Saturday, March 26, 2011

Have lice? Need money?

You've come to the right place, because boy, do I ever have some handy info for you!


***We Need HEAD LICE and NITS*** - $100 (Melbourne, FL and Surrounding Area)

Date: 2011-03-21, 9:56AM EDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

ANB Lab is doing a study on head lice.

We need LIVE head lice
and live nits (lice eggs)

We will have one of our Lab techs pick them up at your location.
You must comb them out and place them in a sealed jar.
The lice eggs can be attached to the hair strand and just plucked from the scalp.

They must be alive and removed from the scalp within 1 hour of our pick up.
So please arrange the pick up with us before removing the lice and nits.

We will pay you $100 for the lice and nits or
if you choose, we will give you a complete head lice removal kit that
is worth $100 from

Our kits are all natural formulas that have helped thousands of families end their lice nightmare.

Please call Susan today at 1800-294-6816
Or email this posting with any questions or concerns
  • Location: Melbourne, FL and Surrounding Area
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


T@iy@ said...

I am staying *far away from that place.

I managed to drag my butt out to go shopping yesterday. Was very productive, except no one sells raw green pumpkin seeds that i can find, and I need it for my granola recipe. Bummer.

I am watching Grey's from Thursday on hulu. We cut our cable, netflix, and home phone, so I don't have any TV to watch, and of course, I feel like being lazy and watching the tube this morning and nursing my allergy headache combo.

I missed the fireworks, yesterday, small though they were, between Robin and Shannon. That's another bummer. :D

Trudy said...

Yup now i'm going to have a itch all day. thanks

Lisa said...

Sorry about that, Trudy. On the bright side, if it's lice, you can make a few bucks!

Maybe we could stir another fight up. You think?
I know, Robin could bitch slap Shannon for her birthday, since that's what today is! Alternately, she could start a Shannon Without Pity blog. :-D

Lisa said...

Heh...I just checked the sitemeter and someone found us by googling "bicycle in your pantyhose". We're the second link down. :-D

Trudy said...

Happy Birthday Shannon! Have a great day.

Karen said...

Bicycle in your pantyhose? When was that discussed here? LOL

Happy Birthday Shannon!!

NO thank you to the head lice ad... Blah!!!

Shannon said...

Thanks ladies....I am recovering from too much fun last night :)

KaytieJ said...

Happy Birthday Shannon! Glad to hear you are recovering, since I came in singing :-D

Lice? What a way to make a buck!

Josh and Rya said...

Glad to see commentors again on here.
Happy Bday, Shannon!
Lice, ugh, I have these clients that could make $500 right now...

Lisa said...

J&R, hi! Awww, this is a nice have you been?

Poor sure someone takes pictures.

Josh and Rya said...

Hi, AP! I've been good. Same 'ol, my life is pretty stagnant. Waiting for winter to be over with, can't wait until summer. How's FL? I recently found my long, lost, step-brother living in FL. Tempted to visit...

Lisa said...

Florida sucks, as usual, but I am biased, I admit. Where is he here (general idea, not asking for an address!)? And that's really interesting that you found *did you find him?

Josh and Rya said...

He is in Crestview, FL. And facebook brought us together...ahh, technology...

Oopsie Daisy said...

New post up...dress appropriately. Does anyone have a mint?

J&R, I'm ashamed to say I have no clue where that is but I am glad you found him. :-)

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