disclaimer. I am ashamed for causing the waste of Schlitz that way. I am sorry your dad isnt doing better.

Sandy said...

You are forgiven Shannon.

I just may have to change my name to Goddess of the Boob. LMAO

Shannon said...

HAHAHA that would be awesome!!!

Thank you for your benevolence

Lisa said...

Can we talk about why Maisie was wearing a sticky tag in the program pictures, when none of the other kids were? The only times kids have to wear sticky tags here is when they are guests in a school. Now, I totally get this picture may have been taken on their trip, while Maisie was a guest of a friend's child, but why not say so? What's so bad about saying "While on our spring break trip, Small Fry was a guest of our friend's daughter, Sophie, and got to participate in Sophie's school program!"? And I swear this is no way speaking badly of that adorable little girl, but did anyone else notice that, for all the money her mother spends on their clothing, she was one of the most poorly dressed children on that stage? It makes me think it was definitely taken while they were traveling and their clothing was limited.

Shannon said...

I cant figure out the sticker. Maybe they all have them on but they are on their backs? Maybe she is a rebel and needed it on the front.

Anonymous said...

Lisa: Mck could not tell the truth if her life depended on it. She's a lying liar who lies.

Lisa said...

Wooooo, no kidding, Julia. I knew she was bad but the last few days have just floored me. And Shannon, why would the other kids even have stickers on their backs? The school year is almost over, so it's not like their teachers don't know their names by now and need to label them.

Sandy said...

I know with B, each week a kid is picked for star of the week. They get a huge sticker to wear everyday. They sometimes get stickers like that for other very important things like line leader, milk passer outer dude, etc. I personally don't think they were visiting a school and she was invited up there. I don't see that happening.

Lisa said...

Oh, that could be, Sandy. I never thought about that but gosh, you'd think she'd have mentioned that, bragged on it some, you know? Wouldn't you have? I guess I figured she went as the guest of another kid...I know here, they'd wear a visitor sticker with their name on it and if a play or program was happening that was simple, they would be invited to participate if the friend they came with was participating. But what you say makes sense and could well be.

Lisa said...

*tap tap* Is Kate still out there? If so, or if anyone else is interested, I have something to add to the Martin/Zimmerman discussion.

D Miller31108 said...

Morning all....if anyone would like the email for xyngular, please let me know. I have it. I am going to email them about my concerns.

Shannon said...

:) D I did mine already. Can I just say I wanna slap them all??? If you want good for you supplements while breastfeeding talk to your doctor!!

Lisa what ya got to add??? I have been following some and honestly I hope that nothing bad happens to him or his family.

Lisa said...

D, I've got it, too, but thanks. :-)

Shannon, I said all along I'd keep an open mind about it all and I have. First, I'll correct where I said he stopped following when the cops asked him not to. Different sources, reliable ones, are saying different things about this and I'm not comfortable saying he *didn't as fact any longer, as a result. I wanted to say that. Also, I'm very uncomfortable with how muc of the donated money he spent in such a short time and until we have some type of accounting, I'll continue to be uncomfortable. Now, that part really doesn't relate to the circumstances around the shooting at all, I'm still comfortable believing he did what he felt he had to do and it was just a bad situation with no one really at fault, but I thought I'd make it clear I'm not just blindly and randomly supporting Zimmerman in everything. If it turns out he spent $50K+ prepaying living expenses and such, preparing for the next few years in which it will be virtually impossible for him or his wife to support themselves, I have no issue in the world with it. Just the was a smart move, in fact. If someone had some shopping sprees, it will absolutely make me think less of his character in general.

Also, I don't know about y'all, but I've always found Reuters to be pretty damn fair and unbiased, pretty factual, in stories they carry. That said, this was interesting reading.

Lisa said...

Hey, D? Why don't you go ahead and post that email you have in case someone reading here would like it and they don't want to speak up, or in case it's different to the one we have? And thanks. :-)

D Miller31108 said...

Sure thing.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Slow down, you move too fast.
You got to make the morning last,
Just... skippin' down the cobblestone,
Lookin' for fun and
Feelin' stringyyy :)

Hullo lamppost,whatcha knowin'?
I come to watch those daisies growin'.
Ain't you got no rhymes for me?
Doot in da doo doo,
Feelin' stringyyy :))

Lisa said...

Hello Striiing, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a daisy softly creepiiiing
Left its seeds while I was peekiiiing
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Still remains
Within the sound of silence

In restless blogs I walked alone
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'Neath the halo of a Xenu lamp
I turned my monitor to the cold and damp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of stringyyy sight
That split the night
And touched the soooound of silence...


StringOfRandomLetters said...

Very nice :)
Mine is much more bubble gum than yours :)

Let's do Bridge Over Troubled Water next. I'm sure we can find some applicability.

It's really too bad those cartoon thingies don't sing :))

Lisa said...

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Your turn, String. I'm not happy with my attempt, so hopefully yours is better!

StringOfRandomLetters said...

I *love "sail on zyngy girl" :)
I'll have to work ... on .... one ....... tomorro.....rowwww....... zzz..zzzzz...zzzzzzzzzz

Lisa said...

Well, by morning light, I should have made that "Sell on..."

String, I think it's just me and you in here now. Ooooh, maybe that means Mama P had the baby!

Anonymous said...

"String, I think it's just me and you in here now. Ooooh, maybe that means Mama P had the baby!"

hehe, I was coming here today to stop in and tell you all I had the baby LOL.

Here's a link to a picture!/mama2_3penguins/status/197407647421575168/photo/1

I had her on Tuesday Morning :), would have stopped by sooner but apparently recovering from the 4th baby isn't quite as easy as I thought it was going to be. Although I have been enjoying String & Lisa's songs, via my email inbox xD

Shannon said...

OHHH she is adorable and beautiful and I want to love on her :)

Congrats on her arrival :) one hell of a way too kick off a new month for sure.

String and Lisa you two are very very amusing :)

Jill said...

MamaP she is beautiful, congratulations!

Lisa said...

Ohhh, Mama P, she's really beautiful and I don't say that about a lot of babies. I love her little chin but her whole face is just so pretty. :-)) Did you name her what you once told us you planned on? Starts with a T?

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Aww, sweet baby, Mama P. Can I have her? Pretty please? Nooo? :( awwwwwww ...
Truly, she's darling. I hope you heal well and enjoy her much.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Ohh Lisa, Sell on Xyngy girl is purrrrfect :)

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Bridge Across the Interwebz
Apologies to Simon, Garfunkel & Lisa

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(ducks as you listen)
It's heavy on the Xyng since that's her latest "season". I'd like to work some other things into it.
Feel free to have at it :)

Lisa said...

"When eyes are turquoise blue
I will photoshop mine"

I officially have a hardcore crush on Stringy.
I need to think on this a bit...I'm not sure I can match that. ;-)

kate said...

Yeah, I'm around. Ish.


Congratulations! I'm so happy for you & your lovely family. Heartfelt best wishes to you!

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Bridge Across the Interwebz v.2

with apologies to Simon, Garfunkel & Lisa

When you're "up" on Xyng
Flyin' high
When eyes are turquoise blue
I will photoshop mine

I’m on your side
When times get rough
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Robin said...

I think we need some Johnny Cash...

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I feel up, up, up
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And I sell, sell, sell
The Xyng of Fire!
The Xing of Fire.


StringOfRandomLetters said...

Ahh Robin! The perfect antidote to too much Simon and Garfunkel -- Johnny Cash :)) Perfect!

Lisa said...

Lol! Perfect song, Robin. Of course, now *that'll be stuck in my head for 3 days.

String, I can't top what you did there. That was a beat. Maybe we should pick another band/group/artist?

Mama P, how are you doing?

Kate, you've been okay out there?

Robin said...

I suggest the Bee Gees. :)

Or Michael Jackson. That could be FUN!

Or or or...some of my FAVORITE 80s bands...


"Xyng and I Can Fly" (to the tune of Dog and Butterfly)

Or Little River Band...

"Have you heard about the lonesome loser?"
"On and go ON AN ON..."
"It's time for...a FOOL change..."

Or maybe Micheal Jackson?

"Those Blue Jeans
Are not my Jeans..."


StringOfRandomLetters said...

Heh. Sing to the tune of Ben. Mm-hmmm the rat Jen. I mean Ben. I didn't change much :)

Jen, the two of us need look no more
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If you ever look behind, and don’t like what you find,
There’s something you should know, you’ve got nowhere to go.

Jen, most people turn you away,
They don’t listen to a word you say.
They don’t see you as I do, I wish they would try to.
I’m sure they’d think again if they had a friend like Jen.

(thinking her "friend" might be Zing or a Zing distributor)

Uhhm, pretty sure this isn't what you were looking for when you said Michael Jackson, Robin :)

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Heh, did you know the BeeGees have a song called Isaiah? I mean ... well, you know what I mean.

kate said...

I'm fine, thanks for asking.
Just equal parts busy and bored by the JM circus.

tumbleweedgirl said...

i wanted to say hi.


reading this post, you guys have some serious talent for song satire!

D Miller31108 said...

Hi TWG-they certainly do have talent! I wouldn't know where to start!

StringOfRandomLetters said...

People always told me be careful of who you do,
Just go around shaving mother's parts.
And Ister always told me be careful of who you love,
And be careful of what you do because the lie becomes the truth.

Jenny Jeans is not my lover,
She's Just A Girl Who Claims That I Am The One
But that woman is not the one.
She Says I Am The One, But that woman is not the one.
Jenny Jeans is not my lover,
Jenny Jeans is not my lover,
Jenny Jeans is not my lover.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Well crap on an egg and tell me it's easter :(
Google ate my Billy Jean lyrics :(

StringOfRandomLetters said...

:D oops. Apparently not?

Lisa said...

Lol...String and Robin have found their talent forum, I see! I also see Rhys, which makes me happy. :-) And Kate, don't be a complete stranger, okay?

Songs...let's try this, to the tune of Ziggy Stardust:

Jenni Xyngular

Oooh yeah
Jenni played the tool, jamming food with Barb and Sami, and the wolverine fools

She played it under handed
But made it too far
Perfected the FB ban, then we were in Izzy's band

Now Jenni really Xyang, screwed up lies and screwed up motives, a blogger in Kenya
Aww she could lick 'em by smiling
She could leave 'em to hang
'came on so special and well loved in a sea of darkness.

So where were the wolverines, while Jenni tried to break their balls
With just the Christ light to guide them
So we bitched about her fans and should we crush her evil plans?

Ooh oh
Jenni played for time, jiving us that we were voodoo
But she was just crass, she was an ass
With a God-given pass
Aww she took it all too far when she gave her sister that car

Making love with her ego
Jenni sucked up into her mind
Like a weight-loss messiah
When her lies had killed the plan, she had to get a tan

Oh yeah
Jenni's husband left herrrrrrrr.

kate said...

No worries. The song re-wording just isn't my cup of tea. And I suspect I'd suck at it too.

Bad enough that I had silly annoying Simon fricking Garfunkel songs stuck in my head for 3 days.

Lisa said...

I'm no great shakes at it, either,'s about all we've got to talk about right now, though. I suspect we're all kinda tired of JM, too. I know I am, at least until something new and interesting happens. I feel pretty damn apathetic about a lot of things lately; it feels impossible to fight the stupid.

kate said...

Argh. I hear THAT.

I only skimmed here for awhile, but you guys seem to even have skipped the Audrey discussion, eh?
I'm familiar with apathy, trust me, but there's got to be something to butt heads about, non?

Very busy at the moment, but I could bring myself up to speed later on the Zimmerman case. I think I still owe you a couple of replies there too.

:: Snickers ::

Other than that, what else is new? How's the snowflake doing?

Lisa said...

Oh, I'll talk about the Zimmerman case but I'd love a good, head-butting topic! Yeah, Audrey was just another mommy-blogger looking to get clicks and I'm tried of them. I didn't even particularly believe her story about her daughter...just one more hoping to ride the shirttails of MWOP for clicks. Now, wait, I'll tell you something that pissed me off on MWOP...did y'all see the woman who was looking for validation to not breast feed her child solely so she could lose weight right away and be able to ride the rides at Disney better? FFS, if JM had *ever* said such a thing, they'd have been allllll up her ass, a lot of them. But let someone there say it and they come out in support. *Really? It's okay for someone to make a *choice to give their newborn lesser quality nourishment in order to be able to fit the rides at Disney? That's not okay in my book...that's piss poor parenting at it's finest. There we go...a topic. :-D

Snowflake is good-ish, other than just telling me he's "really" sick and then not giving me details, lol. He's not having the easy time finding a job he thought he'd find up there and he's pretty well over living in a house with a bunch of other people, but he *loves* the area and is going to stick it out awhile longer. How are things going with you?

kate said...

Things are really good, thanks. Unexciting though.

C'mon, if he's sticking stuff out at his age already that's a good sign I'd say. Pity that not everything falls into place immediately, but willingness to take the bad for the good from a (almost still?) teenager?

As to MWoP, not sure how much of a topic that is, as you won't get much arguing from me there.

Nice of you to call it "be able to fit into rides". Coz if this was JM, it'd be called "stop being a fatass and start being a mother. When is CPS going to take those kids away already?".

It's along the same lines as the woman
who - doesn't work because of 4 small kids
- who she homeschools
- whose husband until recently 'made less money than IM' (not clear at what income state of IM though, it was said during the bankruptcy filing revelations but I sure hope she meant his 2008 income or something)
- who had to file bankruptcy for debt piled up due to their 2! multi family houses they couldn't afford
- who bragged about the neat trick to not re-affirm your mortgage, just stay & pay without, in case it turns out you still suck at finances and can't keep the last multi family house after all
- who was so happy to move to their new house after having to drop out of the 'pay & stay' situation
- who went on foodstamps immediately after the sole income provider lost his income (temporarily) due to an accident
- who bragged about how much bigger the foodstamp budget is than their regular one

Where is the outrage here? Walking out of 2 houses, declaring bankruptcy, not even planning on having a job because - d'oh - homeschooling duties, now collecting foodstamps? Lady, go clear up your laundry pile off your couch MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK, stop robbing the country blind and sit in judgement over others who might have racked up less financial burden on all of us!

I know most of you get outraged about anything related to kids, but for me it's financial irresponsibility first.
I think I don't want to get myself worrying about other people's parenting too much. The financial stuff is more black & white for me; it makes me more comfortable to freely judge.

kate said...

Look at that wall of words again! Sorry, really.

Back to what I remember from the last Zimmerman discussion, there were 3 points at least I wanted to address:

- where it was said that Zimmerman lied:
I had read that in the early days the case becoming public. Multiple times. The SPD, or somebody similar official mentioned in a statement that Zimmerman lied to them, mislead them or something about his prior arrests. Of course when you asked about it, so many new articles had come up on this that I couldn't find it right away. (And then I got distracted by other stuff, sorry about that.) Still a mental note on it, I'll find you a link.

- The no blood on clothes. You: red & black jacket. My thinking: visible light colored shirt.

- the one minute gap
You were arguing that it might exist, just not made public.
But I didn't mean the gap in the tapes, I meant an actual 1 minute time gap where neither Zimmerman nor Martin were on the phone with anybody.
Allegedly in that one minute (+) the whole altercation and shooting went down.
And that just doesn't sound like a whole lot of time to get confronted and scared for your life enough to shoot somebody dead, IMO.

Hope I remembered this right, too lazy to go back right now. (My own epical comments would put me right too sleep, probably.)

Overall, I am glad they finally did something. That's really all I was hoping for.
Have official witnesses give their statement under oath.
Just my personal opinion on this. As law enforcement, if you are aware that the self defender was originally the armed follower, please do your utmost to investigate the case. Son of former judge or not.

kate said...

One final thing I mentioned before, but not sure if you ignored that on purpose or if it just got lost in the Zimmerman debate:

I'd love to hear about the 'case of the frozen turkey' (& the 'mystery of the peeping tom') if you feel like sharing.

If I'm prying into something that's too personal, please just ignore this & I won't ask again...

tumbleweedgirl said...

it seems i have missed a ton here and on mwop. i'm mostly tired of JM, but i find sometimes she occupies my frustration. she's a safe target right now - remote, uninvolved, unreal.

i had the worst dream last night:
lia needed the hospital and we were at a rural one waiting to be transferred to childrens' in seattle. JM walked up and introduced herself to me. i didn't want to talk - lia needed me. she went on to explain how famous she was and how important she was.

the nurses and doctors ate it up. she took the last available bed in children's, leaving lia to wait it out in the back room of this tiny hospital. and no one would help us.

i swear. i have to be done with JM. she can't invade my dreams like that. it's just wrong.

i seriously cannot believe someone wanted to lose weight, quit nursing, just to get on rides... really? that was a priority? i won't go on, but wow.

happy mother's day.

ToCatchASource said...

Have you noticed JM's lies about her income on the divorce papers? Found it interesting how that continues.

tumbleweedgirl said...

i haven't read lately, but i'm not surprised. given her reputation so far, she's probably unable to stop or recognize truth.

do people ever stop lying when caught time after time like that?

Lisa said...

"Pity that not everything falls into place immediately, but willingness to take the bad for the good from a (almost still?) teenager?"

Well, he's 20 but honestly, he's a bit spoiled in some ways. I make no apologies for that, I'm glad I could do it, but yeah, I'm proud he hasn't cut and run when things got tough. But, from a mama's perspective, I'm beyond grateful he has my cousin and sweet, sweet Jae from here *waves* close enough that should anything dire happen, they're within a couple of hours of him and can help. :-)

"Where is the outrage here?"

I know exactly who you mean and truthfully, I liked her very much until I realized who she really was after the name change. Anyone can put a spin on it, including JM, but in the end, you still broke your word, left others paying for your debts and, in essence, are a thief. Now, I know bankruptcy happens, but at least don't try to excuse it. Own what you've done honestly, with no excuses. And she's not the only one there who has filed and excuses it...and somehow, many seem to jump right in saying how it's okay, it's different. No, it isn't.

"I know most of you get outraged about anything related to kids, but for me it's financial irresponsibility first."

I'm actually with you on this. Love is good, attention is good, but the fact is, both are pretty useless if you can't provide food, shelter and other basic needs for your kids.

Lisa said...

"(And then I got distracted by other stuff, sorry about that.) Still a mental note on it, I'll find you a link."

No problem...and I'm not denying it may have happened. I just haven't heard of it.

"- The no blood on clothes. You: red & black jacket. My thinking: visible light colored shirt."

Me: Jacket zipped partly up. Laying on back while bleeding so blood runs according to gravity. Even once sitting upright, most people will tilt their head back during a nosebleed. Blood from nose or back of head never hits the visible, light colored shirt.

"Allegedly in that one minute (+) the whole altercation and shooting went down."

I think it was a couple of minutes, which yes, 1+ covers. But hey. :-) And there was one eyewitness during that time, who was right out there with them and on the phone to 911. He relayed that Zimmerman was on the ground, basically getting pounded and screaming for help. The eyewitness got scared and headed back to his own home but before he was fully inside, he heard the gunshot. He was on the phone to 911 relaying all of this as it happened. So, we actually know a lot of what happened in that time frame. Not all of it, though, I freely admit.

"Overall, I am glad they finally did something. That's really all I was hoping for."

I know...same with many others. The trouble is, whether one likes the SYG law or not, it exists and must be followed until it's changed. And under that law, he ought not have been charged. I have trouble with that. We should abide by our laws.

Lisa said...

See? Kate shows up and I ramble on. I'm going to feel awfully foolish if she turns out to be Shelmo or someone else I've previously found annoying. ;-)

Rhys, the woman wasn't going to stop nursing...she's currently pregnant and planning a trip to Disney *next summer (not the one we are nearly in). She wanted validation in her decision to not nurse and use that time to lose a bunch of weight so she isn't hindered at Disney. I was stunned when she got a load of support for the idea.

"do people ever stop lying when caught time after time like that?"

No. It's in their nature. One who is caught in a lie but isn't a liar by nature would be so humiliated after being caught once, they'd not do it again, imo.

Wecome to Daisy, ToCatchASource. :-) I noticed the lies, as well.She truly seems to tink she's invincible and sadly, Israel, without an attorney, may miss his chance here. He could, on his own, subpoena her pay records from Xyngular and elsewhere..unless someone tells him this and tells him how, he may not and she might get by with it.

kate said...

"if she turns out to be Shelmo or someone else"
Gah! Would you mind not starting any rumors here?!

I'm being annoying all in my own way, thankyouverymuch. No former incarnation of me. And after 15 years of internet I'm confident to say that I don't I see me showing up 're-branded'.

"And she's not the only one there who has filed and excuses it...and somehow, many seem to jump right in saying how it's okay, it's different. No, it isn't."
Hell yeah it isn't.
I'd go as far as saying it's poor greed coupled with poor judgement coupled with arrogance.

-You wanna make your mortgage pay itself by acquiring multi unit rentals?
-When that plan folds you make everybody else pay for that?
-You don't have saved up/are insured enough to cover a few months of sole breadwinner being out of earnings?

You can't afford your family. Period.
At the very least don't judge others. Whose main debt consists of taxes.

kate said...

Zimmerman saga part 317

"Me: Jacket zipped partly up. Laying on back while bleeding so blood runs according to gravity."

There starts my problem. He claims to have been punched standing upright. Noses tend to gush immediately. Jacket was unzipped on the video (if I recall that correctly). Led me to believe it might have been unzipped all the time.

According to gravity his ears might have shown crusted blood then.

"I think it was a couple of minutes, which yes, 1+ covers. "
They actually said it wasn't. Statement was: 'There's a 1 minute gap in which we don't know what happened.'
Zimmerman & Martin are 'accounted for' via phone records between 6:11 and the 4.5+ minutes those calls lasted. The shot was recorded at 6:17.
(It's been awhile, the time is by memory and probably off, but it was along those lines.)
There were really just 1.5 minutes where neither of them was recorded or witnessed on any phone.

"And under that law, he ought not have been charged. I have trouble with that. We should abide by our laws."
I'm completely with you on that. I just insist that even if SYG is invoked, the police has to investigate if 'reasonable belief' happened.
(Well, and then hand it over to the DA, in case there's any doubt, of course.)

My beef with Zimmerman is that the whole thing (according to his own story:) turning back towards the car, being approached & knocked down by Martin, being slammed into concrete, Martin going for his gun (partly zipped up jacket, right?), having to shoot in 90 seconds.

He was the armed guy. He should not have feared for his life so easily if he had any respect for life. My opinion.

When it's late and I'm the only customer in a 7-Eleven or liqor store and an 'obvious' meth-head stumbles in I'm on high alert and freakishly nervous. But just because I'm a sissy doesn't mean I'm justified to pull a gun & take the guy out.

The big question here is if Zimmerman was justified in fearing for his life. I say no, as HE knew he was armed. He should have been packed with some confidence from that.

Shannon said...

What Kate said is really where my issue with the whole cycle of events that night as well. I mean was he really in fear for his life or was he cocky when he got out of that truck? I know for myself that if I were to feel that someone was potentially dangerous no way in hell are you going to see my ass get out of the relative safety of my vehicle for one single second.

He was the armed party in this incident. He may have had suspicion that Martin may have been armed but why then would he get out even to see where he was going? Like I said I wouldnt.

tumbleweedgirl said...

i read everything, but i'm out of energy. i poked my head back in because i thought life was settling down and i could chat again.

so i'm doing a chat and run. lia's in the hospital and i don't have lots of time for chatting.

hopefully i can catch up with you guys when she's either less critical or we're *home*.

have fun. i will be back.

Shannon said...

Rhys I hope that she pulls through this OK. You are all in my thoughts all the time anymore. Huge hugs to all of you.

kate said...


I get caught up on Lia's story regularly since Lisa put up the link to her CB.

You are in my thoughts as well. Very much.

kate said...

"One who is caught in a lie but isn't a liar by nature would be so humiliated after being caught once, they'd not do it again, imo."

How did I miss that? That is exactly it.
Same goes for collecting public money. Anybody remember when foodstamps or bankruptcies were a shameful thing?

I'm always amused when I discover MWoPs that are doing the same thing.

Remember LivingLargeMckHillbillies who contacted JM for a photo session for the Nelson family? Yeah, she's back and still chock full of lies. What's wrong with people? She's got NO BUSINESS judging JM.

And while I'm ranting about double standards:
- Being dumped by your husband :: get over your pity-party!
- Being duped by a hoax website :: so depressing! Can we all cyberhug?

- JM on a weightloss journey mentions her 'gunt' :: Disgusting TMI!
- Everybody else sharing vaginal tearing, anal shaving :: A-ok!
At least some of the 'sheeple' had the guts to tell JM they don't care for the TMI. Anybody ever seen one MWoP telling that to another?!

- Bankruptcy of JM :: Eternal scandal & gossip fodder
- Bankruptcy of wife of electrical engeneer in 1 kid household :: U so funny! Who cares about bankruptcies?

- JM taking weightloss pills :: Easy way out for the lazy fatass
- MWoPs sharing experiences with every weightloss pill under the sun, gastric bypasses & lapbands (in their 30s) :: A-ok

That's just off the top of my head...

tumbleweedgirl said...

she's sleeping so i wanted to say really fast

thank you guys for caring.

i agree about the double standards. it's why i've never said anything on mwop. it makes me nervous. plus, i would have a hard time not talking about lia...

tumbleweedgirl said...

o yea. i've mostly (mostly) quit reading mwop right now. because it's hard to care.

i will be back soon to chat about the news, the weather, and ridiculous things.

Shannon said...

I hope she is able to get some good rest.

There is supposed to be a pretty good solar eclipse on Sunday I am rather excited about that.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

a hundred comments,
a hundred comments,
a hundred comments,
a hundred comments,
Lord there's still a hundred comments on oopsiedaisy.


Lisa said...

Is that a sign we need a new post up? :-D

Rhys, you can come and talk about anything, any time, here. It can be serious or about the weather, we won't care. I do hope things are good enough soon that it's easy for you to focus on ridiculous things to chat about. And for those who may have missed it before, here is the girlie's CB page so everyone can stay updated on Miss Lia. No one wants money or anything...just prayers, good wishes, whatever it is you do.
Rhys, I'm hoping it's okay to share that again since you didn't mind before.

"Same goes for collecting public money. Anybody remember when foodstamps or bankruptcies were a shameful thing?"

Yep, and I include WIC in that mess. Anytime you (or extended family) can't take care of your own self and/or family, it should be shameful unless you got hit by a train, a terminal illness, etc. There's nothing wrong with's a natural and normal emotion we are supposed to feel as a learning tool in order to strive to do better. I know, I my opinion.

Kate, you hit on some good points about MWOP. Look, I like how Anja handles things and think she does a terrific job on a blog that, by its very nature, will stir up emotions. I also like how she leaves adults pretty much free to govern themselves and what they say without babysitting them...but some there? Not all, but some? The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

kate said...

Finally... a Lisa sighting!

"we are supposed to feel as a learning tool in order to strive to do better."

"Not all, but some? The hypocrisy is overwhelming."
Yep, by my calculation there are 3-5 that should be kept in check & the whole tone there would change into something, uh, tolerable.

I agree about the not babysitting, but Anja's title is 'moderator'. That's very different from babysitter and administrator (which is what she's currently doing).

I'm positive that if Anja would reprimand the worst 3 in email, ban for a week if it doesn't help, IP ban as last measure, the site would vastly improve.

Shannon said...

I think if she could just stop or say something about the shit that is seriously just nit picking it would help a lot. I was reading today with the comments on the pics of L and had to stop because I was just getting so frustrated. I was glad though to see other posters answering them with a WTF kind of response.

Who cares if the boys have long hair? Hell my son didnt get a hair cut until he was like 2 1/2 I could care less if it was 'shaggy and in his eyes' he didnt care. Boys can have long hair too it isnt like we are in the 50's anymore ya know?

Who cares if the kids get things that some wouldnt want to is healthy and they are being fed. If she just fed them chicken nuggets and crackers all the time that wouldnt be OK either.

Who cares if she uses disposable dishes.....I want to use disposable dishes and really wish that you could buy disposable pots and pans too. It is my goal that once it is just my husband and I we will predominantly only use disposables because I freaking HATE dishes LOL

And them acting like JM must have smacked him or something in an effort to 'stage' the photo? Really?

kate said...

Yep, I agree on all your points.

But I admit that I usually side with them when it comes to JM's food choices. She does seem to alternate between (slightly slimey) bean mix and take out. And I do wonder how she gets them to eat the bean stuff once they've had a taste of fast food.

Shannon said...

Kate dont get me wrong with the things she "cooks" for her kids there is NO WAY I would ever put it in my mouth.

I am glad it isnt just me who finds it odd that they will have 'health' food and then have McDonalds. The people I know personally who would eat the stuff she makes would hardly ever EVER be found in McD's.

kate said...

"The people I know personally who would eat the stuff she makes would hardly ever EVER be found in McD's."
Yeah, that's the hypocritical side of it, I agree. Either you're crunchy or you're not.

Shannon said...

exactly Kate. You cant claim to be crunchy and then eat such awful food. (please ignore the Mcd's, Carls jr, and Taco Bell bags currently in my trash).

Sometimes hypocrisy just gets me.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Kate, I'm curious who you think the worst three are ... ? I couldn't list my top three unfavs, but kind of think different people have different triggers, so to speak, making any list of "top three" difficult.
But I really am interested in who yours are and if it would set off any bells for me.

StringOfRandomLetters said...

BTW, I heard a newscaster say Random String of Letters this morning :-D
He was almost right :-)

kate said...


Sure, I have no problem naming names. I'll even throw in a 4th for free.
The worst are IMO,


Always, always online, replies to every fricking thing, not very bright (confuses facts a lot, which you can't afford if you're 'there to expose the truth', excessively mean in her speculations, crude and seems to find a sexual twist to everything. Also makes me wonder how a childless older woman ended up in the mommy blogging world to begin with...

- amaya(somenumber)
- mcprisonbound
- Finallywisenedup

They're just extra mean and bitter and their nitpicking seems almost personal.
Neither of them is good at remembering facts correctly and that just ticks me off.
'Sheeple' is in bad taste already, IMO, but calling them morons goes too far.
Calling JM a bitch regularly goes too far.
Stuff like 'how could Izscum sleep with that pig' turns my stomach. I don't think I have ever seen any of them make a single positive or nice remark.
And at least 2 of them are always asking: 'has anybody informed the trustee (Dr. Phil, Queen mum, the local news, etc.) about this?' Inform them yourself, ya lazy hag.

So, I think my personal trigger is constant nitpicking while being wrong about facts, coupled with vulgarity.

(Sorry for the length of the reply. Didn't want to badmouth anybody without telling my reasons.)

kate said...


I agree.

But love Taco Bell.
Will bite anybody who calls them awful.

Shannon said...

"But love Taco Bell.
Will bite anybody who calls them awful"

I am the same way. I love me some Taco Bell and if my husband would let me I would have it every night for dinner or before bed snack LOL It wouldnt be long before I would need a bigger bed so he could have some space too :)

StringOfRandomLetters said...

I'll have to watch for those names and their comments. A lot of it just washes over me these days, plus some people change their name like they change their ... let's say their socks.

Taco Bell is its own thing. It sure isn't Mexican food. I like it sometimes too.

Oopsie Daisy said...

*** New Post Up! ***

Feel free to carry things over...I'm going to.

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