Friday, January 27, 2012

Three guesses, click, click, click.

Who does this remind y'all of?  :-D

I watched it and cackled...figured I'd give everyone else a funny start to the weekend.  There are others in the series, too, and are worth watching.  The similarities are beautiful!


KaytieJ said...

Blame it on the Nyquil, but I lost it laughing on the "If they don't write back to me in three months I erase them from the board"

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Yes, Kaytie, and then they are dead :) and she will sing to them in their own language: click. wamba bambo. lakeeeolla mayonaisse click click. Cripes.
Did she name one of those children Shrek?!?
And how the hell is *she sponsoring them if she collects money from other people?

And can I just say? Forehead, meet Jaw.

Ya know, I can't really pronounce her name so I am just going to call her MacKinnee.

Lisa said...

What I loved, too, are her "sheeple"...they sound so much like JM's. And um, String, Ja'mie isn't a real person, thankfully. ;-)

StringOfRandomLetters said...

Thank the lord and pass the goatgurt :)

Anonymous said...

haha, that video was funny in an odd and creepy manner.

Happy Saturday night, I'm wide awake and listening to music which really never happens for me, but everyone in my house is asleep except for me :)

I spent all day bagging my basement 0_0. I took everything from cardboard boxes and put them into plastic bags (as a precautionary method) So now everything is either in plastic tubs or big black bags. We're going to go out and buy a bunch of tubs but until then..bags it is.

MWOP is down right now. Kinda humorous to me!

and totally off the topic of JM & MWOP.

Yesterday I took the 2 youngest to a playgroup. There is one parent there, a dad who hates me and my M, (he thinks my M is just a bad child who likes to hurt other kids, when in reality that's not the case, M just doesn't understand the difference between gentle and rough, working with his OT has made a world of difference but I digress) anyhow this dad will purposely remove his kids from wherever mine are, he pisses me off. Well yesterday he pissed me off for another reason.

He was talking to other parents there telling them what care closets, free food pantries and other places they could go to get free stuff for their kids. That part was all good and well, but then he starts bragging about how he doesn't really need any of it, but since it's free and they offer he takes it. He goes from place to place getting stuff. (dude doesn't work at all, his gf does) He was bragging about how much free stuff he gets, then as the playgroup officials were busy attending to other parents, he picked up a box of the snacks (they provide snacks for kids) and stuffed it in his bag. WTF?

^^People like him make me sick. I don't understand taking things when you don't need them, especially from shelters/care closets and such. If you can get by, do it don't abuse the system. :(

Oopsie Daisy said...

*** new post up ***

Happy Sunday, y'all!

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